9th Annual “Lee Fleetwood Memorial”

O’Reilly NARA Battle of the Bluegrass DirtCar Series

June 23, 2007

By: Chris Nunn


Brownstown, IN -- Greenwood, IN native Rohn Moon picked up his biggest career feature win at Brownstown Speedway, claiming the 9th Annual “Lee Fleetwood Memorial”. The event was sanctioned by the O’Reilly NARA Battle of the Bluegrass DirtCar Series. Mother Nature did all she could to keep Brownstown Speedway from racing, including dumping a substantial amount of @#%$ on the grounds all the way up until 12:30PM on race day. This led to a heavier than normal race track, definitely not the norm for Brownstown. Stanford, KY driver Victor Lee was the first victim of the heavy track, as he flipped his car in turn two in qualifying. Heltonville, IN native Justin Blackwell also flipped during his heat race, an incident that had nothing to do with track conditions. Claiming victory in the UMP Modified division was current points leader Shelby Miles, and in the Bomber division, Edgar Godsey picked up yet another win on the season.

The 30 lap main event for the O’Reilly NARA Battle of the Bluegrass Dirtcar Series started with Tim Tungate and Bryan Barber making up the front row. Tungate would lead lap one with Barber battling with Tim Prince for the second spot. The battle for second would heat up at Steve Barnett threw his nose into the mix. Prince would grab second, leaving Barber to battle with Barnett for third. Barnett grabbed the third spot away from Barber on the fourth circuit, bringing Rohn Moon with him. Barnett then moved up to challenge Prince for second on lap six. Both Barnett and Moon moved around Prince to relegate him back to fourth. On lap eight, Moon moved around Barnett for the runner up spot using the high side on the heavy track. The first caution of the race flew on lap nine, as Joe Godsey spun in turn four. On the restart, Tungate bolted out to a seven car length advantage over Moon as the field moved down the backstretch. Moon quickly closed the gap on lap 11, moving to the outside of Tungate for the lead. Moon snagged the lead away from Tungate on lap 12. At the halfway point, it was Moon, Tungate, Barnett, Sheltra, and Marty O’Neal rounding out the top five. Moon started to move through lapped traffic, throwing backmarkers at the battle for second between Barnett and Tungate before the caution flew on lap 19 for David Webb in turn four. When the green flew on the restart, Moon opened up about a three car lead over Tungate as the field moved into turn one. With five to go Moon had a half straight lead over Barnett, who got around Tungate for second. As the white flag flew, Moon moved his mount steadily around the track to take the checkers ahead of Barnett, Tungate, O’Neal, and Sheltra rounded out the top five. 31 Entries broke down into four heat races with Tim Prince, Tim Tungate, Steve Barnett, and Bryan Barber taking the wins. One consi was needed to fill the field, with the win going to Mike Jewell.

The 20 lap UMP Modified feature rolled off with Kent Robinson and Brent Londeree making up the front row. When the green flew, Robinson and Londeree ran door to door to complete lap one. Londeree nabbed the lead all to himself on lap two, as Robinson and Shelby Miles battled for second. Miles took the second spot from Robinson on lap four. The first caution of the race flew on lap five, as Matt Ross looped his mount on the backstretch. On the restart, Londeree took to the low side, with Miles up top battling for the lead. Miles moved around Londeree on lap six for the point. Behind the leaders, Todd Gilpin took the third spot away from Robinson as the field took halfway. Back up front, Londeree and Miles mixed it up for the lead coming down the frontstretch. Disaster struck Londeree, as he got into turn one too hard and looped his mount in turn one bringing out the caution on lap twelve. On the restart, Miles darted out to the lead and opened up a three car advantage over Gilpin who was now in second. Gilpin then battled with Robinson on lap 16 for the runner up spot, taking the position away on lap 17. With two to go, Miles enjoyed almost a half straight lead over Robinson. With the white flag in the air, Miles cruised to the checkers ahead of Robinson, Gilpin, Brian Yeatman, and Matt Bex completing the top five. 23 Entries were on hand, with the three heat wins going to Brent Londeree, Kent Robinson, and Shelby Miles. With only five cars in staging for the consi, it was scrapped, sending everyone to the feature.

The 20 lap Bomber feature started with Edgar and Joe Godsey leading the field to the green. Edgar would lead lap one with Joe battling with Jason Combs for second. The car on the move was Bubba Woods, motoring around Combs and Joe Godsey to make it three wide for second. Joe Godsey put himself in the second spot, with Combs in third, and Woods to fourth. The first caution flew on lap four, as Dan Londeree found himself turned around on the front stretch. Londeree would get his spot back, as officials deemed he was taken out on the front stretch. On the restart Edgar Godsey took a two car length lead over Joe Godsey. Chad Stapleton made his move into the top five, getting around Woods, and then moved around Combs for third. Combs fought back and took the third spot back on lap nine. The caution flew again on lap nine, as Woods was spun around in turn one. Woods was given his spot back as he was deemed taken out. The restart was brought back as Combs found himself facing the opposite direction in turn two. Unfortunately for Joe Godsey, he had to pull off with a flat left rear tire. When the green flew Edgar Godsey led the field to the halfway mark on lap ten. Behind him, Woods and Stapleton battled for second, with Stapleton holding the position on lap 11. With five laps to go, Godsey held about a two car advantage over Stapleton and Woods. With two to go, Stapleton closed the gap on Godsey to about a car length. At the white flag, Godsey kept the advantage down the backstretch and took the checkers ahead of Stapleton, Woods, Darren Crawhorn, and Dan Londeree rounding out the top five. 30 Bombers entered the gates, with heat wins going to Edgar Godsey, Joe Godsey, Bubba Woods. Richard Balentine picked up the consi win.

O’Reilly NARA Battle of the Bluegrass DirtCars (31 Entries)

Racing Optics Fast Qualifier: Patrick Sheltra (14.051)

Mason Racin’ Heat One: Tim Prince, Patrick Sheltra, Tyrel Todd, Jason Keltner, Mike Jewell, Scott Jones, James Huff, Randey Riggle

Mason Racin’ Heat Two: Tim Tungate, Michael Bradley, Doug Ault, Victor Lee, Christian Rayburn, Gary Schalmo, Ryan Eads, Joe Godsey

Arizona Sport Shirts Heat Three: Steve Barnett, Rohn Moon, Jeremy Masters, Shannon Reed, Doug Smith, Jacob Webber, Justin Blackwell, Brian Wilhite

Arizona Sport Shirts Heat Four: Bryan Barber, David Webb, Marty O’Neal, Joe Janowski, Jim Curry, Rickey Riggle, Jason Smith

Design 500 B-Main: Mike Jewell, Jim Curry, Christian Rayburn, Joe Godsey, Gary Schalmo, Ricky Riggle, James Huff, Jason Smith, Ryan Eads, Randey Riggle, Scott Jones, Doug Smith, Jacob Webber

Lee Fleetwood Memorial Feature: Rohn Moon, Steve Barnett, Tim Tungate, Marty O’Neal, Patrick Sheltra, Mike Jewell, Tim Prince, Bryan Barber, Tyrel Todd, Doug Ault, Joe Janowski, Christian Rayburn, Shannon Reed, Joe Godsey, David Webb, Scott Jones, Jim Curry, Jason Keltner, Michael Bradley, Rickey Riggle, Jeremy Masters, Victor Lee


Heat One: Brent Londeree, Todd Gilpin, Chris Streeval, Jimmy Hayden, Steve Sheeks, Sam Lee, Devin Gilpin, Matt Bex

Heat Two: Kent Robinson, Brian Yeatman, Keaton Streeval, Jason Mann, Webb Lee, Matt Ross, Tony Helton, Cory Ping

Heat Three: Shelby Miles, Matt Boknecht, Greg Amick, Al Flick, Cary Morris, Travis Shoulders, Marc Starke

Feature: Shelby Miles, Kent Robinson, Todd Gilpin, Brian Yeatman, Matt Bex, Greg Amick, Jimmy Hayden, Brent Londeree, Chris Streeval, Keaton Streval, Webb Lee, Al Flick, Steve Sheeks, Sam Lee, Cary Morris, Matt Ross, Matt Boknecht, Jason Mann, Cory Ping


Heat One: Edgar Godsey, Jason Combs, Dan Londeree, Josh Turner, Chris Wilson, Joe Douglas, Todd McDonald, Danny Adams, Ronnie Pardue, Richard Balentine, Jim Pfeiffer

Heat Two: Joe Godsey, Keith Beier, Jack Turner, Dewayne Gross, Darren Crawhorn, Buddy Stearns, Kyle Stephenson, Rich Ferrenburg, Wes Tipton

Heat Three: Bubba Woods, Chad Stapleton, Ben Burton, Jamey Wilson, Butch Bennett, Tim Roberts, Brian Brown, Josh Hayes, Darrell Burton, Richard Troyer

Consi: Richard Balentine, Ronnie Pardue, Buddy Stearns, Tim Roberts, Brian Brown, Richard Ferrenburg, Kyle Stephenson, Richard Troyer, Joe Douglas

Feature: Edgar Godsey, Chad Stapleton, Bubba Woods, Darren Crawhorn, Dan Londeree, Ben Burton, Richard Balentine, Dewayne Gross, Josh Turner, Jason Combs, Ronnie Pardue, Buddy Stearns, Butch Bennett, Brian Brown, Jack Turner, Joe Godsey, Jamey Wilson, Chris Wilson, Keith Beier, Tim Roberts