Brownstown Speedway

April 28th, 2007

Regular Show

By: Chris Nunn

The 15 lap Bomber Feature would start with Edgar Godsey and Josh Turner on the front row. When the green flew, it was Edgar Godsey leading the first lap followed by Turner and Bub Cummings. The first caution would fly on lap two, as Jim Pfeiffer and Bubba Woods would both loop their cars in turn two. When the green flew on the restart, Godsey would lead the field with Cummings working on Turner for the second spot. It would become a three way battle for the lead, with Cummings, Godsey, and Turner all running door to door. The caution would fly on lap three, as fluid was seen coming out of the back of the Pfeiffer car. During the caution, Cummings was black flagged due to excessive smoke coming out of his car. This would give the lead back to Godsey, with Turner in second, and Bobby Johnson third. On the restart, it was still Godsey leading, with Turner trying to get the lead on the high side. Johnson then moved to the bottom of Turner to try to get the second spot. Turner would pull away on the straights, with Johnson closing in on the corners. The third caution of the event would fly on lap six, as Dewayne Gross spun his mount coming out of turn two. When racing resumed, Johnson would go door to door with Turner for the second spot, taking the spot away on lap seven. Turner, however, would not give the spot up easily, battling back around him on lap eight. Back up front, Godsey was enjoying a four car advantage on the field, as the five to go signal was displayed. With two to go, the advantage was now less than two cars. At the finish, it was Godsey, followed by Turner, who edged Johnson at the line for second. It was deemed, however, that Turner was black flagged for leaking fluid, giving Johnson the second position. Rounding out the top five were Bubba Woods, Ben Burton, and Jason Combs. Godsey is sponsored by Kenny's Body Shop, White River Co-Op, The Edge Collision Center, and TJ Williams Body Shop

The 20 lap UMP Modified feature started with Jesse Cramer and Lee Hobbs on the front row. Hobbs would lead the field out of turn two on the start, and led lap number one. A battle for third began to shape up between Greg Amick and Shelby Miles, with Miles taking the spot on lap two. The caution would fly on lap two, as Jacob Webber would slow up going into turn four, collecting Keaton Streeval in the process. On the restart, Hobbs led the field to the green flag, with Cramer and Miles running second and third. Amick used the low side to pull up and get around Miles for the third spot before the yellow flew on lap three for Chris Streeval in turn four. The top three cars stayed the same on the restart, as everyone else fanned out behind them. A four wide battle then ensued for the second spot between Earl Plessinger, Miles, Cramer, and Amick. Miles and Cramer both went over the backstretch banking, losing valuable ground, as the caution flew for Rob Manley in turn two. This saved Cramer and Miles, as they never stopped on the track, and officials went back to the last scored lap. Unfortunately for Cramer, his car was too damaged to continue. All of this action before lap five. On the restart, it was Hobbs leading the way as Plessinger shot around Miles for the third spot. Plessinger then moved up to work on Amick for the second spot. Plessinger grabbed the second spot away from Amick on lap six. While all of this was going on, Hobbs had stretched his advantage to about 10 car lengths over Plessinger. His advantage was short lived, however, as Chris Streeval would spin in turn four. When racing resumed, Hobbs and Plessinger pulled away from the third place car of Amick. At the halfway point, it was Hobbs, Plessinger, Miles, Amick, and Todd Gilpin rounding out the top five. The top five would remain the same as the field took the five to go signal on lap 15. Hobbs took the white flag, and had to hold off a last lap charge from Plessinger to take the win. Rounding out the top five were Plessinger, Miles, Amick, and Gilpin. Hobbs is sponsored by Hobbs Chassis, Super Subs, Woolston Automotive, and Linda's Tax Service.

The 25 lap Late Model main event would start with Tim Prince leading lap number one, with Justin Blackwell, Steve Barnett, and Joe Janowski following behind. Blackwell would move to the lead on lap two, getting around Prince on the topside. Prince would not give up the battle, as he worked the low groove to move side by side with Blackwell. The first caution would fly on lap four, as Mark Bechelli would spin off of the turn four banking. On the restart, Dusty Chapman would spin in turn two, bringing the restart back. As the green flew on the restart, Prince tried to get under Blackwell for the lead, taking it coming out of turn four on lap five. Blackwell would then have to contend with Barnett, as Barnett took second on lap six. Barnett then started to hound Prince for the lead, working his back bumper. Barnett was trying every line he could to get around Prince. With 12 laps in the books, Prince began the lapping process, putting a lap on Scott Jones. Barnett maneuvered through the lapped cars with ease, and began the chase on Prince once again. With no lapped cars in front of them, Prince and Barnett were nose to tail for the lead. Barnett then began to use the middle of the racetrack, with Prince on the bottom. Barnett then took the lead from Prince on lap 18. With five to go, Barnett had opened his lead to about five car lengths over Prince. With two to go, Barnett stretched his lead even further, to about a half straight over Prince. Barnett then cruised on to the victory ahead of Prince, Blackwell, Janowski, and Marty O'Neal rounded out the top five. Barnett is sponsored by JD Byrider, Tony Stewart Racing, CJ Rayburn Race Cars, and Spears Auto Parts.



Kings Trucking & Excavating Fast Qualifier: Marty O'Neal (14.205)

Bob Poynter Ford Heat One: Justin Blackwell, Steve Barnett, Marty O'Neal, Rohn Moon, Brian Wilhite, Mark Barber, Randey Riggle, Jeremy Masters, Jason Smith

Bob Poynter Ford Heat Two: Joe Janowski, Duane Chamberlain, Shannon Reed, Joe Godsey, Rickey Riggle, Justin Shaw, Justin Herndon

Bob Poynter Ford Heat Three: Tim Prince, Dusty Chapman, Doug Ault, Greg Kendall, Mark Bechelli, Ryan Eads, Duke Mounce, Scotty Jones

Bob Poynter Ford Consi: Mark Barber, Ryan Eads, Scott Jones, Randey Riggle, Justin Herndon, Jeremy Masters, Duke Mounce, Justin Shaw, Jason Smith

Bob Poynter Ford Feature: Steve Barnett, Tim Prince, Justin Blackwell, Joe Janowski, Marty O'Neal, Greg Kendall, Rohn Moon, Duane Chamberlain, Rickey Riggle, Joe Godsey, Mark Barber, Brian Wilhite, Randey Riggle, Ryan Eads, Mark Bechelli, Justin Herndon, Scott Jones, Doug Ault, Shannon Reed, Dusty Chapman


Car Quest Heat One: Jesse Cramer, Shelby Miles, Brent Londeree, Matt Boknecht, Tim Eddelman, Brandon Short, Josh Eads, Jared Bailey, Marc Starke, Steve Sheeks, Ralph Groomer

Car Quest Heat Two: Lee Hobbs, Earl Plessinger, Tim Rivers, Chris Streeval, Keaton Streeval, Dennis Boknecht, Brian Yeatman, Rick Hudson, Cary Morris, Matt Bex, Al Flick (DNS)

Car Quest Heat Three: Greg Amick, Todd Gilpin, Rob Manley, Jacob Webber, Jim Hume, Jacoby Hines, Butch Issacs, John Demoss, Devin Gilpin, Ron Fedor, JD Roberts

Car Quest Consi: Brandon Short, Josh Eads, Ralph Groomer, Jacoby Hines, Matt Bex, Dennis Boknecht, John Demoss, JD Roberts, Brian Yeatman, Steve Sheeks, Butch Issacs, Cary Morris, Jared Bailey, Marc Starke, Al Flick, Devin Gilpin

Car Quest Feature: Lee Hobbs, Earl Plessinger, Shelby Miles, Greg Amick, Todd Gilpin, Tim Eddelman, Brent Londeree, Josh Eads, Matt Boknecht, Tim Rivers, Jacoby Hines, Rob Manley, Jim Hume, Jacob Webber, Brandon Short, Ralph Groomer, Chris Streeval, Jesse Cramer, Matt Bex, Keaton Streeval


Right Way Guttering Heat One: Edgar Godsey, Bub Cummings, Ben Burton, Jamey Wilson, Jim Pfeiffer, Paul Owens, Josh Hayes, Jeremy Helton, Robby Johnson, Ronald Denton

Right Way Guttering Heat Two: Josh Turner, Bobby Johnson, Jason Combs, Dewayne Gross, Randy Lawyer, Mike Moody, Keith Beier, Curt Bennett, Brian Brown, Greg Roberts

Right Way Guttering Heat Three: Greg Hicks, Bubba Woods, Chad Stapleton, Darren Crawhorn, Tony Blair, Nathan Baker, Larry Neal, Ron Stapleton, Richard Troyer, Mike Angel (DNS)

Right Way Guttering Consi: Keith Beier, Paul Owens, Chad Stapleton, Jeremy Helton, Mike Moody, Robby Johnson, Ronald Denson, Brian Brown, Richard Troyer, Greg Baker, Curt Bennett, Larry Neal, Mike Angel

Right Way Guttering Feature: Edgar Godsey, Bobby Johnson, Bubba Woods, Ben Burton, Jason Combs, Dewayne Gross, Greg Hicks, Chad Stapleton, Paul Owens, Darren Crawhorn, Jeremy Helton, Keith Beier, Jamey Wilson, Randy Lawyer, Mike Moody, Josh Turner, Jim Pfeiffer, Bub Cummings