Don Oneal Dominates Hall of Fame Classic.
Randy Petro, Shelby Miles, Aaron Fields also Victorious.....

Don O誰eal and Mike Jewell made up the front row of the 30 lap Hall of Fame Classic main event with O誰eal leading the first lap. Jewell and Jason Jameson ran second and third as they clicked off lap two. Behind them, a three way battle for fifth was taking place between Tim Prince, Edgar Godsey, and Tim Rivers. Prince ended up snagging the position on lap four. Back up front, Jameson moved under Jewell to take the second position as O誰eal sat over a half straightaway ahead. On lap seven, Prince moved around Zak Blackwood to get the fourth position, leaving Blackwood to contend with Steve Godsey. By lap nine, O誰eal started to work his way through lapped traffic, putting Tyler Allen a lap down. Jameson was able to clear the lapped car of Allen, but still found hisself a full straightaway behind O誰eal. At the halfway point, O誰eal led Jameson, Jewell, Godsey, and Prince to the line. With five lapped cars between he and Jameson, O誰eal continued to cruise the bottom half of the race track, with Jameson struggling to clear the pack of backmarkers. With the top five spread out, O誰eal put his machine in cruise control, almost a half a track ahead of Jameson. By lap 23, O誰eal had lapped up to sixth place, as he put Blackwood a lap down. Behind him, Godsey took the fourth place from Prince. Trouble struck Jameson as he began to drop back to the fifth position. With one to go, O誰eal had lapped up to fourth position, and took the checkers ahead of Godsey, Jewell, Prince, and Blackwood

Troy Clark and Randy Petro led the field to the green flag in the UMP Super Stock main event with Petro leading the first lap. Clark and Matt Boknecht ran second and third. Clark would lose the second spot to both Boknecht and Clayton Perry on lap four. Jay Deckard worked his way to the fourth position on lap six, getting around Clark. Back up front, a battle for second began to take shape between Perry and Boknecht, with Perry grabbing second on lap seven. By this time, Petro had worked his way out to over a half straightaway lead over Perry. Behind Perry, Deckard and Boknecht ran side by side for the third position on lap nine. At halfway, Petro led Perry, Deckard, Boknecht, and Alan Magner to the signal. By lap 14, Petro held a full straightaway advantage over Perry, who was a straightaway ahead of Deckard in third. With less than four to go, Magner moved around Boknecht to take the fourth position. As the field took the two to go signal, it was all Petro, moving through lapped traffic with ease. Petro held on to collect the feature win over Perry, Deckard, Magner, and Jeremy Hines

Devin Gilpin and Clint Demoss made up the front row for the UMP Modified main event with Gilpin leading the first lap with DeMoss in tow. Jared Bailey and Ryan Thomas dueled for the third position, with Thomas holding on to that spot. DeMoss moved under Gilpin to take the lead as they clicked off lap number three. The caution would fly before another lap could be completed, as Josh Eads spun in turn two. The restart would be brought back due to a Webb Lee spin in turn four. Another attempt at the restart was foiled due to Brandon Short looping his mount in turn four. When racing resumed, Thomas moved under Gilpin to take the second position on lap five. Behind them, Shelby Miles moved around Earl Plessinger for fourth, and then got around Gilpin for third. Miles ended up spun around by Gilpin on lap seven, bringing out the caution. Gilpin would be put to the tail, with Miles retaining third. On the restart, Miles moved under Thomas in an attempt to take second on lap nine. At the halfway point, it was DeMoss, Miles, Thomas, Plessinger, and Bailey making up the top five. Miles then stepped to the outside of DeMoss to battle for the lead on lap 12, they ran side by side down the backstretch, with DeMoss keeping the lead by a bumper. The duo ran door to door, until Miles took the lead on lap 15. With three to go, Miles had put a lapped car between he and DeMoss. DeMoss cleared the lapped car with two to go, but sat about six car lengths behind Miles. With one to go, Miles eased around the シ mile oval and took the checkers ahead of DeMoss, Thomas, Plessinger, and Josh Eads.

Jeremy Owens and Curt Bennett led the Pure Stock main with Bennett leading the first lap. Cody VanOsdol caught up to Owens and took a side by side battle for second into turn three. Owens nosed ahead for second at the line on lap two. The caution flew on lap three for Lindsay Wade, who had spun in turn four. On the restart, Aaron Fields moved past both VanOsdol and Owens to take second on lap three. VanOsdol moved back around Fields on lap four to take second. Behind them, Tim Roberts moved into the fourth spot, getting around Owens on lap six. Back up front, Fields and VanOsdol continued their battle for second, as they ran door to door on lap seven. Fields took the spot on lap eight, leaving VanOsdol to battle with Roberts for fourth. Behind them, Brad Cummings moved into the top five, getting around Owens on lap eight as well. At the halfway point, it was Bennett, Fields, VanOsdol, Roberts, and Cummings rounding out the top five. At the point, Bennett and Fields ran side by side for the lead on lap 14, just as Roberts moved to third. Fields officially took the lead on lap 15. Behind them, Cummings and VanOsdol dueled for the fourth position, with VanOsdol keeping the spot. With two laps to go, only three car lengths separated Fields from Bennett. Fields took the white flag, as the top three ran nose to tail. As the leaders came out of turn three, Roberts had to check up, and wound up spinning coming out of turn four. Fields took the checkers ahead of Bennett, VanOsdol, Cummings, and Owens




HEAT ONE: Mike Jewell, Edgar Godsey, Dillan White, Steve Barnett, Chad Stapleton, Marty Cooper, Dusty Chapman, Mike Bechelli, Glen Thompson

HEAT TWO: Tim Rivers, Zak Blackwood, Jeremy Hines, Cody Mahoney, Tyler Allen, David Daughtery, James Griffith, Duke Mounce, Tory Routier

HEAT THREE: Don O誰eal, Jason Jameson, Steve Godsey, Mark Bechelli, Shannon Reed, TJ Wright, Brian Wilhite, Derek Ramp, Jacob Webber

HEAT FOUR: Tim Prince, Mark Barber, Jason Smith, Justin Shaw, Frankie Coomer, Jim Price, Chip Stitsworth, Terry Romans, Daryl Herbert

DASH: Don O'Neal, Mike Jewell, Jason Jamison, TiM Rivers, Edgar Godsey, Zak Blackwood, Mark Barber, Tim Prince

CONSI ONE: Chad Stapleton, Tyler Allen, Mike Bechelli, Dusty Chapman, Marty Cooper, Glen Thompson, James Griffith, David Daughtery, Duke Mounce, Tory Routier

CONSI TWO: Frankie Coomer, Shannon Reed, Jim Price, Jacob Webber, Brian Wilhite, Derek Ramp, TJ Wright, Terry Romans, Chip Stitsworth, Daryl Herbert

FEATURE: Don O誰eal, Steve Godsey, Tim Prince, Mike Jewell, Zak Blackwood, Dillan White, Edgar Godsey, Jason Jameson, Steve Barnett, Jason Smith, Justin Shaw, Shannon Reed, Jeremy Hines, Tim Rivers, Frankie Coomer, Mark Bechelli, Chad Stapleton, Tyler Allen, Cody Mahoney, Mark Barber


HEAT ONE: Troy Clark, Jason Thomas, Greg Roberts, Tim Clark, Tyler Cain, Todd Snyder, Toby Perry, Clay Ellison, Chad Burgan, Kevin Jones, Tim Green

HEAT TWO: Randy Petro, Clayton Perry, Jeremy Hines, Tim Schumpe, Tom Ault, Travis Butler, Tami Lawson, Josh Reed, Justin Hammond, David Brewer, Greg Amick

HEAT THREE: Brad Cummings, Steve Peeden, Greg Owens, Lindsay Wade, Jamey Wilson, Jim Pfeiffer, Duane Brown, Jerry Adams, Jamie Rud****, Scott Ross

HEAT FOUR: Matt Boknecht, Jay Deckard, Alan Magner, Jeremy Wilson, Earl Plessinger, Jason Combs, Bobby Davis, Jason Hehman, Steve Sheeks, Larry Booher

CONSI ONE: Tyler Cain, Tom Ault, Toby Perry, David Brewer, Clay Ellison, Travis Butler, Todd Snyder, Greg Amick, Justin Hammond, Tami Lawson, Josh Reed, Chad Burgan, Tim Green, Kevin Jones

CONSI TWO: Earl Plessinger, Jamey Wilson, Bobby Davis, Jerry Adams, Jason Combs, Jason Hehman, Steve Sheeks, Jamie Rud****, Jim Pfeiffer, Duane Brown, Larry Booher, Scott Ross

FEATURE: Randy Petro, Clayton Perry, Jay Deckard, Alan Magner, Jeremy Hines, Matt Boknecht, Tim Clark, Earl Plessinger, Brad Cummings, Jason Thomas, Tyler Cain, Greg Roberts, Jamey Wilson, Jeremy Wilson, Steve Peeden, Tim Schumpe, Tom Ault, Greg Owens, Lindsay Wade, Troy Clark


HEAT ONE: Devin Gilpin, Jared Bailey, Brandon Short, Josh Eads, Shelby Miles, Sam Lee, Troy Cannon, Brent Londeree

HEAT TWO: Clint DeMoss, Jerry Davis, Earl Plessinger, Tony Blair, Jamie Berry, Kyle Schornick, Jacoby Hines

HEAT THREE: Ryan Thomas, Joe Godsey, Dennis Boknecht, Matt Boknecht, Webb Lee, Cary Morris, Josh Harris

FEATURE: Shelby Miles, Clint DeMoss, Ryan Thomas, Earl Plessinger, Josh Eads, Jared Bailey, Jerry Davis, Joe Godsey, Kyle Schornick, Dennis Boknecht, Jacoby Hines, Devin Gilpin, Jamie Berry, Brandon Short, Tony Blair, Webb Lee, Cary Morris, Sam Lee, Josh Harris, Troy Cannon, Matt Boknecht


HEAT ONE: Jeremy Owens, Lindsay Wade, Brad Cummings, Tim Roberts, Cody Bennett, Travis Davis, James Johnson, Josh Phelps

HEAT TWO: Curt Bennett, Cody VanOsdol, Aaron Fields, Chris Palmer, Mark Bruce, Danny Hupp, Jeff Crick

FEATURE: Aaron Fields, Curt Bennett, Cody VanOsdol, Brad Cummings, Jeremy Owens, Josh Phelps, Tim Roberts, Mark Bruce, Cody Bennett, Danny Hupp, Lindsay Wade, Travis Davis, Chris Palmer, James Johnson, Jeff Crick