by Chris Nunn

Scott James of Bright, IN showed up at the Brownstown Speedway and was a rocketship out of the trailer. James claimed his heat race by over a full straightaway, and then cruised to victory in the 25-lap Late Model feature after surviving a late race battle with Steve Casebolt.

The feature started out with a caution period as Wayne Chinn ended up on the bad end of a chain reaction, and stalled on the back straight. When racing resumed, James darted out to the lead followed by Greg Johnson and Justin Ratliff. On the second lap, Johnson moved under James for the lead, only to have James shoot back underneath him coming out of turn two on the third circuit. A battle for the third spot began to brew, as Ratliff and Casebolt duked it out for the spot. Casebolt would make the pass on Ratliff on lap seven, and then moved up to challenge Johnson for second. On lap nine, Casebolt moved around Johnson for the runner up spot. Behind them, Billy Drake waged war with Ratliff for the fourth position, with Drake moving to fourth on lap 10. Back up front, Casebolt was feeling pressure from Johnson for the second spot, as the two made slight contact on lap 12. Shortly thereafter, they touched again, this time with Casebolt getting sideways, allowing Johnson by for second. The pass would be nullified as Christian Rayburn stalled his mount outside of turn four on lap 13. The restart would be pulled back as Ryan Dauber and Ratliff made contact, with Ratliff unable to continue. James would lead Casebolt and Johnson to the green flag on the restart on lap 13. As the laps clicked off, Casebolt began to make a charge for the lead, using the bottom of the racetrack. On lap 18, Casebolt shot under James for the lead coming out of turn four. James then went high, and used the high groove to diamond off the corner and shoot under Casebolt for the lead. James moved up to the highside and used that groove to speed away from the field. Casebolt would ultimately lose the second spot to Johnson on lap 21. Back up front, however, it was all James as he took his Powell Motorsports, Baylor Trucking, Welsh Development and Excavating, Jay Dickens powered Rocket Chassis to victory lane.

Troy Clark of North Vernon, IN held off numerous challenges from Jeremy Hines and Darrell Burton en route to his second career victory at Brownstown in the Super Stock feature. Burton would lead the field to the green followed by Jerry Adams and Jeremy Hines. The field made two complete laps, until the caution flew for the first time for Jimmy Saunders on lap three. When racing resumed, Hines would get around Adams for the second position, with Clark moving around Adams for the third position. Billy Frye brought out the second caution flag on lap seven, as he stalled in turn four. The restart was brought back as Clayton Perry spun in turn one. When the green dropped for the restart, Clark got around Hines for the second spot and began to reel in Burton for the lead. Clark overtook Burton for the lead on lap 12, shooting underneath him. Behind Clark, Hines and Burton began to battle for second position, as they both moved up on Clark as well. With six laps to go, a three-way battle for the lead ensued with Clark, Hines, and Burton. Unfortunately for Burton, his night would end in a cloud of smoke on lap 15, bringing out the caution. On the restart, Clark inched away from Hines as the laps clicked off, claiming his first victory at Brownstown since July 26th, 2003. Following Clark to the line were Hines, Tim Clark, Chris Hillman, and Alan Magner completing the top five. In victory lane, Clark thanked Hersche Performance Engines, Mikes Repair Plus, Mike Bechelli Racing, Wedans Street Performance, and Tupperware.

The UMP Modified feature event turned out to be one of the more exciting races of the night in the late stages of the 20 lapper. Matt Bex led the first circuit, with J.D. Roberts and Matt Boknecht running second and third. The caution flag flew on the second lap, as Ryan Thomas and Steve Leonard got together in turn three. Another yellow flew on the restart when Greg Amick got loose going into turn three, and was collected by Chad Combs. When racing resumed, Boknecht got around Roberts for the runner up spot on lap 3. Things began to slow down around the lap 5 mark, as the top five or so were spread out single file. If the fans were watching the lead cars, they would have seen a black streak coming from the back. It was Brent Londeree, who had come from 15th position on the high side to challenge Adam Sasser for the fifth position. Londeree grabbed the spot, and then moved around John Demoss for fourth on lap 11. Up front, Bex and the lead cars were almost caught up in an accident, as Steve Shaw looped his mount infront of the leaders. When racing resumed, it became a five-car free-for-all for the lead, with Boknecht, Bex, Roberts, Demoss, and Londeree. With four laps to go, Boknecht grabbed the lead away from Bex, and brought his Bandit Chassis teammate Roberts with him into second. Boknecht charged to victory with Roberts, Demoss, Londeree, and Sasser rounding out the top five. Sponsors on Boknechts car are Cortland Diner, HMF, Wetzel Excavating, Georges of Seymour, Hovis Racing Engines, Seymour Precision Machine, and Bandit Chassis.

The bomber feature started with a multi car pile up in turn one, involving the front row cars of Jamey Wilson and Todd McDonald, forcing a caution on the start. Another caution would fly on the restart as debris was spotted on the frontstretch. Bub Cummings and Keith Beier inherited the front row after the cautions and would lead the field to green. Cummings would lead the first lap and begin to pull away. Beier got sideways on lap three and lost a couple of positions to Bobby Johnson and Joe Godsey. Another caution would fly on lap four for the stalled car of Jim Pfeiffer. On the restart, Cummings pulled away to about a five car advantage on the field. Behind him, a three way dance evolved between Joe Godsey, Johnson, and Bubba Woods for the second position. Godsey would claim the spot, with Woods moving to third, and Johnson falling to fourth. The caution would fly again on lap seven as Chad Stapleton spun through the infield in turn one. On the restart, Cummings led Godsey and Woods to the halfway marker on lap eight. Back to the fourth place position, as Johnson got a little sideways, allowing Roger Reichenbaker around for fourth. Jason Combs also got around Johnson for the fifth position. The top three cars of Cummings, Godsey, and Woods would spread themselves out with two laps remaining. It was all Cummings, however as he took the checkers ahead of Godsey, Woods, Reichenbacker, and Combs rounded out the top five. Terry Cummings Race Engines, Cummings Machine Shop, Cummings Race Shop, BC Chassis, The Living Room Center, PBM Performance, The May Agency, and Prince Excavating sponsor Cummings.


LATE MODELS (38 Entries)

HEAT ONE: Scott James, Wayne Chinn, Tim Prince, Steve Barnett, Steve Godsey, Mike Bechelli, Randey Riggle, Jeff Alsip, Duke Mounce, Tommy Carlton

HEAT TWO: Marty O'Neal, Christian Rayburn, Rickey Riggle, Jason Jamison, Jerry Rice, Tyler Boggs, Spencer Watson, Joe Godsey, Chip Stitsworth, Terry Darkis

HEAT THREE: Greg Johnson, Steve Casebolt, Ryan Dauber, Cody Mahoney, Frank Heckenast Jr, Brian Wilhite, Doug Ault, Ryan Eads, Mark Barber

HEAT FOUR: Justin Ratliff, Billy Drake, Mike Jewell, Tim Tungate, Mike Amell, Shannon Reed, Greg Kendall, Scotty Jones, Jason Smith

CONSI ONE: Jerry Rice, Steve Godsey, Tyler Boggs, Joe Godsey, Jeff Alsip, Duke Mounce, Mike Bechelli, Chip Stitsworth, Terry Darkis, Spencer Watson, Randey Riggle

CONSI TWO: Frank Heckenast Jr, Brian Wilhite, Doug Ault, Greg Kendall, Shannon Reed, Jason Smith, Mike Amell, Scotty Jones, Mark Barber

FEATURE: Scott James, Greg Johnson, Billy Drake, Steve Casebolt, Tim Tungate, Tim Prince, Marty O'Neal, Steve Barnett, Ryan Dauber, Mike Jewell, Cody Mahoney, Jerry Rice, Brian Wilhite, Frank Heckenast Jr, Rickey Riggle, Justin Ratliff, Christian Rayburn, Steve Godsey, Jason Jamison, Wayne Chinn


HEAT ONE: Jeremy Hines, Chris Hillman, Rob Wilson, Justin Robertson, John Davis, Don Barnett, Toby Perry, Clay Ellison, Mike Williams, Travis Butler

HEAT TWO: Darrell Burton, Kenny Carmichael Jr, Billy Frye, Josh Phelps, David Brewer, Tyler Cain, Mickey Hines, Larry Booher, Tim Schumpe, Tony Anderson

HEAT THREE: Alan Magner, Troy Clark, Tim Clark, Chris Deweese, John Baker, Tony Arthur, Joe Johnson, Steve Peeden, Greg Logsdon

HEAT FOUR: Jerry Adams, Clayton Perry, Tom Ault, Jimmy Saunders, Bill Wilson, Jay Deckard, Jason Hehman, Jeremy Burton, Steve Sheeks

CONSI ONE: David Brewer, Mickey Hines, John Davis, Tyler Cain, Clay Ellison, Mike Williams, Larry Booher, Tony Anderson, Tim Schumpe, Travis Butler, Don Barnett

CONSI TWO: Jay Deckard, Joe Johnson, Jeremy Burton, Jason Hehman, Bill Wilson, Tony Arthur, Steve Peeden, John Baker

FEATURE: Troy Clark, Jeremy Hines, Tim Clark, Chris Hillman, Alan Magner, Chris Deweese, Jerry Adams, Kenny Carmichael Jr, Jay Deckard, Rob Wilson, Justin Robertson, Josh Phelps, David Brewer, Jimmy Saunders, Darrell Burton, Joe Johnson, Clayton Perry, Bill Frye, Tom Ault, Mickey Hines


HEAT ONE: J.D. Roberts, Adam Sasser, Travis Shoulders, Kenny Carmichael, Perry Burke, Brent Payne, Jeff Wellum, Cary Morris, Mike Tuell, Jared Bailey

HEAT TWO: Matt Bex, Chad Combs, Tony Anderson, Matt Smallwood, Larry Schornick, Elliott Despain, Bobby Davis, Steve Sheeks, Jeff Jones

HEAT THREE: Matt Boknecht, Al Flick, Ryan Thomas, Brent Londeree, Devin Gilpin, Jacony Hines, Dean Wilkerson, Denny Boknecht, Jason Mann, Dustin Webber

HEAT FOUR: John Demoss, Greg Amick, Chris Streeval, Steve Leonard, Brandon Short, Tim Rivers, Kyle Decker, Todd Gilpin, Shane Cole

CONSI ONE: Perry Burke, Bobby Davis, Larry Schornick, Elliott Despain, Jeff Jones, Brent Payne, Steve Sheeks, Cary Morris, Jeff Wellum

CONSI TWO: Brandon Short, Jacoby Hines, Tim Rivers, Todd Gilpin, Denny Boknecht, Kyle Decker, Dustin Webber, Dean Wilkerson, Devin Gilpin (DQ)

FEATURE: Matt Boknecht, JD Roberts, John Demoss, Brent Londeree, Adam Sasser, Ryan Thomas, Matt Bex, Chris Streeval, Jacoby Hines, Brandon Short, Travis Shoulders, Steve Shaw, Al Flick, Perry Burke, Steve Leonard, Bobby Davis, Greg Amick, Chad Combs, Kenny Carmichael


HEAT ONE: Todd McDonald, Bobby Johnson, Jim Pfeiffer, Jacob Leitzman, Willie McRoberts, Josh Turner, Ray Weston, Randy Lawyer, Larry Neal

HEAT TWO: Jamey Wilson, Bubba Woods, John Mayer Jr, Dewayne Gross, Dan Londeree, Paul Owens, Josh Hayes, Jason Russ

HEAT THREE: Bub Cummings, Joe Godsey, Jason Combs, Edgar Godsey, Ben Burton, Kenny Carmichael, Joe Humphrey, DJ Russ

HEAT FOUR: Keith Beier, Roger Reichenbacker, Chad Stapleton, Clay Ellison, Greg Baker, Rick Vance, William Jackson, Jeff McElfresh

CONSI ONE: Paul Owens, Josh Hayes, Willie McRoberts, Ray Weston, Jason Russ, Dan Londeree, Randy Lawyer, Larry Neal, Josh Turner

CONSI TWO: Ben Burton, Greg Baker, Rick Vance, DJ Russ, William Jackson, Kenny Carmichael, Jeff McElfresh

FEATURE: Bub Cummings, Joe Godsey, Bubba Woods, Roger Reichenbacker, Jason Combs, Bobby Johnson, John Mayer Jr, Edgar Godsey, Dewayne Gross, Paul Owens, Ben Burton, Chad Stapleton, Keith Beier, Josh Hayes, Jacob Leitzman, Clay Ellison, Greg Baker, Jim Pfeiffer, Todd McDonald, Jamey Wilson