Mcintosh, DeMoss, Cummings, Hines All Victorious

Fighting extreme muddy conditions and wet grounds, track officials and crew worked diligently and managed to get the first points races of the 2008 season in without fail. With four classes on hand, a pill draw system was used to line up heats and speed the program along. Granted, without the intermission before the consis, and the numerous yellows, races would have been over by 10:00PM. A pat on the back for the officials is well deserved. Clint Demoss, Jeremy Hines, Bub Cummings, and Shawn McIntosh all visited victory lane to cap off the nights activities.

The Pure Stock feature would see Shawn McIntosh and Tim Roberts lead the field to the green flag. McIntosh bolted out to the early lead with Roberts and Kyle McIntosh running second and third. The field started to spread out as they clicked off lap five. McIntosh continued to lead followed by Roberts, Kyle McIntosh, and Josh Reed. At the halfway point, the field remained the same as a caution flew for a safety issue on the Greg Baker car. The caution would fly on the restart, as Roberts looped his mount coming out of turn two to bring out the caution. The team cars of McIntosh and McIntosh led the field to the green on the restart, with Shawn leading Jeff. With five to go it was Shawn McIntosh, Jeff McIntosh, Josh Reed, Mike Keller, and Greg Baker completing the top five.

Kent Robinson and Matt Boknecht would lead the field to the green in the UMP Modified main event. Boknecht would lead lap one, with Robinson and Clint Demoss in tow. Demoss would then work under Robinson for the second spot on lap three. Demoss grabbed the position, putting Robinson back to third. Demoss then pulled up to the back bumper of Boknecht to challenge for the lead on lap four. Demoss and Boknecht ran side by side for the lead on lap six, with Demoss on the bottom and Boknecht up high. Demoss officially took the lead on lap seven. Demoss opened up about a two car length advantage over Boknecht as they took the halfway signal. Robinson was a half a straightaway back in third. Lee Hobbs ran fourth, with a battle between Greg Amick and John Demoss brewing for fifth. Amick took the spot on lap 11 and set sail for Hobbs. Amick got around Hobbs on the bottom on lap 13 to take fourth. With five to go, it was Demoss leading Boknecht by four car lengths with Robinson third. Hobbs took the fourth spot back away from Amick, bringing John Demoss with him to fifth. Amick then dropped out of the race with three laps to go. With two laps to go, Demoss had stretched his lead out to a half straightaway on Boknecht. Boknecht would not challenge Demoss at the checkers, as Demoss won ahead of Boknecht, Robinson, Hobbs, and John Demoss

Bub Cummings and Jamey Wilson would lead the field to the green in the Bomber main event. Cummings darted out to the lead, with Jamey Wilson second, and Chris Wilson third. The caution would fly on lap two for Ronnie Pardue. On the restart, Cummings opened up a three car advantage over Jamey Wilson. Chris Wilson ran third, with Lee Hobbs fourth, and Darren Crawhorn fifth. Crawhorn moved under Hobbs to battle for fourth. Hobbs ended up turned around in turn three on lap five. Cummings took off once again on the restart and opened up a three car advantage over Jamey Wilson. The caution would fly once again on lap seven, this time for Jason Combs on the frontstretch. Cummings led the field down once again, as Jamey Wilson slid over the bank in turn two, losing the second spot to Chris Wilson. The caution flag would fly again on lap 12 as a safety issue for Josh Turner. Turner had broken something in the front end. After two failed restarts, Cummings once again led the field to the lap 12 restart. With five to go, it was Cummings, Chris Wilson, Jamey Wilson, Greg Roberts, and Josh Hayes rounding out the top five. Roberts looked to the inside of Jamey Wilson to battle for third as the field took the two to go signal. The field would slow once again on lap 18, as Kyle Stephenson spun in turn three. Cummings took the green on the restart, and led the field around to the white flag. It was all Cummings, as he took the checkers ahead of Chris Wilson, Roberts, Jamey Wilson, and Hayes.

Jeremy Hines and Chris Hillman would pace the field for the UMP Super Stock feature. The original start would be brought back due to a Marty Cooper spin. The restart would be a clean one with Hines bolting out to the lead. Hines led lap one, with Jay Deckard moving around Hillman to take second. Hillman then dropped over the turn two banking, losing several positions. Officially Hillman fell back to fifth. The caution flew again on lap three, as Tom Ault spun in turn four. Due to going back to the last scored lap, Hillman retained his third position. On the restart, Hines darted out to a four car lead over Deckard. The caution would fly again on lap four, as Rick Hines spun in front of the field in turn one. During the yellow, Hillman pulled out of the race while running third. When the green flew, Hines and Deckard pulled away from the field as a battle for third took place between Tyler Cain and Alan Magner. Magner held on to the third spot, as back up front Deckard pulled alongside of Hines for the lead. Deckard grabbed the lead away from Hines coming down the frontstretch on lap seven. Hines then dove back under Deckard to regain the lead as they took the halfway signal on lap 10. The top five at this point were Hines, Deckard, Magner, Cain, and Jason Thomas. On the restart, Hines jumped out to the lead as Deckard jumped a rut in turn one allowing Magner by for second. The car on the move at this point was Nathan Patman. Patman had started 19th on the grid, and was beginning to work on Jason Thomas for fifth. The field would slow again on lap 14, as Brandon Routier spun in turn two. The lap 14 restart saw Hines move out to a two car advantage on Magner going down the backstretch. Another caution flew before the field could complete the lap, as Jason Thomas and Jeremy Burton both spun in turn two. The restart would be brought back, as Hines hit the gas a tad bit early. Hines hit the gas perfect on the second try, leading the field around to complete lap 15. With three to go, Hines had built up a half straight lead over Magner, who was busy trying to fend off Deckard for the second spot. Magner held steady, and kept the second spot as the field took the white flag. Up front, it was all Hines, taking the win ahead of Magner, Deckard, Cain, and Patman rounding out the top five.

The Midwest Sprint Car Series will make their debut at the famed 1/4 oval on Saturday night April 12th for a feature paying $2,000 to the winner. UMP Super Stocks and Pure Stocks will also be on hand. For more information visit for more information.


April 5, 2008

PURE STOCKS (8 Entries)

HEAT: Derrick Davis, Shawn McIntosh, Tim Roberts, Greg Baker, Josh Reed, Kyle McIntosh, Mike Keller

FEATURE: Shawn McIntosh, Kyle McIntosh, Josh Reed, Mike Keller, Tim Roberts, Greg Baker, Jeff Helton, Derrick Davis (DNS)

UMP MODIFIEDS (43 Entries)

HEAT ONE: Kent Robinson, John Demoss, Doug Adkins, Jacoby Hines, Kenny Carmichael, Dennis Boknecht, Mark Auler, Brandon Dierlam, Derek Losh, Kamron Burch, Sam Lee

HEAT TWO: Matt Boknecht, Matt Bex, Travis Shoulders, Jimmy Hayden, Cullen Goodman, Tim Rivers, Brad Wieck, Jared Hix, Barry Gerkin, Antero Tarvuud, Brandon Short

HEAT THREE: Lee Hobbs, Jared Bailey, Chris Streeval, Greg Amick, Darrell Burton, Ryan Thomas, Wes McClara, Jason Sims, Michael Sterrett, Chris Kerl, Marc Starke

HEAT FOUR: Clint Demoss, Dick Phillips, Robbie Gullion, Steve Sheeks, Randy Lee, Jon Henry, Jerry Taylor, Levi Kissinger, Keaton Streeval, Webb Lee

CONSI ONE: Cullen Goodman, Tim Rivers, Brandon Short, Brad Wieck, Dennis Boknecht, Mark Auler, Jared Hix, Barry Gerkin, Antero Tarvuud, Derek Losh, Kenny Carmichael, Brandon Dierlam, Kamron Burch

CONSI TWO: Darrell Burton, Jon Henry, Jason Sims, Levi Kissinger, Jerry Taylor, Michael Sterrett, Randy Lee, Keaton Streeval, Chris Kerl, Wes McClara, Ryan Thomas

FEATURE: Clint Demoss, Matt Boknecht, Kent Robinson, Lee Hobbs, John Demoss, Matt Bex, Jared Bailey, Doug Adkins, Chris Streeval, Jimmy Hayden, Jon Henry, Travis Shoulders, Dick Phillips, Jacoby Hines, Tim Rivers, Darrell Burton, Cullen Goodman, Greg Amick, Steve Sheeks, Robbie Gullion (DNS)

BOMBERS (26 entries)

HEAT ONE: Bub Cummings, Darren Crawhorn, Josh Hayes, Rick Voyles, Dewayne Gross, Kyle Stephenson, Bill Wilson, Greg Roberts, Nathan Baker

HEAT TWO: Jamey Wilson, Chris Wilson, Josh Turner, Bobby Johnson, Jeremy Payne, David Stephenson, Jeremy Helton, Todd Wininger, Justin Wininger

HEAT THREE: Lee Hobbs, Ben Burton, Richard Balentine, Ronnie Pardue, Todd McDonald, Bruce Lee, Jason Combs, Aaron Fields

CONSI: Jason Combs, Greg Roberts, Bill Wilson, Aaron Fields, Kyle Stephenson, Bruce Lee, David Stephenson, Justin Wininger, Jeremy Helton, Nathan Baker

FEATURE: Bub Cummings, Chris Wilson, Greg Roberts, Jamey Wilson, Josh Hayes, Aaron Fields, Bill Wilson, Todd McDonald, Bobby Johnson, Kyle Stephenson, Dewayne Gross, Darren Crawhorn, Lee Hobbs, Rick Voyles, Josh Turner, Jason Combs, Richard Balentine, Jeremy Payne, Ben Burton, Ronnie Pardue


HEAT ONE: Chris Hillman, Jeremy Burton, Jeremy Wilson, Tom Ault, Jim Pfeiffer, Tim Schumpe, Marty Cooper, Nathan Patman

HEAT TWO: Jeremy Hines, Jay Deckard, Alan Magner, Steve Sheeks, Danny Harris, Chad Burgan, Kenny Carmichael Jr, Larry Booher

HEAT THREE: Tyler Cain, Jason Thomas, David Brewer, Rick Hines, Tony Arthur, Brandon Routier, Rusty Smiley, Travis Howe, Jason Hehman

CONSI: Tim Schumpe, Marty Cooper, Kenny Carmichael Jr, Nathan Patman, Brandon Routier, Chad Burgan, Larry Booher, Travis Howe, Rusty Smiley

FEATURE: Jeremy Hines, Alan Magner, Jay Deckard, Tyler Cain, Nathan Patman, David Brewer, Marty Cooper, Jim Pfeiffer, Steve Sheeks, Kenny Carmichael, Tom Ault, Tim Schumpe, Jason Thomas, Jeremy Burton, Brandon Routier, Rick Hines, Danny Harris, Chris Hillman, Tony Arthur, Jeremy Wilson (DNS)