September 1, 2007

Steve Barnett of Franklin, IN laid claim to his third Brownstown Speedway Late Model track championship on Saturday night, also claiming the feature win in the process. In UMP Modified action, Greg Johnson of Bedford, IN piloted the Mike Roundtree owned #2 Modified to the feature victory. In the Bomber division, Bubba Woods held off a determined Edgar Godsey by a half car length for the win.

The UMP Modified main event started with Matt Boknecht and Brandon Short on the front row via winning their heat races. Boknecht darted out to the lead on the first lap, with Short in tow. Behind them, Greg Johnson made a four wide pass on the highside in turn two to take third. Johnson then moved to the second spot, getting around Short on lap two. Johnson, still on the rim, moved in to challenge Boknecht for the lead on lap five. Meanwhile, Devin Gilpin moved into third, getting around Short. The first caution would fly on lap six, as Dale Ayers spun in turn two. When the green flew for the restart, Boknecht moved to the topside, switching from the bottom to keep Johnson at bay. Johnson then had to contend with Devin Gilpin, who tried to move under him for second on lap seven. Johnson had enough momentum to hold him off, keeping his runner up spot. On lap nine, Johnson threw a slide job on Boknecht to grab the lead. At the halfway point on lap 10, Boknecht tried to move under Johnson to snare the lead back, but to no avail. The battle for third picked up on lap 12, as Todd Gilpin moved around his son Devin, to get the spot away. Todd then began to work the back bumper of Boknecht for the second spot. Boknecht kept the runner up spot from Todd Gilpin as the field took the five to go signal. By this time, Johnson had opened up a full straight lead over Boknecht. Behind the leaders, Richie Lex moved to fourth, getting around Devin Gilpin on lap 18. As the white flew, Todd Gilpin took the second spot away from Boknecht. No one, however, had anything for Johnson as he took the checkers a full straight ahead of Todd Gilpin, Bokencht, Lex, and Devin Gilpin rounded out the top five.

The 20 lap Bomber feature started with Bubba Woods and Greg Hicks on the front row. Woods darted out to the lead and led lap one. The caution flew on lap one for debris on the speedway. On the restart Woods darted out to about a three car advantage over Hicks as they completed lap two. Behind Woods, Edgar Godsey moved around Hicks for the second spot on lap three. The second yellow of the race flew on lap four, as John Mayer Jr. spun in turn two. As the field went green for the restart, Godsey and Woods dueled side by side for the lead on lap five. Woods using the topside while Godsey utilized the bottom groove. Woods seemed to have the momentum working for him on the topside, as he pulled away from Godsey down the straights. Caution number three flew on lap seven for the stalled car of Chad Stapleton on the backstretch. On the restart, Woods once again jumped out to the lead on Godsey, as Hicks dropped off the turn three banking while running third. The caution flew once again on lap eight, as Kyle Stephenson spun in turn two. Woods once again led the field to the green on the restart with Godsey, Chris Wilson, Rusty Smiley, and Darren Crawhorn rounding out the top five. At the halfway point, Woods held about a car length advantage on Godsey as they crossed the line on lap 10. Behind Godsey, Smiley and Wilson battled for the third spot, with Smiley grabbing the position on lap 11. Smiley then worked around Godsey to get the second spot one lap later. The caution flew for the fifth time on lap 13, for the car of Greg Hicks who found the frontstretch wall. When the green flew for the restart, Woods took off to the topside and opened up about a two car advantage on Godsey. With five to go, Godsey tried to make progress on the bottom of the track to catch Woods for the lead. As the white flew, Godsey moved in to go side by side with Woods for the lead. As the lead duo moved into turn three, Godsey tried to make one last ditch effort for the win, but fell a half car length short to Woods at the finish.

The Late Model feature saw Steve Barnett and Rohn Moon make up the front row for the 25 lap main event. The first start would be brought back as the drivers were a bit apprehensive coming to the green. The second start also had to be brought back due to a four car accident in turn one. A complete restart was needed, as no laps had been complete. Barnett and Moon once again brought the field to the green. Barnett would lead lap one, with Moon running in second. The caution flew again on the first lap, as Gary Hardin spun on the frontstretch. With one lap complete, Barnett led Moon, Greg Johnson, Zach Carney, and Tim Prince to the green on the restart. Barnett shot out to about a three car length advantage over Moon, who about put his car over the turn three banking on lap three. The top five began to stretch out a little bit as the field completed lap five. Moon lost the second position, as he went over the turn three banking on lap six. This put Greg Johnson up to the second spot. Moon then lost third to Carney on lap seven. The caution flew on lap eight, as Dusty Chapman and Justin Shaw got together coming out of turn four. On the lap eight restart, Barnett took the green with Johnson right behind him. Johnson hit the top side, and moved to the outside of Barnett. Just as he moved to the outside of Barnett, something broke on his car, leaving him stopped on the outside of turn four. With Johnson out, Carney inherited the second position. Completing the top five were Moon, Mark Barber, and Prince. Barnett took a four car advantage on Carney as the field went green. Behind Barnett and Carney, Barber and Moon battled for third. Moon was able to hold Barber off for the third spot as the field completed lap 12. Up front, Carney began to close the gap little by little as the halfway signal was shown to the field. Barnett began to turn up the wick, moving a bit further ahead of Carney with ten to go. Barnett seemed to be flawless on the bottom of the race track, as he held a half straight advantage on Carney with five to go. Behind the leaders, Tim Prince moved to fourth, getting around Barber on lap 22. With two to go, Barnett now had a full straight advantage on Carney. With the white flag waving, Barnett cruised on to the victory over Carney, Moon, Prince, and Barber rounded out the top five.



FAST QUALIFIER: Steve Barnett (14.044)

HEAT ONE: Steve Barnett, Mark Barber, Shannon Reed, Justin Shaw, Dusty Chapman, Jeff Simonton, Jason Smith, David Ross, Duke Mounce, Marty O’Neal, Cody Mahoney

HEAT TWO: Rohn Moon, Greg Johnson, Joe Janowski, Frankie Coomer, C.J. Rayburn, Mike Bechelli, Gary Hardin, Scott Jones, Terry Darkis, Chip Stitsworth

HEAT THREE: Zach Carney, Tim Prince, Justin Blackwell, Greg Kendall, Joe Godsey, Brian Wilhite, Jacob Webber, Garrett Blackwell, Chad Stapleton, Derek Ramp

CONSI: Marty O’Neal, Scott Jones, Brian Wilhite, Gary Hardin, Cody Mahoney, Chad Stapleton, Jason Smith, Derek Ramp, David Ross, Terry Darkis, Jacob Webber, Duke Mounce, Mike Bechelli, Garrett Blackwell, Jeff Simonton, Chip Stitsworth

FEATURE: Steve Barnett, Zach Carney, Rohn Moon, Tim Prince, Mark Barber, Joe Janowski, Justin Blackwell, Marty O’Neal, C.J. Rayburn, Greg Kendall, Joe Godsey, Justin Shaw, Brian Wilhite, Dusty Chapman, Cody Mahoney, Greg Johnson, Scott Jones, Shannon Reed, Gary Hardin, Frankie Coomer


HEAT ONE: Matt Boknecht, Devin Gilpin, Jared Bailey, Greg Amick, Steve Sheeks, Jerry Davis, Randy Lee, Marc Starke, Earl Plessinger

HEAT TWO: Brandon Short, Greg Johnson, Brent Londeree, Al Flick, Tim Rivers, Dennis Boknecht, Sam Lee, Rob Manley, Greg Deckard

HEAT THREE: Richie Lex, Todd Gilpin, Brian Yeatman, Matt Hamilton, Robbie Gullion, Cary Morris, Billy Peeden, J.D. Roberts, John Passmore

HEAT FOUR: Jimmy Hayden, Dale Ayers, Jason Mann, J.P. Hume, Shelby Miles, John Davis, Tami Lawson, Levi Londeree, Jon Robertson

CONSI ONE: Earl Plessinger, Tim Rivers, Jerry Davis, Dennis Boknecht, Rob Manley, Greg Deckard, Randy Lee, Steve Sheeks, Sam Lee

CONSI TWO: Shelby Miles, John Davis, John Passmore, Cary Morris, Tami Lawson

FEATURE: Greg Johnson, Todd Gilpin, Matt Boknecht, Richie Lex, Devin Gilpin, Earl Plessinger, Brent Londeree, Shelby Miles, Dale Ayers, Tim Rivers, Brandon Short, Brian Yeatman, John Davis, Jimmy Hayden, Al Flick, J.P. Hume, Matt Hamilton, Jared Bailey, Jason Mann, Greg Amick


HEAT ONE: Bubba Woods, Darren Crawhorn, Jamey Wilson, Kyle Stephenson, Jim Isley, Rick Vance, Pam Johnson, Dan Londeree, Josh Hayes, Justin Wininger, Ronnie Pardue

HEAT TWO: Greg Hicks, Edgar Godsey, Josh Turner, John Mayer Jr, Dewayne Gross, Jim Pfeiffer, Richard Balentine, Dave Robinson, Brian Fiscus, Jason Combs, Jerry Deloach

HEAT THREE: Rusty Smiley, Chad Stapleton, Chris Wilson, Todd McDonald, Rick Voyles, Nathan Baker, Brian Brown, Robby Johnson, Ben Burton, Tim Meade

CONSI: Ben Burton, Jim Pfeiffer, Dan Londeree, Josh Hayes, Richard Balentine, Tim Meade, Ronnie Pardue, Dave Robinson, Robby Johnson, Brian Fiscus, Nathan Baker, Rick Vance, Brian Brown, Pam Johnson, Jerry Deloach, Jason Combs

FEATURE: Bubba Woods, Edgar Godsey, Chris Wilson, Ben Burton, Dewayne Gross, Josh Hayes, Todd McDonald, Josh Turner, Dan Londeree, Jim Pfeiffer, Rick Voyles, Chad Stapleton, John Mayer Jr, Darren Crawhorn, Rusty Smiley, Greg Hicks, Kyle Stephenson, Jamey Wilson, Richard Balentine, Jim Isley