Jeremy Hines Gets Win #4, Shawn Mcintosh Gets #3,
Mark Barber, Jason Combs, Matt Bex, & Doug May Also Winners....

June 7,2008

Mark Barber and Shannon Reed led the field to the green in the GMR NeSmith/ICS Crate Late Model feature, with Barber leading lap one. Steve Godsey moved to the second position, getting around Reed on lap two. The caution flew for the first time on lap three, as Todd Cauffman spun in turn four. On the restart, Barber continued to lead, as disaster would strike Godsey. Godsey pulled into the infield with considerable damage to his front end. When racing resumed, a battle for fourth would take shape between Derek Fisher and Tommy Carlton. Carlton would snag the spot before the caution flew for a three car accident on lap seven. Steve Barnett started to make waves when racing resumed, moving around Reed for the spot. At the halfway point it was Barber leading followed by Barnett, Reed, Carlton, and Fisher. Barnett began to turn up the heat on Barber, driving hard into the turns to the outside. Barnett officially took the lead on lap 15, only to see Barber take it back one lap later. Barber would hold on to the lead, beating Barnett to the finish by less than a car length. Completing the top five were Barnett, Reed, Fisher, and Carlton.

The Bomber main event had Jason Combs and Aaron Fields pacing the field to the green flag. Combs would lead the first lap, with Bub Cummings battling Fields for second. Cummings got around Fields for the spot, and began to set his sights on Combs. Fields then saw Joe Godsey move around him for the third spot. Godsey moved up to battle with Cummings for the runner up spot just before halfway. At the halfway point Combs led Cummings, Godsey, Fields, and Ben Burton. By this time Combs held a five car length advantage over the field. With five to go, Godsey was still pressuring Cummings for the second position. Godsey took the second spot on the white flag lap, after a lengthy battle. Combs would cruise to the win, his first on the season. Finishing second was Cummings, who got around Godsey in a photo finish. Burton and Fields would round out the top five.

Shelby Miles and Clint Demoss made up the front row for the UMP Modified main event. Miles would lead the first circuit, only to see Demoss move around him for the point a couple of laps later. Miles then had to fend off Matt Bex, who took the second spot away from him on lap four. Bex wasn't done, as he moved past Demoss for the lead on lap five. Just as that happened, the caution flew for Brad Barrow, who slowed to a stop on the frontstretch. Demoss would have the lead given back to him as the field reverted to the last scored lap. On the restart, things began to heat up, as Matt Boknecht started to make his way towards the front, using the high side of the race track. Boknecht moved around Miles for the third position on lap nine. At halfway it was Demoss, Bex, Boknecht, Miles, and John Demoss rounding out the top five. On lap 12, Miles took back the third position from Boknecht, bringing John Demoss with him. It then became a three wide battle for the spot, with Boknecht ultimately grabbing the spot. Everything was looking great for Clint Demoss as he took the two to go signal almost seven car lengths ahead of Bex. That is until his driveshaft broke as he motored down the backstretch. Demoss limped into the infield, giving the lead and the win to Bex. Following Bex to the line was Boknecht, Miles, John Demoss, and Greg Amick.

The Super Stock main event took three attempts to get started. The first three attempts were marred by accidents, resulting in a single file start. When the race finally got underway, Troy Clark led the first lap, as Jeremy Hines and Brad Cummings battled for second. Hines would get the second position, bringing Alan Magner with him to third. The caution would fly for a three car accident in turn four on lap four. During the yellow, Clark would pull out of the race while in the lead. This would give the lead to Hines who proceeded to stretch the lead to over a half straight over Magner. Hines went unchallenged the rest of the way, picking up another win over Magner, Cummings, Jay Deckard, and Matt Boknecht.

Shawn McIntosh picked up his third win on the season in the Pure Stock division. McIntosh led the first lap, as Mickey Hines moved to second, getting around Bodi Henry. Jeremy Owens would take third away from Henry. McIntosh cruised to the win over Hines, Owens, Henry, and Brian Ballard.

The Hornet feature went to Doug May, as he led every lap of the 15 lap feature event. Felisha Deweese would pick up the second position, as Dave Shelton was penalized two spots for jumping a late race restart. Doug Asbury was third, Shelton was fourth, and Troy Clark completed the top five.



HEAT ONE: Mark Barber, Steve Godsey, Steve Barnett, Jim Moon, Zak Blackwood, Tommy Carlton, Clarence Belcher, Mike Bechelli, Mark Bechelli

HEAT TWO: Jason Setser, Shannon Reed, Derek Fisher, Chip Stitsworth, Todd Cauffman, Toby Hallett, Zane Morgan, Tony Godsey, John Heyn

FEATURE: Mark Barber, Steve Barnett, Shannon Reed, Derek Fisher, Tommy Carlton, Zane Morgan, Clarence Belcher, Mark Bechelli, Toby Hallett, Tony Godsey, Todd Cauffman, Chip Stitsworth, Zak Blackwood, Jim Moon, John Heyn, Steven Godsey, Mike Bechelli, Jason Setser

UMP MODIFIEDS (21 Entries)

HEAT ONE: Shelby Miles, Jerry Davis, John Demoss, Greg Amick, Randy Lee, Eric Edwards, Randy Moore

HEAT TWO: Clint Demoss, Jimmy Hayden, Brad Barrow, Sam Lee, Webb Lee, Jamie Berry, Brandon Short

HEAT THREE: Matt Bex, Matt Boknecht, Jacoby Hines, Dick Phillips, Tim Rivers, Ryan Thomas, Dennis Boknecht

FEATURE: Matt Bex, Matt Boknecht, Shelby Miles, John Demoss, Greg Amick, Jerry Davis, Dick Phillips, Jacoby Hines, Tim Rivers, Ryan Thomas, Eric Edwards, Dennis Boknecht, Randy Lee Jr, Webb Lee, Brandon Short, Sam Lee, Jamie Berry, Clint Demoss, Jimmy Hayden, Randy Moore, Brad Barrow


HEAT ONE: Troy Clark, Brad Cummings, Jim Ruddick, Greg Amick, Tom Ault, Tony Arthur, Travis Butler, Tim Schumpe, Rick Gumm, Larry Booher, Mike Gossar

HEAT TWO: Matt Boknecht, Alan Magner, Jim Pfeiffer, Mike Burch, Jason Hehman, Kevin Jones, Dave Waggoner, Jason Thomas, Chris Decker, Tami Lawson, Kyle Hickman

HEAT THREE: Jeremy Hines, Jay Deckard, Chris Hillman, Tyler Cain, Earl Plessinger, Nathan Patman, Don Barnett, David Brewer, Toby Perry, Tim Doughty

CONSI: Nathan Patman, Rick Gumm, Kevin Jones, Dave Waggoner, Dave Brewer, Toby Perry, Don Barnett, Chris Decker, Travis Butler, Tami Lawson, Tim Schumpe, Jason Thomas, Tim Doughty, Mike Gossar, Kyle Hickman, Tony Arthur

FEATURE: Jeremy Hines, Alan Magner, Brad Cummings, Jay Deckard, Matt Boknecht, Jim Ruddick, Greg Amick, Tom Ault, Kevin Jones, Jason Hehman, Jim Pfeiffer, David Brewer, Nathan Patman, Troy Clark, Earl Plessinger, Dave Waggoner, Tyler Cain, Mike Burch, Chris Hillman


HEAT ONE: Jason Combs, Jamey Wilson, Chris Wilson, Ben Burton, Richard Balentine, Dewayne Gross, Jeremy Helton, Josh Hayes

HEAT TWO: Aaron Fields, Greg Roberts, Rick Voyles, Tim Meade, Bubba Woods, Bruce Lee

HEAT THREE: Bub Cummings, Joe Godsey, Bobby Johnson, Nathan Baker, Rick Vance, Todd McDonald, Tony Blair

FEATURE: Jason Combs, Bub Cummings, Joe Godsey, Ben Burton, Aaron Fields, Bubba Woods, Greg Roberts, Jamey Wilson, Chris Wilson, Richard Balentine, Dewayne Gross, Todd McDonald, Tim Meade, Rick Vance, Nathan Baker, Josh Hayes, Rick Voyles, Jeremy Helton, Tony Blair


HEAT ONE: Shawn McIntosh, Jeremy Owens, Mickey Hines, Willie Sallee, Kyle McIntosh, Garnett Eldridge, Jeff Helton, Shawn Blanton

HEAT TWO: Bodi Henry, Brian Ballard, Randy Hazelwood, Robby Johnson, Greg Baker, Willie Burton

FEATURE: Shawn McIntosh, Mickey Hines, Jeremy Owens, Bodi Henry, Brian Ballard, Kyle McIntosh, Willie Sallee, Garnett Eldridge, Greg Baker, Randy Hazelwood, Shawn Blanton


HEAT ONE: Doug May, Doug Asbury, Felisha Deweese, Brent Lee, Carla Minton

HEAT TWO: Dave Shelton, Kyle Ault, Leslie Gray, Mark Bechelli, Troy Clark

FEATURE: Doug May, Felisha Deweese, Doug Asbury, Dave Shelton, Troy Clark, Carla Minton, Leslie Gray, Kyle Ault, Mark Bechelli