27th Jaskson 100 to Don O'Neal
Dan Hamstra UMP Modified Winner

Aug 19, 2006



Fast Qualifier: Earl Pearson Jr. 14.585

PBM PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS HEAT ONE: Brady Smith, Earl Pearson Jr, Michael England, Kerry Hansen, Josh Richards, Mike Marlar, Jimmy Owens, Brian Barber, Josh Williams, Randy Riggle, Scott Jones

PBM PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS HEAT TWO: Dustin Neat, Justin Ratliff, Donnie Moran, Steve Casebolt, Doug Ault, Scott James, Jeremy Masters, Jason Jamison, Marty O'Neal, Tim Prince, Mark Bechelli

PBM PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS HEAT THREE: Bart Hartman, Steve Francis, John Gill, Jesse James Lay, John Mason, Brad Neat, Brad Erwin, Wayne Chinn, Matt Huddleston, Steve Hillard, Mike Jewell

PBM PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS HEAT FOUR: Dennis Erb Jr, Freddy Smith, Matt Miller, Tim Tungate, CJ Rayburn, Chad Kinder, Jordan Bland, Frankie Coomer, Dan Sturgeon, Rickey Riggle, Blake Chinn

PBM PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS HEAT FIVE: Greg Johnson, Chris Combs, Darrell Lanigan, Billy Drake, Bodine Massengill, Shannon Reed, Steve Godsey, Mark Barber, Ryan Eads, Greg Ault, Justin Blackwell

PBM PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS HEAT SIX: Don O'Neal, Patrick Sheltra, Steve Shaver, Kevin Weaver, Chad Smith, Brad Barrow, Jeep VanWormer, Gary Hardin, Cody Mahoney, Steve Barnett

MASON RACIN REBEL SHOCK DYNO B MAIN 1: Steve Casebolt, Kerry Hansen, Jesse James Lay, Mike Marlar, Doug Ault, Wayne Chinn, Marty O'Neal, Tim Prince, Jimmy Owens, Brad Erwin, Josh Williams, Mark Bechelli, Jeremy Masters, Jason Jamison, Scott Jones, Randy Riggle, Matt Huddleston, John Mason, Josh Richards, Scott James, Brad Neat, Brian Barber

PENSKE SHOCKS B MAIN 2: Billy Drake, Tim Tungate, Jeep VanWormer, Bodine Massengill, Chad Kinder, Steve Barnett, Shannon Reed, Steve Godsey, Justin Blackwell, Chad Smith, Frankie Coomer, Cody Mahoney, Rickey Riggle, CJ Rayburn, Gary Hardin, Ryan Eads, Jordan Bland, Greg Ault, Kevin Weaver, Brad Barrow, Mark Barber, Dan Sturgeon

JACKSON 100: Don O'Neal, Brady Smith, Greg Johnson, Earl Pearson Jr., Billy Drake, Darrel Lanigan, Brad Neat, Scott James, Donnie Moran, John Gill, Freddy Smith, Steve Shaver, Tim Prince, John Mason, Matt Miller, Bart Hartman, Dennis Erb Jr., Michael England, Chris Combs, Kerry Hansen, Steve Casebolt, Steve Francis, Tim Tungate, Dustin Neat, Justin Ratliff, Patrick Sheltra

Race Notes:
Don O'Neal spun while leading early on in the race, putting him on the tail of the field with about 19 or 20 cars remaining on the track. O'Neal methodically picked his way through the field en route to the win.

Matt Miller's Brownstown curse continued tonight when he was going for the lead late in the race on Greg Johnson, when he broke coming out of turn four.

Greg Johnson showed why he is one of the toughest at Brownstown Speedway, leading most of the Jackson 100. At times Johnson was pulling away from the field, only to see his leads evaporate due to cautions.

Bart Hartman used the highside the whole race until his race ended while in the top three. Hartman led in the early stages and looked stronger as the race went on. Hartman and O'Neal were side by side for the lead many times in the first 30 or so laps.

Brady Smith looked like he was going to pass O'Neal with less than ten laps to go, only to see O'Neal master lapped traffic in front of him. Smith showed that he belongs with the nations best tonight.

Scott James, Darrell Lanigan and Billy Drake were the fast movers, moving through the field during the 100 lap event.


HEAT ONE: Kent Robinson, Jared Bailey, Derick Groomer, Danny Claycomb, Bobby Davis, Rocky Kugel, Dennis Boknecht, Greg Lee, Seth Voorheis, Devin Gilpin, Rick Hudson

HEAT TWO: Rick Gumm, Chad Kinder, Chris Streeval, Todd Gilpin, Joey Jones, Clint Demoss, Webb Lee, Jacoby Hines, Kyle Decker, Jason Simms, Mike Fields

HEAT THREE: Matt Boknecht, Brent Loderee, Al Flick, Reid Sparks, Tim Eddleman, Donnie Fleetwood, Sam Lee, Jeff Leka, John Demoss, Jerry Davis, Quienten Schoffner

HEAT FOUR: Jesse Cramer, Dan Hamstra, Adam Sasser, Denny Schwartz, Ryan Thomas, Greg Deckard, Brent Payne, Sean Lienemann, Jd Roberts, Earl Plessinger, Nathan Voorheis

HEAT FIVE: Matt Huddleston, Nick Allen, Ralph Groomer, Shelby Miles, Steve Trabue, John Davis, Randy Petro, Jacob Webber, Greg Amick, Glenn Thompson

CONSY ONE: Shelby Miles, Ryan Thomas, Todd Gilpin, Greg Deckard, Greg Amick, Jacob Webber, Bobby Davis, Sam Lee, Greg Lee, Steve Trabue, Jerry Davis, Seth Voorheis, Webb Lee, JD Roberts, Donnie Fleetwood

CONSY TWO: Denny Schwartz, John Demoss, Clint Demoss, Joey Jones, Dennis Boknecht, John Davis, Jason Simms, Tim Eddleman, Nathan Voorheis, Glenn Thompson, Devin Gilpin, Rocky Kugel, Kyle Decker, Jeff Leka, Randy Petro, Reid Sparks, Brent Payne

FEATURE: Dan Hamstra, Adam Sasser, Matt Huddleston, Denny Schwartz, Matt Boknecht, John Demoss, Kent Robinson, Shelby Miles, Ryan Thomas, Chris Streeval, Todd Gilpin, Raplh Groomer, Clint Demoss, Nick Allen, Al Flick, Jared Bailey, Rick Gumm, Chad Kinder, Jesse Cramer, Derick Groomer, Brent Londeree