Terry Casey Gets Second Win
Matt Boknecht, Shawn McIntosh, Bub Cummings, Coby Moore Also Winners....

May 24,2008

The 20 lap Modified feature would see Jacoby Hines and Brandon Short lead the field to the green flag. Hines would lead the field around to lead lap one ahead of Short and Brad Barrow. Barrow hit the bottom of the race track to try to work around Short for the second position. Problems would strike the leader, as he broke while leading, this collected Short in the process. Barrow would inherit the lead, as the green flew for the restart. The restart would be brought back for an accident involving Derek Groomer and Dick Phillips in turn two. Matt Boknecht began to pressure Barrow for the lead before he shot high up the track in turn two, losing real estate to Barrow. Boknecht began to use the high side to reel in Barrow just before the caution flew again on lap six for Phillips and Randy Lee in turn four. Barrow held a three car advantage over Boknecht as the field clicked off lap seven. Boknecht shot back to the highside to move around Barrow for the lead on lap eight. At the halfway point it was Boknecht, Barrow, Jerry Davis, Jared Bailey, and Dale Ayers completing the top five. Boknecht began to stretch out his lead over Barrow to about five car lengths as the field took the five to go signal on lap 15. Chad Combs made his way back into the top five, as he moved around Ayers on lap 16. With two to go, Boknecht held a half straight lead over Barrow. It was smooth sailing from there, as Boknecht picked up the win over Barrow, Davis, Bailey, and Combs.

Shawn McIntosh and Robby Johnson led the Pure Stock field to the green for the feature event. McIntosh began to pull out to a healthy margin, stretching his lead to a half straight by lap four. Behind him, Tim Roberts, Josh Reed, and Brian Ballard traded paint for the third position, with Reed nabbing the spot. Reed then had to contend with Ballard, who moved under him for the third position. At the halfway point, McIntosh was over a full straightaway ahead of Johnson. Ballard pulled into the infield while running third on lap 12. With less than five to go, McIntosh had a half track lead before the caution flew for Reed, who had stopped outside of the track in turn one. With two laps to go, McIntosh held a six car lead over Johnson, who was in second. Johnson ran out of time, however, as McIntosh picked up the win over Johnson, Kyle McIntosh, Tim Roberts, and Brian Sims.

The Bomber feature would see Jason Combs and Ben Burton lead the field to the green. Combs would lead the field around to complete the first lap. A three way battle for second began to take shape between Bub Cummings, Burton, and Chris Wilson. The caution would fly on lap three, as Ronnie Pardue spun in turn two. On the restart, Combs and Cummings would battle for the lead, just as the caution flew again on lap four for Aaron Fields. Cummings moved to the high side to battle with Combs again for the lead, bringing Chris Wilson with him. Cummings grabbed the lead on lap five, as Wilson looked to take second away from Combs. Wilson took second from Combs on lap six, and set his sights on Cummings. Combs fought back to battle with Wilson for the runner up spot, taking it back on lap eight. While this was going on, Cummings had stretched his lead out to almost a half straight. At the halfway point it was Cummings, Wilson, Combs, Jamey Wilson, and Burton rounding out the top five. Combs and Chris Wilson began to reel in Cummings with just seven laps to go, bringing the margin to less than five car lengths. Wilson managed to snare second away from Combs while moving through lapped traffic with five to go. Combs and Wilson drew to within less than a car length with two to go.

The Late Model feature would see Cody Mahoney lead lap one, with Tim Prince, and Steve Barnett in tow. Terry Casey had started seventh, but was running second on lap three. Casey then began to pressure Mahoney for the lead as they completed lap four. Casey moved to the high side of the speedway, bringing Barnett with him to battle for the lead. They were three wide for a split second before Barnett lost some momentum coming out of turn two. This left Mahoney and Casey to run door to door for the lead before the caution flew on lap five for James Huff and Joe Janowski. On the restart, Barnett and Casey made contact running for the second position. Casey would hold the spot, leaving Barnett in third. The caution flew on lap seven as Chip Stitsworth spun in turn two. Justin Shaw and Rocky Hodges were involved in a separate incident in turn four. Mahoney would lead the field to the green for the restart. The caution flew on the restart, as debris was spotted in turn two. Casey muscled his way under Mahoney for the lead on the lap seven restart, and immediately shot out to a six car advantage over the field. Barnett moved around Mahoney for the second spot on lap eight. Casey and Barnett began to put distance between themselves and Mahoney. At the halfway point it was Casey, Barnett, Mahoney, Derek Fisher and Prince rounding out the top five. The caution flew once again on lap 13, as Stitsworth spun in turn two. During the caution, Barnett’s mount erupted in smoke, forcing him out of the event. With the green out for the restart, Casey began to pull away once again from the field, opening up a half straight lead over Mahoney. Behind him, Mike Jewell moved into the top five from his 16th starting position on lap 17. With five to go, Casey held a full straight advantage over Mahoney, who was a half straight ahead of Fisher in third. Casey had nothing to worry about, as he motored on to the victory, his second of the year at Brownstown. Rounding out the top five were Mahoney, Fisher, Prince, and Jewell.

Coby Moore had to fend off a hard charging Doug Asbury for the win in the Hornet division. Asbury threw a slide job on Moore coming to the checkers, they made contact, with Moore getting to the line first ahead of Asbury.


HEAT ONE: Jacoby Hines, Jared Bailey, Dale Ayers, Tim Rivers, Justin Bex, Dennis Boknecht, Webb Lee, Sam Lee, Kamron Burch, Jonathon Robertson

HEAT TWO: Brandon Short, Derek Groomer, Jerry Davis, Jimmy Hayden, Buddy Pettyjohn, Randy Lee Jr, Steve Sheeks, Randy Moore, Matt Hamilton, Earl Plessinger

HEAT THREE: Brad Barrow, Matt Boknecht, Chad Combs, Dick Phillips, Keaton Streeval, Chris Streeval, Jason Mann, Barry Gerkin, Andrew Davis, Cary Morris

CONSI: Chris Streeval, Dennis Boknecht, Randy Lee Jr, Jason Mann, Steve Sheeks, Webb Lee, Sam Lee, Kamron Burch, Matt Hamilton, Jonathan Robertson, Andrew Davis, Earl Plessinger

FEATURE: Matt Boknecht, Brad Barrow, Jerry Davis, Jared Bailey, Chad Combs, Brandon Short, Dale Ayers, Chris Streeval, Dennis Boknecht, Jimmy Hayden, Tim Rivers, Keaton Streeval, Randy Lee Jr, Buddy Pettyjohn, Steve Sheeks, Dick Phillips, Derek Groomer, Justin Bex, Jason Mann, Jacoby Hines


HEAT: Shawn McIntosh, Robby Johnson, Tim Roberts, Josh Reed, Greg Baker, Brian Ballard, Kyle McIntosh, Brian Sims

FEATURE: Shawn McIntosh, Robby Johnson, Kyle McIntosh, Tim Roberts, Brian Sims, Greg Baker, Josh Reed, Brian Ballard, Greg Walp


HEAT ONE: Jason Combs, Greg Roberts, Dewayne Gross, Roger Reichenbacker, Ronnie Pardue, Kyle Stephenson, Todd McDonald, Dave Stephenson, Bobby Johnson

HEAT TWO: Ben Burton, Jamey Wilson, Richard Balentine, Rick Voyles, Josh Hayes, Steven Watson, John Corbin, Edgar Godsey

HEAT THREE: Bub Cummings, Chris Wilson, Aaron Fields, Jeremy Helton, Levi Lokey, Rick Vance, Josh Turner, Kevin Wilson

CONSI: Steven Watson, Kyle Stephenson, Kevin Wilson, Todd McDonald, Rick Voyles, John Corbin

FEATURE: Bub Cummings, Jason Combs, Chris Wilson, Jamey Wilson, Ben Burton, Greg Roberts, Rick Voyles, Richard Balentine, Jeremy Helton, Roger Reichenbacker, Dewayne Gross, Josh Hayes, Aaron Fields, Todd McDonald, Kyle Stephenson, Steven Watson, Levi Lokey, Ronnie Pardue, Rick Vance, Kevin Wilson


HEAT ONE: Cody Mahoney, Steve Barnett, Terry Casey, Joe Janowski, Shannon Reed, Scotty Jones, Mike Jewell, Glenn Thompson, Jason Smith, Scott Brewer

HEAT TWO: Tim Prince, Justin Shaw, Rocky Hodges, Shawn Negengard, Mark Bechelli, Joe Godsey, Tory Collins, Chad Stapleton, Dusty Chapman, Warren Johnson

HEAT THREE: Derek Fisher, Brad Erwin, Brian Wilhite, James Huff, Chip Stitsworth, Charles Ross, Derek Ramp, Tory Routier, Christian Rayburn

CONSI: Mike Jewell, Joe Godsey, Scotty Jones, Chad Stapleton, Christian Rayburn, Dusty Chapman, Jason Smith, Scott Brewer, Charles Ross, Glenn Thompson, Derek Ramp, Warren Johnson, Tory Collins

FEATURE: Terry Casey, Cody Mahoney, Derek Fisher, Tim Prince, Mike Jewell, Shannon Reed, James Huff, Brad Erwin, Joe Godsey, Shawn Negengard, Christian Rayburn, Chad Stapleton, Scotty Jones, Brian Wilhite, Chip Stitsworth, Steve Barnett, Justin Shaw, Rocky Hodges, Joe Janowski, Mark Bechelli


HEAT: Coby Moore, Brent Lee, Dave Shelton, Mark Bechelli, Dewayne Gross, Doug Asbury, Jacob Houchin, Matt Miller, Tonya Swank, Mason Watson

FEATURE: Coby Moore, Doug Asbury, Dave Shelton, Brent Lee, Dewayne Gross, Jacob Houchin, Mason Watson, Tonya Swank, Matt Miller, Mark Bechelli