Jeremy Hines ILMS Feature Winner
Streeval, Robinson, Kennybrook, and Bennett also win Features.

April 25,2009 (Chris Nunn)

Bubba Woods and Chris Streeval led the 20 lap Bomber feature to the green flag, with Streeval leading lap one. Woods, Darrell Burton, and Josh Turner would give chase. Brian Fiscus made a move for the fourth position, getting around Turner. Turner would grab the fourth spot back on lap five, moving under Fiscus. Fiscus would then lose fifth to Bub Cummings one lap later. The caution would fly on lap seven for the spun car of Kelly Lee, who was then hit head on by Jake Emerson in turn three. On the restart, Burton looked to the inside of Woods for second, but could not make the pass. Burton successfully made the pass for second on lap nine. At the halfway point, it was Streeval, Burton, Woods, Turner, and Steven Watson. The second caution flew on lap 10 for the spun car of Brent Lee coming out of turn four. When racing resumed, Turner looked to the inside of Woods for the third spot, getting the position on lap 11. Woods then lost fourth to Watson coming out of turn two. Up front, Streeval and Burton would touch coming out of turn two on lap 13, allowing Turner to move to the second spot. Burton would then get sideways coming out of four on lap 14, allowing Watson to get around for third. Up front, Streeval and Turner ran nose to tail for the lead as Woods started to make forward progress on the top taking third from Watson. As the white flag flew, Streeval held a two car advantage over Turner. They touched coming out of four coming to the checkers, with Streeval taking the win. Watson, Woods, and Burton would complete the top five.

The Indiana Late Model Series main event saw Justin Shaw and Jeremy Hines make up the front row, with Shaw leading lap one. Mark Barber moved up to the third position behind Hines. Hines then put his nose under Shaws mount as they completed lap two to battle for the lead. Hines took the lead on lap three, inching out the advantage over Shaw. The caution flew on lap five, as Jon Gilstrap spun on the backstretch. The caution flew once again on the restart for a multi car pile up in turn four. When racing resumed, Shannon Reed moved into the fourth spot, getting around Steve Godsey on lap six. By lap eight, Hines held a half straight lead over Shaw. The caution flew once again on lap ten, as Tony Ogle spun on the backstretch. The restart would be brought back once again as Ethan Burgess spun in turn four. When the green flew again, Godsey took the fourth spot back away from Reed going down the backstretch. Up front, Hines began to open up his lead over Shaw to about a half straightaway. The battle for fourth began to shape up again on lap 18, as Reed looked under Godsey for the spot. Godsey moved away from Reed, and then took the third spot away from Barber. Godsey then used the top shelf to his advantage, getting around Shaw for second with five laps to go. You could throw a blanket over second through fourth, as Barber and Reed battled for the fourth position. Reed moved around Barber on lap 22, before the caution flew for Zak Blackwood who spun in turn four. With two to go, Hines used the restart to pull out to a half straight lead, and took the checkers ahead of Godsey, Reed, Shaw, and Barber

The 20 lap UMP Modified main event saw Tim Eddelman lead lap one from his pole starting spot, as Matt Bex and Devin Gilpin ran side by side for second. Bex then spun going into turn four, bringing out the caution. On the restart, Gilpin tried to move under Eddelman for the lead coming out of four, but was not able to make the pass. Behind them, Clint Demoss moved into the fourth position, getting under Al Flick for the position. Eddelman was using the lowest of the low grooves on the race track, not allowing Gilpin to move underneath. Disaster struck Gilpin on lap nine, as something broke on his mount in turn two. While this was going on, Kent Robinson was flying along the highside, getting around Demoss and Marty O'Neal for the runner up position. At the halfway point, Robinson moved to the lead getting around Eddelman in turn two. Behind them, Demoss and Matt Boknecht battled for the fourth position on lap 13, with Boknecht taking the spot. At the same time, O'Neal looked to the outside of Eddelman for the runner up position, getting the spot on lap 14. The caution flew again on lap 14, as the driveshaft came out of the Mike Trimble machine in turn one. With five to go, Boknecht moved around Eddelman for third spot, as Robinson opened up about a six car length advantage over O'Neal in second. Robinson then went unchallenged to claim his first ever win at the Brownstown Speedway ahead of Boknecht, Eddelman, and Flick.

Chip Colglazier took the lead on lap one of the Hornet main event before the caution came out for the spun car of Steven Watson, who got his spot back for being taken out. The caution flew on the restart, as the lights went out in turns one and two. After a delay, the feature resumed with Colglazier leading the field to the green. A battle for second broke out between Jon Kennybrook and Ryan Bowling, with Kennybrook taking the spot. Jason Hehman then moved around Bowling for the third position. Bowling then put the heat back on Hehman, pulling alongside him for third on lap five. Up front, Colglazier slowed a bit on the frontstretch, allowing Kennybrook and Bowling around him for first and second. Hehman, Bowling, and Colglazier then went three wide for second, with Colglazier getting the spot. With two to go, Hehman moved around Colglazier for second. Up front, it was all Kennybrook who took the checkers ahead of Hehman, David Brummett, Bowling, and Colglazier.

Curt Bennett took the lead from Lindsay Wade in the Pure Stock main event and fended off charges from Wade and Jeremy Owens throughout the event to claim the victory in the 15-lap feature event. Jim Beeman and Tim Roberts rounded out the top five.

SUMMARY April 25, 2009


HEAT ONE: Bubba Woods, Bryan Fiscus, Terry Ross, Richard Balentine, Jake Emerson, Ryan Goss, Scott Barker, Darren Crawhorn

HEAT TWO: Chris Streeval, Josh Turner, Kelly Lee, Jerry Wilson, Josh Hayes, Aaron Fields, Greg Barker, Brent Lee

HEAT THREE: Darrell Burton, Bub Cummings, Steven Watson, Roger Reichenbaker, Todd McDonald, Ronnie Pardue, Randy Lee, Jake Sabens <>CONSI: Aaron Fields, Randy Lee, Brent Lee, Greg Baker, Jake Sabens, Ronnie Pardue, Ryan Goss, Darren Crawhorn

FEATURE:Chris Streeval, Josh Turner, Steven Watson, Bubba Woods, Darrell Burton, Aaron Fields, Bryan Fiscus, Jerry Wilson, Roger Reichenbaker, Randy Lee, Todd McDonald, Josh Hayes, Terry Ross, Greg Baker, Brent Lee, Bub Cummings, Jake Sabens, Kelly Lee, Jake Emerson, Richard Balentine


HEAT ONE: Justin Shaw, Chris Wilson, Jim Price, Eric Varner, Ethan Burgess, Mike Bechelli, Shannon Allen, Tony Ogle

HEAT TWO: Jeremy Hines, Steve Godsey, Shannon Reed, Zak Blackwood, Jon Gilstrap, Tyler Allen, Justin Herndon, James Griffith

HEAT THREE: Mark Barber, Chip Stitsworth, Edgar Godsey, Tim Rivers, Jeff Shackleford, TJ Wright, Terry Romans, Jason Shipp

CONSI: Shannon Allen, Tyler Allen, Mike Bechelli, Justin Herndon, Tony Ogle, Jason Shipp, James Griffith, Terry Romans, TJ Wright

FEATURE: Jeremy Hines, Steve Godsey, Shannon Reed, Justin Shaw, Mark Barber, Edgar Godsey, Tim Rivers, Jeff Shackleford, Jim Price, Eric Varner, Tyler Allen, Mike Bechelli, Ethan Burgess, Zak Blackwood, Shannon Allen, Jon Gilstrap, Justin Herndon, Tony Ogle, Chip Stitsworth


HEAT ONE: Tim Eddelman, Clint Demoss, Kent Robinson, Mike Bowersox, Denny Boknecht, Earl Plessinger, Brent Londeree, Brandon Short

HEAT TWO: Devin Gilpin, Al Flick, Danny Harris, Rick Hudson, Jason Simms, Cody Long, Jonathan Thomas, Tony Blair

HEAT THREE: Marty O'Neal, Brad Barrow, Jared Bailey, Ryan Thomas, Troy Cannon, Derek Groomer, Jerry Davis, Cary Morris

HEAT FOUR: Matt Bex, Matt Boknecht, Randy Moore, Mike Trimble, Jacoby Hines, Rich Cantrell, Keaton Streeval, Trent Green

CONSI ONE: Earl Plessinger, Brandon Short, Jason Simms, Denny Boknecht, Tony Blair, Cody Long, Jonathan Thomas, Brent Londeree

CONSI TWO: Derek Groomer, Jerry Davis, Keaton Streeval, Trent Green, Cary Morris, Rich Cantrell, Troy Cannon, Jacoby Hines

FEATURE: Kent Robinson, Marty O'Neal, Matt Boknecht, Tim Eddelman, Al Flick, Clint Demoss, Ryan Thomas, Earl Plessinger, Brad Barrow, Danny Harris, Randy Moore, Matt Bex, Jared Bailey, Brandon Short, Derek Groomer, Jerry Davis, Mike Bowersox, Mike Trimble, Devin Gilpin, Rick Hudson


HEAT ONE: Chip Colglazier, Doug Asbury, Steven Watson, John Mayer Jr, Ryan Hehman, Kamron Burch, Justin Bright, James Bellew, Nick Jones

HEAT TWO: Elizabeth Burton, Zach Smith, Brittany Boley, Justin Kelly, Logan Williams, Jason Combs, Tyler Blythe, Derick Blair, Carrie Gillery

HEAT THREE: Ryan Bowling, Jason Ayers, Mason Covey, Matt Ross, Brad Clegg, Karen Asbury, Paul Lashorne, Breezy Pardue

HEAT FOUR: Jon Kennybrook, Jason Hehman, David Brummett, Dale Bright, Eddie Hallett, Jordan Turner, Carla Minton, Donnie Modesty, Rick Shipp

CONSI ONE: Jason Combs, Ryan Hehman, Nick Jones, Justin Bright, Logan Williams, Carrie Gillery, Derick Blair, Kamron Burch, Tyler Blythe

CONSI TWO: Brad Clegg, Donnie Modesty, Karen Asbury, Breezy Pardue, Carla Minton, Jordan Turner, Eddie Hallett

FEATURE: John Kennybrook, Jason Hehman, David Brummett, Ryan Bowling, Chip Colglazier, Doug Asbury, John Mayer Jr, Mason Covey, Elizabeth Burton, Dale Bright, Steven Watson, Jason Combs, Donnie Modesty, Jason Ayers, Brad Clegg, Brittany Boley, Matt Ross, Ryan Hehman, Zach Smith, Justin Kelly


HEAT ONE: Curt Bennett, Jim Beeman, Brandon Carr, Jeremy Owens, John Phelps, Cody Vanosdol, Adam Burch, Bill Moore, Chris Palmer, Keith Jones

HEAT TWO: Lindsay Wade, Josh Phelps, Brian Ballard, Derek Clegg, Tim Roberts, Danny Adams, Kevin Bayer, Jeff Walton, Zach Reed

FEATURE: Curt Bennett, Lindsay Wade, Jeremy Owens, Jim Beeman, Tim Roberts, Cody Vanosdol, Josh Phelps, Danny Adams, Adam Burch, John Phelps, Brian Ballard, Bill Moore, Derek Clegg