Plessinger, Hines, Barnett, Cummings, Mcintosh and May Repeat Winners.
Tim Rivers wins First Mini Stock Feature...
Bobby Pierce wins in Kid Modz.....

June 21, 2008

Dick Phillips and Shelby Miles led the field to the green flag in the UMP Modified main event, with Phillips leading the first circuit. A battle for second began to take shape, as Miles and Matt Boknecht went side by side. The battle turned into a three way dance for the lead, as the two caught Phillips. Boknecht snagged the lead, putting Phillips to second, and Miles to third. Miles then had to contend with Earl Plessinger, who moved around him for third on lap six. Two laps later, Plessinger gor around Phillips for the second position. As the front four ran within feet of one another, Plessinger grabbed the lead from Boknecht. At the halfway point the top five were Plessinger, Boknecht, Phillips, Miles, and Jared Bailey. With five to go, Phillips began to put the pressure on Boknecht for the second spot. Phillips grabbed the spot with just four to go. As Plessinger clicked off the final laps, Boknecht grabbed the runner up spot back away from Phillips as the duo took the white flag. Up front, Plessinger took the win, his first on the season in the UMP Modified division. Rounding out the top five were Boknecht, Phillips, Miles, and Clint Demoss.

Shawn McIntosh took his fourth win of the season in the Pure Stock division, but had to fight hard for the victory. McIntosh started on the pole, but saw Tim Roberts shoot to the lead to complete lap one. Jeremy Shaddy challenged McIntosh for second, but McIntosh held the spot. The caution flew for the first time on lap three for the car of Brian Ballard. On the restart, Shaddy saw a challenge for third from Josh Reed, who had started back in the eighth position. That battle would be halted due to a caution on lap five for Greg Baker who had spun in turn two. As the field came to the green for the restart, Roberts continued to lead with McIntosh and Reed battling for second. Roberts would see his lead evaporate, as he slid over the banking in turn four, allowing McIntosh and Reed around him on lap 11. McIntosh took the lead for good on lap 12, and led the last three laps en route to the win. Reed, Shaddy, Roberts, and Paul Ortman rounded out the top five.

Jeremy Hines continued his winning ways in the Super Stock division, with a convincing win on Saturday night. Mike Cawood would lead the first lap, with Hines, Jason Hehman, and Matt Boknecht all breathing down his neck. The battle for the lead would soon become a frantic battle as, all four drivers wanted the point. On lap four, Hines would take the lead away from Hehman, leaving Hehman to try to fend off Cawood and Boknecht. Boknecht would grab the second spot, putting Cawood back to third, and Hehman to fourth. At the halfway mark Hines led Boknecht, Cawood, Hehman, and Jay Deckard. Cawood would get the second spot back from Boknecht with a pass on lap 12. Three laps later another move was made within the top five as Deckard moved around Hehman for fourth. With Hines more than a straightaway ahead of the field, it was smooth sailing to the checkers ahead of Boknecht, Cawood, Earl Plessinger, and Deckard.

The GMR NeSmith Crate Late Model feature once again saw Steve Barnett take the win, his fourth on the season. Steve Godsey led the first circuit with Barnett falling into the second position. Godsey would lead all the way up until lap nine, before Barnett made the pass for the lead. Barnett began to open up his lead as action started to take shape behind him. Shannon Reed moved into the third position with a pass on Jason Setser. Reed then moved around Godsey for the second position, with just a few laps remaining. Up front, Barnett easily motored on to the win ahead of Reed, Setser, Godsey, and Justin Shaw.

As is usually the case, the Bomber division did not disappoint, as Bub Cummings won a thriller. Cummings would have problems on the start, as he spun in turn four. He was awarded his position back, due to track officials determining that he had help in the process. When racing resumed, Jason Combs and Cummings proceeded to run side by side for the lead for the entire race. While the battle for the lead raged on, the duo went four wide with lapped traffic in the mid portion of the event. Both drivers made it through with ease, with Cummings getting the lead on lap 12. Combs took the lead back on lap 13, but not by much. Disaster would strike Combs, as he slid over the banking in turn four coming to the finish. This would allow Cummings to take the checkers ahead of Aaron Fields, Combs, Josh Turner, and Jamey Wilson.

The Mini Stock division made their debut at the Brownstown Speedway, with a familiar face in victory lane. Tim Rivers, a UMP Modified driver at Brownstown took his Mustang to victory lane, and did some victory donuts in the infield to celebrate. Rivers win did not come easily, as he had to fend off Jonathan Thomas and Shawn Bottorff. At one point midway through the race, the trio went three wide for the lead, with Thomas taking the worst of things. Thomas and Rivers made contact, with Thomas looping his car in turn three. After that, Rivers took the checkers for his first ever win at Brownstown Speedway. Bottorff, Brian Reynolds, Thomas, and Andy Cowles completed the top five.

Doug May picked up his second straight Hornet divison win with ease over Brent Lee, Doug Asbury, Ron Stephens, and Curtis Kaiser.

In Kid Modz action, The "Short Cool One" Bobby Pierce, the son of Dirt Late Model legend Bob Pierce took home his second win on the season at Brownstown. Zach Bunten, Joseph Hughs, and Heidi Goodman completed the field.

UMP MODIFIEDS (23 Entries)

HEAT ONE: Dick Phillips, Matt Boknecht, Jared Bailey, Jerry Davis, Jacoby Hines, Randy Lee Jr, Justin Bex, JD Roberts

HEAT TWO: Shelby Miles, Earl Plessinger, Clint Demoss, Jason Sims, Cary Morris, Bradley Sterrett, Sean Heerdink, Derek Groomer

HEAT THREE: Brandon Short, Tim Rivers, Dennis Boknecht, Steve Sheeks, Jamie Berry, Barry Gerkin, Ryan Thomas

FEATURE: Earl Plessinger, Matt Boknecht, Dick Phillips, Shelby Miles, Clint Demoss, Jared Bailey, Brandon Short, Steve Sheeks, Bradley Sterrett, Tim Rivers, Dennis Boknecht, Jerry Davis, Randy Lee Jr, Jacoby Hines, Justin Bex, Cary Morris, Jason Sims, Jamie Berry, Sean Heerdink

PURE STOCKS (12 Entries)

HEAT ONE: Shawn McIntosh, Brian Ballard, Tim Roberts, Randy Hazelwood, Danny Adams, Kyle McIntosh

HEAT TWO: Jeremy Shaddy, Steve Kimberlin, Greg Baker, Josh Reed, Robby Johnson, Paul Ortman

FEATURE: Shawn McIntosh, Josh Reed, Jeremy Shaddy, Tim Roberts, Paul Ortman, Randy Hazelwood, Danny Adams, Greg Baker, Brian Ballard, Kyle McIntosh, Steve Kimberlin, Robby Johnson

SUPER STOCKS (26 Entries)

HEAT ONE: Jason Hehman, Matt Boknecht, Alan Magner, Tyler Cain, Jim Pfeiffer, Tony Arthur Sr, Larry Booher, Mike Gossar, Chris Decker

HEAT TWO: Mike Cawood, Jay Deckard, Earl Plessinger, Jim Ruddick, Gary Rahe Jr, Jeremy Wilson, Scott Ross, Nathan Patman, Tony Arthur Jr

HEAT THREE: Jeremy Hines, Tom Ault, Marty Cooper, Jason Thomas, Rick Gumm, Steve Sheeks, Tim Schumpe, David Brewer

CONSI: Nathan Patman, Scott Ross, Tony Arthur Sr, Tim Schumpe, Larry Booher, Mike Gossar

FEATURE: Jeremy Hines, Matt Boknecht, Mike Cawood, Earl Plessinger, Jay Deckard, Jim Ruddick, Alan Magner, Jason Hehman, Rick Gumm, Jason Thomas, Tom Ault, Tim Schumpe, Jim Pfeiffer, Scott Ross, Nathan Patman, Tyler Cain, Gary Rahe Jr, Larry Booher, Tony Arthur Sr, Marty Cooper


HEAT: Steve Godsey, Steve Barnett, Jason Setser, Shannon Reed, Justin Shaw, Christian Rayburn, Chip Stitsworth, David Daughtery, Tony Godsey

FEATURE: Steve Barnett, Shannon Reed, Jason Setser, Steve Godsey, Justin Shaw, Christian Rayburn, Chip Stitsworth, Tony Godsey, David Daughtery

BOMBERS (23 Entries)

HEAT ONE: Jason Combs, Chris Wilson, Aaron Fields, Dewayne Gross, Tim Meade, Ron Denson, Todd McDonald, Josh Emerson

HEAT TWO: Greg Roberts, Josh Turner, Paul Owens, Richard Balentine, Josh Hayes, Rick Voyles, Brittan Godsey, Wes Tipton

HEAT THREE: Bub Cummings, Jamey Wilson, Bobby Johnson, David Stephenson, Tony Blair, Kyle Stephenson, Ben Burton

CONSI: Ben Burton, Wes Tipton, Rick Voyles, Ron Denson, Brittan Godsey, Todd McDonald, Josh Emerson, Kyle Stephenson

FEATURE: Bub Cummings, Aaron Fields, Jason Combs, Josh Turner, Jamey Wilson, Dewayne Gross, Paul Owens, Bobby Johnson, Ben Burton, Chris Wilson, Wes Tipton, Rick Voyles, Greg Roberts, Tim Meade, Josh Hayes, Richard Balentine, Tony Blair, Ron Denson, Britan Godsey, David Stephenson

MINI STOCKS (10 Entries)

HEAT: Tim Rivers, Shawn Bottorff, Jonathan Thomas, Marvin Stout, Brian Sabens, Jake Sabens, Andy Cowles, Brian Reynolds, Austin Fordyce, Eric Woodward

FEATURE: Tim Rivers, Shawn Bottorff, Brian Reynolds, Jonathan Thomas, Andy Cowles, Jake Sabens, Brian Sabens, Austin Fordyce, Eric Woodward, Marvin Stout

HORNETS (10 Entries)

HEAT: Doug May, Brent Lee, Mason Watson, Doug Asbury, Ron Stephens, Curtis Kiser, Carla Minton, Jacob Houchin, Jason Ayers, Jordan Brittain

FEATURE: Doug May, Brent Lee, Doug Asbury, Ron Stephens, Curtis Kiser, Jacob Houchin, Jordan Brittain, Jason Ayers, Carla Minton, Mason Watson

KID MODZ (4 Entries)

FEATURE: Bobby Pierce, Zach Bunten, Joseph Hughs, Heidi Goodman