Lee Leads The Way in O’Reilly Battle of the Bluegrass Hoosier Dirt Classic....

May 10, 2008


The O’Reilly Battle of the Bluegrass DirtCar Series presented by Graphic Impressions presented event number four of its 2008 racing schedule with the 25th Annual Hoosier Dirt Classic presented by Bob Poynter Ford of Seymour, IN at the Tim Keithley promoted Brownstown Speedway in Brownstown, IN, with series points leader and defending series champion Victor Lee of Stanford, KY picking up the $3,000 payday.

The win by Lee would be his second series victory and came aboard the Frank Revel Motorsports owned, Kentucky’s Best/Budda Bert Transmission Sales and Service/Junction City Quick Stop/Tim Logan Racing/Xtreme Style Signs and Graphics/Five Star Food Mart/ADO’s Auto Body sponsored #4 C.J. Rayburn Race Cars, Jay Dickens Race Engines powered machine. Lee’s winning entry receives product support from Bilstein Shocks, PPM Racing Products, Custom Cams, Dyer’s Top Rods, Real Racing Wheels, and American Racer Tires.

Multi-time Hoosier Dirt Classic past champion Don O’Neal of Martinsville, IN would finish second in Harrod Farms/Central Painting C.J. Rayburn, Jay Dickens Race Engines entry. Kevin Claycomb of Vincennes, IN would take third in the Clippinger Motorsports/5150 Race Trailers MasterSbilt, Jay Dickens mount. Zach Carney of Mooresville, IN would continue an outstanding rookie campaign by finishing fourth in the Indy Electric/BDS Trucking C.J. Rayburn, Pro Power Engines unit. Tyrel Todd of Science Hill, KY completed the top five in the Todd Truss/Todd Metals MasterSbilt, Todd Engines machine.

The remainder of the top ten would be Tim Tungate, Derek Fisher, Eric Wells, Cody Mahoney, and former Sprint Car pilot Rocky Hodges. The race would be 40 laps and go caution free and be the third straight series event that has seen the A-Main go caution free.

The O’Reilly A-Main start would see Victor Lee take the lead at the drop of the green flag, with Zach Carney, Don O’Neal, Tyrel Todd, and Kevin Claycomb giving chase. O’Neal would pressure Carney for second, with Todd, Claycomb, and Tim Tungate battling for fourth. O’Neal would take the runner-up slot from Carney on lap 4, with Lee pulling away a bit from the field by lap 7.

The battle for third would intensify on lap 11 when Claycomb would begin to mount a charge on Carney, while Todd was getting pressure for fifth from both Tungate and Derek Fisher on lap 12. Claycomb would take the third spot away from Carney on lap 13, as the race leader would begin to close in on slower traffic. Lee would make a three-wide move in traffic on lap 19 and put some distance between he and O’Neal at the halfway point.

By lap 25, Lee would begin to work heavy slower traffic and O’Neal would be able to close right up on Lee as the field would complete the 30th circuit. O’Neal would repeatedly dog and challenge Lee over the final ten circuits, but would have to settle for second on this evening to the defending series champion.

In preliminary action, Shannon Reed of Bloomington, IN would be the Racing Optics Top Qualifier among 34entries with a lap of 14.563 seconds. Heat race checkered flags went to Don O’Neal in Wayne Bowen Racing Supply heat one, Tyrel Todd in K&N Performance Engineering heat two, Victor Lee in Graphic Impressions heat three, and Zach Carney in Real Racing Wheels heat four. The B-Main checkered flags fell to Christian Rayburn and Joe Janowski, with series provisionals going to Mike Jewell and Scottie Jones.

The 20 Lap Super Stock feature would see Jeremy Hines and Earl Plessinger make up the front row. Hines would dart out to the point to lead lap number one with Plessinger and Lee Hobbs in tow. Alan Magner made it a three way battle for the second spot between he, Hobbs, and Plessinger. The caution would fly on lap three, for debris in turn four. On the restart, Jay Deckard would loop his mount in turn two bringing out the caution. When the green flew on the restart, Hobbs moved around Plessinger for the second spot, bringing Magner with him to third. The caution flew once again on lap four, as Tyler Cain spun in turn four. Magner would pull his entry into the infield with a broken rear end. When the green flew, Plessinger dropped off the turn two banking, losing several positions. This would move Winston Howe up to the third position. Up front, Hines enjoyed a four car length advantage over Hobbs. At the halfway point, it was Hines, Hobbs, Howe, Jason Thomas, and Darrell Burton rounding out the top five. Hines would move into lapped traffic on lap 11, allowing Hobbs to close in to within two car lengths. Hines and Hobbs would clear the backmarkers with five laps to go. By this time, Hines held about a five car advantage on Hobbs. With four to go, Hobbs pulled in to within two car lengths only to see his night end with two laps to go with an engine problem. Hines would then cruise to the victory ahead of Howe, Burton, Thomas, and Plessinger rounded out the top five.

The Bomber feature started with Jason Combs and Josh Turner on the front row. Combs, Turner, and Bub Cummings would take it three wide at the line to complete lap one. Combs then took the lead all to his self as the field completed lap two. Cummings then took the second spot away from Turner, bringing Jamey Wilson with him around Turner. Wilson then grabbed second away from Cummings, with Woods going by Cummings for third. Wilson and Combs made contact for the lead, Combs fell back a bit, and a four wide battle ensued for the lead between Chris Wilson, Ben Burton, Woods, and Cummings. Jamey Wilson inherited the lead as the field bunched up for the restart on lap five. Wilson then pulled off before the green could fly, giving the lead to Woods. On the restart, Woods jumped out to about a five car advantage on Chris Wilson as the field completed lap six. A battle for fourth began to brew between Cummings and Turner with Turner taking fourth. At the same time, a three way battle for the lead between Wilson, Woods, and Ben Burton began to take shape on lap nine. Burton would go from third to first at the halfway point. Wilson then nabbed the lead back away from Burton on lap 11. Burton then led lap 12 by a bumper on Burton. Wood's night ended as he pulled off the track on lap 14. Turner then gave up the third spot, as he pulled pitside on lap 15. This left Chris WIlson and Burton to battle for the lead with four to go. As the lead duo took the white flag, Wilson seemed to have broke going into turn one, looping his mount in turn two, bringing out the yellow on lap 19. A one lap shootout was needed, as Burton would lead Greg Roberts, Cummings, and David Stephenson to the white flag. Burton would lead the final lap to the victory followed by Roberts, Stephenson, Cummings, and Aaron Fields rounded out the top five.

The UMP Modified feature would see John Demoss and Matt Boknecht lead the field to the green. Demoss would lead the field to complete lap one. Matt Bex moved in to battle with Boknecht for the second spot. Boknecht then got shuffled back to the fifth position as Shelby Miles and Lee Hobbs got around him. Bex and Miles waged war for the second spot on lap five. Bex held on to the second spot, as Hobbs moved in to battle Miles for third. Miles would hold off Hobbs for the spot as they completed lap six. The field began to spread out as Demoss took the halfway signal on lap 10 ahead of Bex, Miles, Hobbs, and Boknecht. The yellow would fly on lap 11, as Keaton Streeval spun coming out of turn two. On the restart, Demoss would take the green, with a battle for second shaping up between Miles and Bex. The caution would slow that battle down, as Nathan Voorhies and Jared Bailey spun in turn one. The green flew on the restart with Demoss leading Bex, Miles, Boknecht, and Hobbs into turn one. With five to go, Miles tried to peek to the outside of Bex to take second, but Bex was too strong on the bottom of the speedway. Behind them, Boknecht moved around Hobbs for fourth. Boknecht then took third away from Miles with three to go. Demoss took the two to go signal about four car lengths ahead of Bex. The caution would fly just as the white flag began to fly for Streeval, who had stalled on the backstretch. A green, white, checkered finish was needed as Demoss took the green on the restart. Bex began to pressure Demoss just as the caution would fly for Hobbs, who had stopped in turn four. On the restart, Demoss lost control of his mount in turn two, and spun, bringing out the yellow. Bex inherited the lead with just two laps remaining. The yellow would fly again as Sam Lee stalled his mount outside of turn one. Bex lead the field around to take the white flag about three car lengths ahead of Boknecht. Bex took the checkers with Boknecht, Miles, Brad Barrow, and Clint Demoss rounding out the top five.

Nelson Gingery led all 15 laps of the Pure Stock main event, not before enduring a late race charge from Seth Hull and Tim Roberts at the end of the event. Shawn McIntosh, Robby Johnson, Kyle McIntosh, and Greg Baker rounded out the field.



HEAT ONE: Don O'Neal, Tim Tungate, Derek Fisher, Larry Gray, Brian Wilhite, Shannon Reed, Derek Ramp, Tim Prince, Jason Smith

HEAT TWO: Tyrel Todd, Dick Phillips, Jason Keltner, Greg Johnson, James Huff, Christian Rayburn, Joe Godsey, Justin Shaw, Mike Jewell

HEAT THREE: Victor Lee, Kevin Claycomb, Eric Wells, Shawn Negengard, Joe Janowski, Anthony Ferguson, Chip Stitsworth, Steve Barnett

HEAT FOUR: Zach Carney, Rocky Hodges, Cody Mahoney, David Webb, Scott Jones, Royce McGowan, Chad Stapleton, Arnie Fields

CONSI ONE: Christian Rayburn, James Huff, Mike Jewell, Brian Wilhite, Shannon Reed, Joe Godsey, Justin Shaw, Derek Ramp, Jason Smith, Tim Prince

CONSI TWO: Joe Janowski, Steve Barnett, Scott Jones, Chip Stitsworth, Chad Stapleton, Anthony Ferguson, Royce McGowan

FEATURE: Victor Lee, Don O'Neal, Kevin Claycomb, Zach Carney, Tyrel Todd, Tim Tungate, Derek Fisher, Eric Wells, Cody Mahoney, Rocky Hodges, Joe Janowski, Shawn Negengard, Steve Barnett, David Webb, Greg Johnson, Mike Jewell, Jason Keltner, James Huff, Christian Rayburn, Larry Gray, Scotty Jones, Dick Phillips


HEAT ONE: Jeremy Hines, Alan Magner, Darrell Burton, Travis Howe, Rick Hines, Tyler Cain, Tim Schumpe, Jim Ruddick, Phil Marshall

HEAT TWO: Earl Plessinger, Jason Thomas, Jay Deckard, Mike Cawood, Nathan Patman, David Brewer, Larry Booher, Marty Cooper

HEAT THREE: Lee Hobbs, Winston Howe, Jeremy Burton, Jim Pfeiffer, Tom Ault, Jeremy Wilson, Jeff Hehman, Tony Arthur, Danny Harris, Steve Sheeks

CONSI: Tyler Cain, Danny Harris, David Brewer, Larry Booher, Tim Schumpe, Jim Ruddick, Tony Arthur Sr, Jeremy Wilson, Jason Combs

FEATURE: Jeremy Hines, Winston Howe, Darrell Burton, Jason Thomas, Earl Plessinger, Travis Howe, Rick Hines, Mike Cawood, Jim Pfeiffer, Nathan Patman, Tom Ault, Jay Deckard, David Brewer, Tyler Cain, Jeremy Burton, Tim Schumpe, Lee Hobbs, Larry Booher, Danny Harris, Alan Magner

BOMBERS (25 Entries)

HEAT ONE: Jason Combs, Bub Cummings, Ben Burton, Darren Crawhorn, Ronnie Pardue, Andrew Deavers, Todd Wininger, Rick Vance, Jeremy Helton

HEAT TWO: Josh Turner, Bubba Woods, Chris Wilson, Kyle Stephenson, Josh Hayes, Dewayne Gross, Rick Voyles, Steven Watson

HEAT THREE: Jamey Wilson, Greg Roberts, Richard Balentine, David Stephenson, Aaron Fields, Bobby Johnson, Todd McDonald, Ron Denson

CONSI: Steven Watson, Dewayne Gross, Jeremy Helton, Andrew Deavers, Todd Wininger, Todd McDonald, Rick Vance, Rick Voyles, Ron Denson

FEATURE: Ben Burton, Greg Roberts, David Stephenson, Bub Cummings, Aaron Fields, Richard Balentine, Dewayne Gross, Steven Watson, Darren Crawhorn, Josh Hayes, Kyle Stephenson, Todd Wininger, Chris Wilson, Josh Turner, Bubba Woods, Ronnie Pardue, Jamey Wilson, Jason Combs, Jeremy Helton, Andrew Deavers

UMP MODIFIEDS (28 Entries)

HEAT ONE: John Demoss, Lee Hobbs, Jared Bailey, Brad Barrow, Denny Boknecht, Derek Groomer, Nathan Voorhies, Sam Lee, Barry Gerkin, Randy Moore

HEAT TWO: Matt Boknecht, Shelby Miles, Brandon Short, Dick Phillips, JD Roberts, Tim Rivers, Randy Lee Jr, Brian Shewmaker, Jason Simms

HEAT THREE: Matt Bex, Chris Streeval, Darrell Burton, Clint Demoss, Jerry Davis, Keaton Streeval, Webb Lee, Steve Sheeks

CONSI: Tim Rivers, Keaton Streeval, Webb Lee, Randy Lee Jr, Sam Lee, Steve Sheeks, Jason Sims, Barry Gerkin, Nathan Voorhies, Derek Groomer, Randy Moore, Brian Shewmaker

FEATURE: Matt Bex, Matt Boknecht, Shelby Miles, Brad Barrow, Clint Demoss, Dick Phillips, JD Roberts, Tim Rivers, Randy Lee Jr, Webb Lee, Dennis Boknecht, Brandon Short, Darrell Burton, Jerry Davis, Sam Lee, John Demoss, Lee Hobbs, Keaton Streeval, Jared Bailey, Chris Streeval

PURE STOCKS (7 Entries)

HEAT: Nelson Gingery, Seth Hull, Robby Johnson, Tim Roberts, Kyle McIntosh, Greg Baker, Shawn McIntosh

FEATURE: Nelson Gingery, Seth Hull, Tim Roberts, Shawn McIntosh, Robby Johnson, Kyle McIntosh, Greg Baker