Nick Allen & Greg Roberts Also Winners



FAST QUALIFIER: John Gill (13.798)

HEAT ONE: Wayne Chinn, Rohn Moon, Bart Hartman, Mike Jewell, Joey Kramer, Joe Janowski, John Mason, Patrick Sheltra, Tyler Boggs, Steve Casebolt

HEAT TWO: Justin Ratliff, Earl Pearson Jr, Dan Schlieper, Freddy Smith, Shannon Reed, James Huff, Mark Bechelli, Jamie Ferguson, Mitchell Lankford, Jacob Webber

HEAT THREE: John Gill, Kevin Claycomb, Cody Mahoney, Dennis Erb Jr, Donnie Moran, Greg Johnson, Duane Chamberlain, Matt Lux, Christian Rayburn, Chad Stapleton

HEAT FOUR: Matt Miller, Brad Neat, Terry Casey, Michael England, Rick Aukland, Jim Moon, Curt Spalding, Zach Carney, Scott James, Justin Shaw

HEAT FIVE: Brian Birkhofer, Don O'Neal, Brady Smith, Steve Barnett, Mike Marlar, Ray Cook, Terry English, Tim Prince, Derek Fisher, Dean Boyd

HEAT SIX: Wes Steidinger, Ryan Dauber, Billy Drake, Damon Eller, Aaron Scott, BJ McCammon, DJ Wells, Jason Jameson, Kenny Carmichael, Scott Jones, Steve King

CONSI ONE: Dennis Erb Jr, Freddy Smith, Donnie Moran, Shannon Reed, Joey Kramer, John Mason, Greg Johnson, James Huff, Patrick Sheltra, Duane Chamberlain, Christian Rayburn, Joe Janowski, Chad Stapleton, Tyler Boggs, Jamie Ferguson, Mitchell Lankford, Mike Jewell, Mark Bechelli, Steve Casebolt, Matt Lux, Jacob Webber

CONSI TWO: Steve Barnett, Mike Marlar, Michael England, Rick Aukland, Terry English, Ray Cook, Damon Eller, BJ McCammon, Aaron Scott, Derek Fisher, DJ Wells, Curt Spalding, Jim Moon, Jason Jameson, Dean Boyd, Tim Prince, Scott James, Justin Shaw, Zach Carney, Kenny Carmichael, Scott Jones, Steve King

INDIANA ICEBREAKER: Terry Casey, Justin Ratliff, Bart Hartman, Earl Pearson Jr, Steve Casebolt, Don O'Neal, Mike Marlar, John Gill, Steve Barnett, Dennis Erb Jr, Wayne Chinn, Brad Neat, Scott James, Dan Schlieper, Rohn Moon, Kevin Claycomb, Cody Mahoney, Freddy Smith, Ryan Dauber, Matt Miller, Wes Steidinger, Brian Birkhofer, Brady Smith, Billy Drake

The 25 lap UMP DirtCar Modified feature started with Joe Hunley and Victor Lee leading the field to the green. Hunley slid back to the third position coming out of turn one, with Matt Boknecht shooting from his third starting position to the lead on lap one. Jared Bailey would work his way up to the third spot, starting to work on Lee for second. The first caution of the race flew on lap three, as Hunley looped his mount in turn two. When the green flew for the restart, Boknecht shot out to a four car length advantage as the field worked lap four. Bailey would lose the third spot to Nick Allen on lap five, as Lee Hobbs worked by for fourth. The second caution of the event flew on lap six as Kevin DeYoung spun in turn one, as Josh Ferguson had nowhere to go, and collected the infield tire. The restart would be brought back due to a faulty start. Boknecht once again led the field to the green, taking a three car advantage with him into turn one. At lap ten, the top five ran single file, with Boknecht leading, Lee in second, Allen in third, Hobbs fourth, and Chris Streeval fifth. On lap 11, Allen moved underneath Lee for the second spot, and started to chase down Boknecht. At the halfway point, Boknecht held a three car length lead over Allen, with Lee fading backwards in third. With 10 laps to go, Allen had pulled alongside of Boknecht to battle for the lead. Slight contact was made between the two leaders, as Allen moved to the lead on lap 16. Boknecht then moved to the topside on lap 17 to fight back on Allen. With five to go, Allen had stretched his lead over Boknecht to about a half straight. Behind the leaders, Matt Bex had moved into the top five, taking the fifth spot away from Victor Lee, and then getting around Streeval for fourth. Up front, it was all Allen, as he had to take an infield excursion to avoid a lapped car, and crossed the finish line ahead of Boknecht.

UMP Modifieds (43 ENTRIES)

HEAT ONE: Joe Junley, Jared Baiey, Matt Hamilton, Clint Demoss, Keaton Streeval, Jimmy Hayden, Jacboy Hines, Andy Buckler, Cody Long, Andy Bishop

HEAT TWO: Victor Lee, Josh Ferguson, Elliott Despain, Jay Ledford, Darrell Burton, Kenny Carmichael, Brian Shewmaker, Robbie Gullion, Terry Stratton, Kameron Burch, Dean Wilkerson

HEAT THREE: Matt Boknecht, Nick Allen, Matt Bex, Chris Streeval, Greg Amick, Travis Shoulders, Dennis Boknecht, Steve Sheeks, Phil Vansant, Wes Mcclara

HEAT FOUR: Kevin Deyoung, Lee Hobbs, Ryan Thomas, Scotty Kincaid, Dustin Christy, Collin Goodman, Brandon Short, Dick Phillips, Derek Losh, Ray Humphrey, Josh Lucas

CONSI ONE: Darrell Burton, Kenny Carmichael, Jimmy Hayden, Jacoby Hines, Brian Shewmaker, Shelby Miles, Robbie Gullion, Kameron Burch, Andy Buckler, Cody Long, Keaton Streeval, Terry Stratton

CONSI TWO: Greg Amick, Dustin Christy, Travis Shoulders, Derek Losh, Dennis Boknecht, Brandon Short, Dick Phillips, Josh Lucas, Steve Sheeks, Wes Mcclara, Collin Goodman, Phil Vansant

FEATURE: Nick Allen, Matt Boknecht, Lee Hobbs, Matt Bex, Victor Lee, Jared Bailey, Chris Streeval, Dustin Christy, Ryan Thomas, Clint Demoss, Kevin Deyoung, Joe Hunley, Darrell Burton, Kenny Carmichael, Matt Hamilton, Scotty Kincaid, Elliott Despain, Greg Amick, Jay Ledford, Josh Ferguson

The 20 lap Bomber feature would see Bub Cummings and Bubba Woods lead the field to the green flag. Cummings would lead lap one, with Woods, and Ben Burton right on his tail. Woods moved to the outside of Cummings to challenge for the lead, as the caution flew for Bobby Johnson in turn four. On the restart, Cummings jumped out to about a five car advantage over Woods. Behind them, Greg Roberts moved around Burton for the third spot on lap five. Another newcomer to the top five was Jim Pfeiffer, who got around Jamey Wilson for the fifth spot. Back up front, Roberts pulled alongside of Woods for the second spot, and took the position on lap seven. Woods then had to contend with Burton, who was running side by side with him for the third spot. Burton took the spot, as Woods slipped off the backstretch banking. Chris Wilson made a move for the fifth position on lap 11, moving around Rick Voyles on the bottom. Wilson then moved to the low side on Woods to grab fourth away on lap 13. By this time, Cummings had opened up a full straightaway advantage on Burton, who had gotten around Roberts for second. With five to go, it was Cummings, Burton, Roberts, Wilson, and Woods completing the top five. With two to go, the battle for second changed hands again, as Roberts took second. Disaster struck on the white flag lap, as Cummings broke, and stalled in turn two. This gave the lead to Roberts, who went on to the victory.


HEAT ONE: Bub Cummings, Ben Burton, Jim Pfeiffer, Darren Crawhorn, Jake Leitzman, Tony Blair, Jason Combs, Justin Wininger, Josh Turner, Nathan Baker

HEAT TWO: Bubba Woods, Jamey Wilson, Rick Voyles, Chris Wilson, Richard Balentine, Tim Roberts, Mike Moody, Willy McRoberts, Greg Baker, Bruce Lee

HEAT THREE: Bobby Johnson, Greg Roberts, Josh Hayes, Lee Hobbs, Dewayne Gross, Aaron Fields, Larry Wolfe, Keith Chrysler, Ronnie Pardue, Todd Wininger

CONSI: Aaron Fields, Josh Turner, Tim Roberts, Ronnie Pardue, Mike Moody, Larry Wolfe, Greg Baker, Willy McRoberts, Tony Blair, Bruce Lee

FEATURE: Greg Roberts, Ben Burton, Bubba Woods, Chris Wilson, Jamey Wilson, Rick Voyles, Josh Turner, Jim Pfeiffer, Dewayne Gross, Lee Hobbs, Darren Crawhorn, Aaron Fields, Mike Moody, Josh Hayes, Richard Balentine, Bub Cummings, Jake Leitzman, Ronnie Pardue, Bobby Johnson