The 20 Lap Bomber Feature started out with Jamey Wilson and Chris Wilson on the front row via winning their respective heat races. Wilson jumped out to the lead on the green flag and led lap one with Bubba Woods and Chad Stapleton in tow. Woods then moved under Wilson on lap two to take the lead down the frontstretch. A battle for fourth started to shape up between Josh Turner and Rusty Smiley on lap four, as Turner grabbed the fourth spot. Smiley then had to contend with Ben Burton as the yellow flew for Tim Meade in turn four. Unfortunately for Burton, his left front broke just as the caution flew, ending his evening. On the restart, Woods opened up a four car advantage on Wilson as they completed lap five. Behind Woods and Wilson, Stapleton and Turner battled for third briefly with Stapleton holding the spot. Behind Turner, Smiley and Wilson went door to door for the fifth position on lap eight. Smiley got around Wilson and Turner going down the backstretch to take fourth. At the halfway point, Woods held a half straight lead over the now second place car of Stapleton. Wilson, Smiley, and Turner rounded out the top five at halfway. The caution would fly for the second time on lap 12, as Robby Johnson spun in turn one in front of the leaders. When the green flew, Stapleton tried to put a nose under Woods for the lead, but to no avail. The fourth place car of Smiley saw a bit of bad luck, as he abruptly pulled off the speedway on lap 14. The third caution of the event flew on lap 15, as Meade spun again in turn one. Woods opened up a three car advantage over Stapleton when the green flew on the restart. With four to go, Woods maintained his advantage over Stapleton while running the bottom of the speedway. With one lap to go, Woods held a four car edge over Stapleton as they took the white flag. It was all Woods at the checkers ahead of Stapleton, Wilson, Turner, and Chris Wilson rounding out the top five.

The 20 Lap UMP Modified feature started with John Davis and Devin Gilpin pacing the field to the green flag. Davis took the green flag and dove into turn one just a little too low and hit the infield tire, looping his car around in front of the field. Amazingly enough, every car went by and did not hit Davis. Al Flick inherited the pole position via Davis moving to the tail. The second attempt at the restart was waved off. On the start, Jimmy Hayden moved from third to the lead coming down the backstretch. The caution flew once again as a multi-car accident occurred in turn three, resulting in another complete restart. The third attempt at the restart was also a failure, as Curt Bennett spun in turn one. With a single file restart now in place, Gilpin led the field to the green flag. Behind him, Brent Londeree flew around both Derek Groomer and Hayden for second. The caution flew once again on lap two, for another multi car pile up in turn four. On the restart, Gilpin led lap two, with Hayden, and Groomer in tow. Matt Boknecht shot to the highside and moved around both Hayden and Groomer to take second. Hayden and Groomer then waged a battle for third. They both then watched Londeree shoot around both of them to take third on lap five. As the field clicked off lap six, Londeree abruptly slowed going down the backstretch while running third. The new top five on lap six read as Gilpin, Boknecht, Groomer, Hayden, and Don Adams. With six laps in the books, Gilpin took the field to the restart. Boknecht started to turn up the pressure on Gilpin on lap eight, moving to the outside of Gilpin for the lead. Behind them, Adams moved around Groomer for third, as Groomer almost went off the backstretch banking. The caution flew again on lap ten, as John Davis went around in turn four. When the green flew on the restart, Boknecht launched himself out to a four car advantage over Gilpin. Adams then moved under Gilpin for the second spot as the field came out of turn four. The caution flew again on lap 11 as Levi Kissinger spun in turn four. On the restart, Adams looked under Boknecht for the lead coming down the backstretch. Boknecht then turned up the wick, and opened up his advantage on Adams to almost a full straightaway with five to go. Behind Boknecht, Gilpin threw a slide job on Adams, and made slight contact. Adams fell back to fourth in the exchange. Up front, however, it was all Boknecht picking up the win ahead of Groomer, Gilpin, Adams, and Rob Manley rounded out the top five.

The 30 lap Topless Super Stock main event started with Rick Gumm and Jim Ruddick on the front row. Gumm led the field into turn one, with Ruddick taking the lead coming out of turn four to lead lap one. Gumm then moved back under Ruddick to lead lap two. The duo remained glued to each others door panels as they battled for the lead on lap three. Behind the lead battle, Nathan Patman and Earl Plessinger duked it out for the third spot, with Plessinger grabbing the spot on lap five. Back up front, Ruddick finally distanced himself from Gumm, and grabbed the lead on lap seven. Ruddick moved out to a three car advantage over Gumm, who now had Plessinger breathing down his neck. By lap ten, Randy Petro had moved up to the fourth position from his 13th starting spot. The caution flew on lap 13, as Toby Perry slammed the outside guardrail off of turn three. The top five as of lap 13 was Ruddick, Plessinger, Gumm, Petro, and Patman. The restart was brought back, as Perry pulled to a stop on the backstretch with a broken front end. On the restart, Ruddick jumped out to a five car advantage over Plessinger. Behind them, Petro moved around Gumm for the third position. With ten to go, Ruddick held a half straight lead over Plessinger, Petro, Gumm, and Brad Cummings. With seven to go, it seemed as if Ruddick had some troubles in the turns, as Plessinger, Petro, and Gumm drew closer. With five to go, Ruddick gathered his car up, and moved further ahead of Plessinger. Behind them, Gumm jumped the cushion, allowing Cummings to move to fourth. With one to go, Ruddick held a half straight lead over Plessinger, as Gumm, Cummings, and Petro went three wide for third. Gumm ended up with the third spot, with Cummings fourth, and Tim Clark getting around Petro for fifth. Ruddick cruised to the checkers ahead of Plessinger, Gumm, Cummings, and Clark.


FAST QUALIFIER: Randy Petro (15.979)

HEAT ONE: Rick Gumm, Earl Plessinger, Troy Clark, Randy Petro, Kevin Applegate, Jeremy Wilson, Toby Perry, Larry Booher

HEAT TWO: Jim Ruddick, Alan Magner, Jay Deckard, David Brewer, Jeremy Burton, Don Barnett, Jeremy Hines, Mike Seal

HEAT THREE: Nathan Patman, Jason Hehman, Brad Cummings, Darrell Burton, Tim Schumpe, Mike Gossar, Mike Cawood, Terrence Johnson

HEAT FOUR: Kevin Jones, Tim Clark, Jack Frye, Dave Waggoner, Tom Ault, Josh Burton, Justin Robertson, Randy Lines

CONSI: Tom Ault, Kevin Applegate, Mike Cawood, Jeremy Wilson, Jeremy Hines, Toby Perry, Josh Burton, Justin Robertson, Jeremy Burton, Don Barnett, Terrence Johnson, Randy Lines, Mike Gossar, Tim Schumpe, Larry Booher

FEATURE: Jim Ruddick, Earl Plessinger, Rick Gumm, Brad Cummings, Tim Clark, Randy Petro, Darrell Burton, Jay Deckard, Alan Magner, Kevin Jones, Nathan Patman, Jack Frye, David Brewer, Mike Cawood, Dave Waggoner, Tom Ault, Jason Hehman, Troy Clark, Toby Perry, Jeremy Wilson


HEAT ONE: John Davis, Jimmy Hayden, Don Adams, Jared Bailey, Matt Hamilton, Troy Cannon, Holly Thomas, Jason Mann, Randy Petro(DNS)

HEAT TWO: Devin Gilpin, Brent Londeree, Dennis Boknecht, Greg Amick, Brandon Short, Chad Combs, Robert Young, Dave Branstetter, Andrew Davis

HEAT THREE: Al Flick, Matt Boknecht, Levi Kissinger, Jerry Davis, Dale Ayers, Sam Lee, Steve Sheeks, Shawn Bryant, Todd Gilpin

HEAT FOUR: Derek Groomer, Rob Manley, Toby Short, Curt Bennett, Cary Morris, Cody Long, Josh Wells, Brian Yeatman

CONSI ONE: Brandon Short, Chad Combs, Andrew Davis, Troy Cannon, Holly Thomas, Matt Hamilton, Robert Young

CONSI TWO: Dale Ayers, Sam Lee, Steve Sheeks, Shawn Bryant, Cody Long, Cary Morris

FEATURE: Matt Boknecht, Derek Groomer, Devin Gilpin, Don Adams, Rob Manley, Al Flick, Greg Amick, Jimmy Hayden, Chad Combs (Hard Charger), Brandon Short, Sam Lee, Levi Kissinger, Dale Ayers, Jerry Davis, Curt Bennett, John Davis, Brent Londeree, Dennis Boknecht, Jared Bailey, Toby Short


HEAT ONE: Jamey Wilson, Chad Stapleton, Paul Owens, Dan Londeree, Edgar Godsey, Ronnie Pardue, Jim Pfeiffer, Dewayne Gross, Josh Hayes, Greg Roberts

HEAT TWO: Chris Wilson, Josh Turner, Ben Burton, Roger Reichenbacker, Kyle Stephenson, Rick Voyles, Brian Brown, Robby Johnson, Justin Wininger, Darren Crawhorn

HEAT THREE: Bubba Woods, Rusty Smiley, Tim Meade, Todd McDonald, Randy Lawyer, Chad Plance, Tim Roberts, Rick Vance, Jason Combs

CONSI: Ronnie Pardue, Josh Hayes, Greg Roberts, Dewayne Gross, Robby Johnson, Justin Wininger, Brian Brown, Tim Roberts, Rick Vance, Chad Plance, Jim Pfeiffer, Darren Crawhorn, Rick Voyles, Jason Combs

FEATURE: Bubba Woods, Chad Stapleton, Jamey Wilson, Josh Turner, Chris Wilson, Edgar Godsey, Dan Londeree, Josh Hayes, Greg Roberts, Dewayne Gross, Paul Owens, Todd McDonald, Roger Reichenbacker, Kyle Stephenson, Randy Lawyer, Robby Johnson, Tim Meade, Rusty Smiley, Ronnie Pardue, Ben Burton