by Chris Nunn
June 16, 2007

Brownstown, IN -- On a night where the temperatures were scorching, Rickey Riggle of Bedford, IN was that much hotter, claiming his first victory of the season in the Late Model division in convincing fashion. Bubba Woods also scored his first victory of the season in the Bomber division, using the rim riding technique along the way. In Super Stock action, Rick Gumm claimed victory number two on the season in his own Gumm Chassis #113.

The 20 Lap Bomber feature would be first upon the program with Josh Turner and Bubba Woods leading the field. The original start would be brought back due to debris on the backstretch. The field would double back up for another try at the restart. Woods grabbed the lead on the start, and led lap one with Turner and Edgar Godsey in tow. Jim Pfeiffer nabbed the third spot away from Godsey coming down the backstretch on lap two, only to see Godsey move back under him on lap three. Pfeiffer then lost the fourth spot to Jason Combs on lap four going down the backchute. Back up front, Godsey began to put pressure on Turner for the runner up position on lap six. Turner looked to be too strong out of the turns, and held on to the second position. Godsey then had to contend with Combs, as he looked to get around him for third on lap eight. As the field took the halfway signal, it was Woods, Turner, Combs, Godsey, and Jamey Wilson moved into the top five. Moving up to the second position on lap 12 was Combs, as he got around Turner. As Woods took the five to go marker, he held a half straight lead on Combs, who had to maneuver through lapped traffic. Woods made his way through lapped traffic with ease as he crusied to victory for the first time in 2007 ahead of Turner, Godsey, Wilson, and Chad Stapleton rounded out the top five

Jason Hehman and Jeremy Hines found themselves on the front row of the 20 lap Super Stock feature event. Hehman led lap one with a battle for second between Rick Gumm and Hines brewing behind him. Hines held off Gumm, staying in the runner up spot. While that was going on, Hehman opened up about a four car advantage on Hines as they completed lap number three. The battle for second picked up once again on lap five, as Gumm moved under Hines for the second spot. Gumm then went for the lead on lap seven on the bottom groove of the race track. Gumm snagged the lead away from Hehman on lap eight leaving Hehman in the middle groove trying to play catch up. The caution flew for the first time on lap nine for the spun car of Darrell Burton in turn two. When the green flew on the restart, Gumm immediately went to the bottom of the track and pulled a four car advantage on Hehman down the backstretch. At the halfway mark on lap 10, it was Gumm, Hehman, Hines, Kevin Applegate, and Alan Magner rounding out the top five. The top five spread themselves out single file as they completed lap 13. A battle for the fifth position took place on lap 14, as Justin Robertson grabbed the spot away from Magner. Robertson then lost the spot to Kevin Jones, who flew past Robertson for the fifth position. The second caution flew on lap 16, as Nathan Patman spun in turn one. On the restart, Gumm stretched his lead out to about three lengths on Hehman, as Applegate and Hines battled for third behind him. Applegate lost the fourth spot to Jones as the field took the white flag. At the checkers it was all Gumm ahead of Hehman, Hines, Jones, and Tim Clark rounding out the top five.

Joe Janowski and Shannon Reed led the Late Model feature to the green flag, with Reed nipping Janowski at the line for the lead. Starting in the sixth position, Rickey Riggle hit the top side and flew past Brian Wilhite and Cody Mahoney to nab third. The caution would fly on lap two, as John Dome, Jacob Webber, and Garrett Blackwell involved in an incident in turn one. When the green flew on the restart, Reed bolted to a three car lead on Janowski, as Riggle went back to the topside and moved around him for second. Riggle then moved up to battle Reed for the lead on lap four, taking the spot down the backstretch. Behind the leaders, Steve Barnett moved into the top five with a pass on Cody Mahoney just before the caution flew on lap six for Ryan Eads. Barnett would have to give up the fifth position, as scoring reverted to the back to the last scored lap. On the restart, Riggle darted back to the high side and immediately opened up a good sized advantage on Reed. Back to the fifth place battle, as Barnett got around Mahoney for fifth, and then moved past Wilhite and Janowski to take third. Barnett then turned up the heat on Reed for second, moving to the outside of him on lap twelve to take second. At the halfway mark, it was Riggle, Barnett, Reed, Janowski, and Wilhite rounding out the top five. Riggle, on lap 15, enjoyed almost a full straight lead over Barnett as they moved through lapped traffic. The lead stretched to a full straightaway with five laps to go. Another car on the move was the James Huff machine, who started shotgun on the field, and moved up to the fifth position by lap 23. With the white flag in the air, the outcome was no longer in doubt, as Riggle completed the domination ahead of Barnett, Reed, Janowski, and Shawn Negengard rounded out the top five.




BOB POYNTER FORD HEAT ONE: Joe Janowski, Brian Wilhite, Christian Rayburn, Shawn Negengard, John Dome, Glenn Thompson, Ryan Eads, Rohn Moon

BOB POYNTER FORD HEAT TWO: Shannon Reed, Cody Mahoney, Randey Riggle, Jason Smith, Jacob Webber, Justin Blackwell, Bob Stewart, James Huff

BOB POYNTER FORD HEAT THREE: Greg Kendall, Rickey Riggle, Steve Barnett, Scott Jones, Joe Godsey, Tory Routier, Jeff Shackleford, Garrett Blackwell

BOB POYNTER FORD CONSI: James Huff, Glenn Thompson, Tory Routier, Ryan Eads, Garrett Blackwell, Jeff Shackelford, Justin Blackwell

BOB POYNTER FORD FEATURE: Rickey Riggle, Steve Barnett, Shannon Reed, Joe Janowski, Shawn Negengard, James Huff, Brian Wilhite, Christian Rayburn, Greg Kendall, Joe Godsey, Scott Jones, Tory Routier, Jason Smith, Randey Riggle, Ryan Eads, Glenn Thompson, Cody Mahoney, John Dome, Jacob Webber, Garrett Blackwell


CAR QUEST HEAT ONE: Jason Hehman, Jay Deckard, Kevin Jones, Toby Perry, David Brewer, Rob Wilson, Tim Schumpe, Jimmy Saunders, TJ Wright, Mike Burch

CAR QUEST HEAT TWO: Jeremy Hines, Randy Moore, Alan Magner, Jim Ruddick, Tim Clark, Dave Barnett, John Phelps, Don Barnett, Gary Green, Tony Arthur

CAR QUEST HEAT THREE: Rick Gumm, Darrell Burton, Mike Cawood, Troy Clark, Chris Deweese, Nathan Patman, Jerry Adams, Phillip Marshall, Larry Booher, Brandon Routier

CAR QUEST HEAT FOUR: Kevin Applegate, Justin Robertson, Steve Sheeks, Barry Gerkin, Jennifer Johnson, Tom Ault, Terrance Johnson, Clayton Perry, Clifton Barron

CAR QUEST CONSI ONE: Tim Clark, David Brewer, Rob Wilson, Gary Green, Dave Barnett, Don Barnett, Tim Schumpe, Jimmy Saunders, John Phelps, Tony Arthur

CAR QUEST CONSI TWO: Chris Deweese, Nathan Patman, Clayton Perry, Brandon Routier, Jennifer Johnson, Terrence Johnson, Larry Booher, Phillip Marshall, Tom Ault

CAR QUEST FEATURE: Rick Gumm, Jason Hehman, Jeremy Hines, Kevin Jones, Tim Clark, Kevin Applegate, Justin Robertson, Jay Deckard, Chris Deweese, Troy Clark, Jim Ruddick, Darrell Burton, Steve Sheeks, Toby Perry, Alan Magner, David Brewer, Mike Cawood, Nathan Patman, Randy Moore, Barry Gerkin


RIGHT WAY GUTTERING HEAT ONE: Josh Turner, Jim Pfeiffer, Dewayne Gross, Greg Roberts, Robby Johnson, Brian Brown, Rick Applegate, Pam Johnson, Greg Baker

RIGHT WAY GUTTERING HEAT TWO: Bubba Woods, Dan Londeree, Jamey Wilson, Jason Combs, Chad Stapleton, Jerry Wilson, Steven Watson, Derek Levesque, Richard Troyer

RIGHT WAY GUTTERING HEAT THREE: Edgar Godsey, Paul Owens, Butch Bennett, Jack Turner, Josh Hayes, Greg Hicks, Cam Cobb, Ronald Denson

RIGHT WAY GUTTERING CONSI: Rick Applegate, Cam Cobb, Derek Levesque, Greg Baker, Ronald Denson, Pam Johnson, Brian Brown, Richard Troyer, Greg Hicks, Steven Watson

RIGHT WAY GUTTERING FEATURE: Bubba Woods, Josh Turner, Edgar Godsey, Jamey Wilson, Chad Stapleton, Jason Combs, Jim Pfeiffer, Paul Owens, Jack Turner, Butch Bennett, Greg Roberts, Rick Applegate, Ronald Denson, Derek Levesque, Dan Londeree, Robby Johnson, Dewayne Gross, Josh Hayes