Steve Barnett Takes Late Model Feature
Jeremy Hines Gets 4th ILMS Late Model Victory
Bradley, Goodson, Colglazier also Winners.....

The Super Late Model main event saw Steve Barnett and Shannon Reed make up the front row for the 25 lap affair with Reed leading lap one with Barnett in tow. Tim Prince began to put some pressure on Barnett for the second spot, but Barnett was able to keep him at bay. A battle for the fifth position began to brew, as Frankie Coomer and Chad Stapleton dueled for the spot. Coomer fell back to seventh, as Steve Godsey took sixth from Coomer. By lap seven, Reed began to encounter lapped traffic. Behind him, Prince overtook Barnett for the runner up spot on lap seven. The caution flew for the first time, as Jacob Webber spun his mount in turn one on lap eight. The restart saw another caution, again for Webber, who spun in turn three this time. Webber would not have to go to the pits because he was deemed taken out. The second attempt at the restart was a good one, as Barnett moved under Prince to take back the second position. Prince, however, fought back, and set his mount to the high side in an attempt to regain the position. Both drivers went three wide with the lapped car of Kurt Dion, and was able to clear him. They remained side by side as the field took the halfway signal. The caution flew for the third time on lap 12, as Chad Stapleton broke while running fifth, leaving Dion nowhere to go, and he spun to miss Stapleton. Reed led Barnett, Prince, Brian Wilhite, and now Steve Godsey to the green flag on the restart. With Reed and Barnett on the bottom of the speedway, the caution flew for the fourth time, as Dusty Chapman found his mount turned the opposite direction on the frontstretch. On the restart, Reed once again stuck his #21R to the bottom of the speedway and held a three car advantage on Barnett as they clicked off lap 13. The fifth caution of the event flew on lap 14, as Glenn Thompson spun off the turn two banking. When racing resumed, Barnett moved under Reed, and took the lead away on lap 15. Barnett began to pull away from Reed, who was now almost a half a straightaway behind Barnett on lap 17. With five laps to go, Joe Janowski, had taken the third position away from Tim Prince from his ninth starting position. Another driver on the move was Daryl Herbert, who started 17th, and had made his way up to fourth by lap 21. Up front, it was all Barnett, as he went unchallenged for the last four laps and took the checkers ahead of Reed, Janowski, Herbert, and Chip Stitsworth.

Andy Bradley led the starting field of the MMSA main event to the green flag, and led the first lap with Lynn Ambrose in tow. Scott Bradley took the second spot away from Ambrose on lap two, and began to set his sights on Andy Bradley. The caution flew for the first time on lap three for a safety issue on the backstretch. On the restart, Ambrose darted under Scott Bradley to take the second position, only to have to give it back due to a caution for Jeremy Perdue. The second attempt at the lap three restart was successful, as Andy Bradley stuck to the low groove and pulled out to a five car advantage over Scott Bradley. Behind him, a battle for fourth began to take shape between Colin Ambrose and Doug Jones. Ambrose was able to hold on to the spot in fourth. By lap seven, Andy Bradley had opened his lead to three quarters of a straightaway over Lynn Ambrose. That lead would vanish, as the caution flew on lap eight for the Seth Motsinger car. On the restart, Bradley immediately jumped out to a six car length advantage over Lynn Ambrose. At the same time, Jones moved around Scott Bradley and Colin Ambrose for third. At the halfway point, it was Andy Bradley, Lynn Ambrose, Jones, Scott Bradley, and Colin Ambrose rounding out the top five. The caution flew again on lap 12, as Colin Parker and Austin Archdale both spun in turn two. With eight laps to go, Andy Bradley took the field to the green flag. Ambrose and Scott Bradley dueled side by side for second, with Bradley taking the position on lap 13. Distaster struck the leader Andy Bradley on lap 14, as he dropped off the pace, giving the lead to Scott Bradley. With four to go, Bradley and Ambrose ran nose to tail for the lead. The caution flag flew on lap 17, bunching up the field for the final three laps. Bradley jumped out to a three car lead just before the caution flew for a three car accident in turn two. Bradley took the two to go signal and began to pull away from Lynn Ambrose again, and cruised to the victory over Lynn Ambrose, Colin Ambrose, Kerry Kinser, and Kenny Burr

Jeremy Hines and Mark Barber led the ILMS feature event to the green flag, with Barber leading lap one. Hines tried to make a move on the inside of Barber, as the duo ran side by side for the lead on lap two. They remained glued to one another as they completed lap three, before Hines took the lead by a half car length on lap four. Barber fought back to the highside on lap six, but was not able to make the pass for the point. Hines settled in front of Barber, and took a three car length advantage to the line on lap eight. Behind them, Steve Godsey began to close in, moving under Barber to try to take second. The caution flew on lap nine, as Shannon Allen spun in turn four. On the lap nine restart, Hines shot out to a three car length advantage over Barber. The caution flew before a lap was completed, as Tim Rivers and Kyle Madison spun in turn two. The second attempt of the restart was called back due to a Mike Bechelli spin in turn two. The third attempt at the lap nine restart was successful, as Hines led the field. At the halfway mark, it was Hines, Barber, Zak Blackwood, Steve Godsey, and Edgar Godsey making up the top five. On lap ten, the caution flew for Jason Shipp, who hit the frontstretch wall. The restart saw Hines lead Barber by less than a car length as they completed lap 11. Behind them, Godsey and Blackwood battled for the third position, before the caution came out again, this time for Jim Price in turn four. With eight laps to go, Hines took the field to the green once again. Behind him, Godsey worked the high side on Barber, in an attempt to take second. Barber held his line on the bottom and kept the spot. Barber then pulled within a car length of Hines for the lead on lap 14, but Hines was able to stay out in front. With five to go, the gap between Hines and Barber sat at just a half a car length as Barber moved under Hines. With four to go, it became a three way dance for the lead between Hines, Barber, and Godsey. Godsey moved to second on lap 17, getting around Barber. As the white flag flew, Hines led by just a car length over Godsey and Barber. He was able to hold on to that advantage, taking the win by less than a car length. Barber was able to get around Godsey on the last lap to take second.

John Mayer Jr led the field to the green flag in the Hornet feature, but was shuffled back to fourth before one lap was complete. Chip Colglazier led the first lap, with Jason Hehman in second. Mayer was able to grab the second position back from Hehman on lap three. By lap six, Colglazier had stretched his lead over Mayer to over a full straightaway. Behind Mayer, Darrell Burton took the third spot away from Hehman, and then moved under Mayer for second on lap seven. Brad Ray moved into the fourth position, getting around Hehman on lap eight. At the halfway point, it was Colglazier, Burton, Mayer, Ray, and Hehman rounding out the top five. Colglazier, by lap 14, held almost a half a track advantage over Burton and the rest of the field. That advantage was taken away, as the caution flew for Kenny Fisher in turn four. Colglazier took the green on the restart, and had five lapped cars between he and the second place car of Burton. Colglazier used that advantage to pull away to a half straight lead over Burton, who had cleared the lapped cars. A three car incident slowed the field on lap 14, closing the gap between Colglazier and Burton. On the restart, Burton attempted to take the lead from Colglazier as the duo completed lap 14. Burton was able to nab the lead by a half a straightaway, before a tire flew off the John Mayer, Jr. machine bringing out the yellow. Colglazier took the lead back due to the lap not being completed. On the restart, Colglazier opened up a five car length advantage over Burton, as they took the five lap to go signal. With two to go, Colglaziers advantage remained the same, as he was able to hold on and take yet another victory at the Brownstown Speedway over Burton, Ray, Hehman, and Jason Combs.

Chevy Goodson took the lead away from Jim Walter, Jr. on lap six of the Mini Stock main event, and ran unchallenged the rest of the way to pick up the victory.

August 15,2009



HEAT ONE: Steve Barnett, Chad Stapleton, Brian Wilhite, Frankie Coomer, Joe Janowski, Dusty Chapman, Tory Routier, Duke Mounce, Daryl Herbert, David Daughtery

HEAT TWO: Shannon Reed, Tim Prince, Steve Godsey, Jason Smith, Chip Stitsworth, Ethan Burgess, Glenn Thompson, Kurt Dion, Jeff Simonton, Jacob Webber

FEATURE: Steve Barnett, Shannon Reed, Joe Janowski, Daryl Herbert, Chip Stitsworth, Jason Smith, Brian Wilhite, Tim Prince, Chad Stapleton, David Daughtery, Steve Godsey, Ethan Burgess, Duke Mounce, Jacob Webber, Kurt Dion, Glenn Thompson, Tory Routier, Frankie Coomer, Dusty Chapman


HEAT ONE: Colin Parker, Andy Bradley, Colin Ambrose, Austin Archdale, Nathan Hughes, Alex Shipman, Doug Jones, Josh Garris, Jeremy Pardue, Kristin Reimer

HEAT TWO: Lynn Ambrose, Sam Ashworth, Scott Bradley, Steve Bradley, Nathan Mensendiek, Kenny Burr, Seth Motsinger, Kerry Kinser, Lynsey Tylton

FEATURE: Scott Bradley, Lynn Ambrose, Colin Ambrose, Kerry Kinser, Kenny Burr, Josh Garris, Lynsey Tilton, Alex Shipman, Sam Ashworth, Nathan Hughes, Jeremy Perdue, Kristin Reimer, Steve Bradley, Seth Motsinger, Colin Parker, Nathan Mensendiek, Andy Bradley, Doug Jones, Austin Archdale


HEAT ONE: Jeremy Hines, Zak Blackwood, Steve Barnett, Tim Rivers, Tyler Allen, Terry Romans, Jim Price, Jim Beeman

HEAT TWO: Mark Barber, Edgar Godsey, Jon Gilstrap, Shannon Allen, Tony Ogle, TJ Wright, James Griffith, Dwayne Fields

HEAT THREE: Steve Godsey, Shannon Reed, Eric Varner, Joe Godsey, Kyle Madison, Mike Bechelli, Rick Hines, Jason Shipp

CONSI: Rick Hines, Jim Beeman, Jim Price, Mike Bechelli, Jason Shipp, Dewayne Fields, Terry Romans, James Griffith, TJ Wright

FEATURE: Jeremy Hines, Mark Barber, Steve Godsey, Edgar Godsey, Steve Barnett, Zak Blackwood, Shannon Reed, Joe Godsey, Rick Hines, Eric Varner, Kyle Madison, Tim Rivers, Shannon Allen, Jon Gilstrap, Tyler Allen, Jim Price, Tony Ogle, Jim Beeman, Mike Bechelli, Jason Shipp

MINI STOCKS (7 Entries)

HEAT: Jim Walter, Jr., Jonathan Holler, Chevy Goodson, Jimmy Balentine, Dustin Wray, Matthew Weston, Shelly Jamison

FEATURE: Chevy Goodson, Jim Walter, Jr., Jonathan Holler, Jimmy Balentine, Matthew Woodson, Dustin Wray, Shelly Jamison

HORNETS (29 Entries)

HEAT ONE: John Mayer Jr, Jason Hehman, Jerry Perry, Donnie Modesty, Wes Tipton, Cris Dotson, Jamison Hehman, Jim Catron, Zach Smith

HEAT TWO: Chip Colglazier, Carrie Gillery, Kenny Fisher, Matt Burton, Jonathan Cain, Nate Patterson, Dustin Foster, Logan Williams, Monty Siefker, Carla Hehman

HEAT THREE: Darrell Burton, Brad Ray, Mason Covey, Elizabeth Burton, Jason Ayers, Jason Combs, Karen Asbury, Terry Hunnicutt, Josh Emerson

CONSI: Paul Lashorne, Zach Smith, Chris Dotson, Karen Asbury, Jim Catron, Dustin Foster, Jamison Hehman, Monty Siefker, jason Combs, Terry Hunnicutt, Nate Patterson

FEATURE: Chip Colglazier, Darrell Burton, Brad Ray, Jason Hehman, Jason Combs, Donnie Modesty, Jerry Perry, Elizabeth Burton, Matt Burton, Mason Covey, Carrie Gillery, Paul Lashorne, Chris Dotson, Jim Catron, Jonathan Cain, John Mayer Jr, Zach Smith, Kenny Fisher, Karen Asbury, Wes Tipton