Jewell, Fields, Jackson, and Demoss Winners.

The 25 lap UMP Late Model feature saw Steve Barnett and Joe Godsey lead the field to the green flag. Godsey took the lead on the start and led lap one with Barnett in tow. Barnett dove under him and ran door to door with him as they completed lap two. Barnett officially took the lead from Godsey on lap three, but only by a half car length. Behind them, Mike Jewell and Joe Janowski dueled for third as they completed lap six. Jewell then executed a perfect slide job on Godsey for second on lap seven coming out of turn four. Janowski was able to get around Godsey for the third spot as well. On lap eleven, Jewell threw a slider on Barnett to take the lead, leaving Barnett to battle Janowski for second. Barnett and Janowski ran door to door at the halfway mark for the runner up spot. With less than ten laps to go, Jewell held a half straight lead over the second place battle between Barnett and Janowski. Janowski took the spot from Barnett on lap 17. Behind them, Jason Jameson took fourth away from Mark Barber on lap 18. Jameson then took third from Barnett, and began to pressure Janowski for second with five to go. Janowski was able to put some distance between he and Janowski before the caution flew for Tim Rivers who had spun in turn four on lap 22. On the restart, Jewell immediately shot out to a three car length advantage over Jameson. As the white flag flew, Jewell was in control and kept his advantage over Jameson throughout the final lap en route to the win. Janowski, Dillan White, and Mark Barber completed the top five.

The 25 lap UMP Bomber main event started with Aaron Fields and Keaton Streeval on the front row. Fields hit the bottom of the track and led lap one ahead of Streeval and Steven Watson. As they completed lap two, you could throw a blanket over the trio as they ticked off lap three. Fields continued to lead on lap five, with Watson and Streeval battling side by side for second. Watson grabbed the second spot from Streeval as the field completed lap six. Streeval then had to contend with Bubba Woods, who snuck in and grabbed third on lap eight. Lapped traffic was key on lap 11, as Fields had to slow up to keep from hitting the car of Todd McDonald. This allowed Watson to close in on Fields' back bumper. At the halfway point, it was Fields, Watson, Woods, Jim Pfeiffer, and Streeval rounding out the top five. With ten to go, Fields held a four car advantage over Watson and Woods. The first caution of the event flew on lap 17, as Nathan Baker looped his mount in turn one. On the restart, Woods took to the outside of Watson, but couldnt get around him for second as they completed lap 18. The duo then ran side by side once again on lap 19, with Woods taking second as they took the five to go signal. The second caution flew on lap 20, as Ronnie Pardue spun in turn three. The restart was brought back for a three car incident in turns one and two. When the green flew, Watson was able to get back around Woods for second on the restart. With three to go, Fields held a half straight advantage over Watson. The caution flag flew once again just as the white flag flew for Fields. Streeval looped his car in turn four. Fields took the green on the restart, and was able to hold off Woods and Watson on the final lap to take the win.

Wes Ray and Mike Fluhr led the Hornet feature field to the green, only to see it brought back for a spin in turn one by Adam Hanner. The restart was successful, as Ray took the lead and led lap one over a battle between Lucas Jackson and Brad Ray. Wes Ray, by lap five, held a half straight advantage over Jackson. Ray began to lap cars, on lap seven, but Jackson moved through the backmarkers just as easily and stayed right on his tail. Right at the halfway point, Felisha Deweese barrel rolled her machine in turn one, resulting in a red flag. Deweese was ok, and got out of the car under her own power. Wes Ray led the field to the green, with Jackson still in second, and Brad Ray third. Mason Covey moved to fourth, getting around Josh Turner. The top two got together on lap 12, but were able to stay straight and keep their positions. With just a handful of laps to go, Wes Ray saw his right rear break, allowing Jackson to take the lead. Jackson would end up holding on for the victory, his first at Brownstown Speedway

Clint DeMoss and Devin Gilpin made up the front row for the UMP Modified main event with Gilpin leading lap one by half a car length over DeMoss. Demoss battled back to the inside of Gilpin to run door to door for the lead before the caution flew for Billy Cooper in turn four. On the restart, Gilpin held the bottom groove with Greg Amick and Demoss battling for second behind him. Demoss claimed second and began to work on Gilpin for the lead, taking it on lap four. Behind him, Matt Boknecht took to the high side and began to battle Amick for third. The caution flew on lap five for a safety issue on Brian Fiscus's machine. On the restart, Demoss shot out to a five car advantage over a three car battle for second between Boknecht, Gilpin, and Amick. The yellow flew again on lap six, as Webb Lee spun in turn three. When the green flew on the restart, Demoss opened up another good sized advantage before the caution flew again for Billy Cooper. Demoss took the field to the green again on the restart and took a six car advantage over Boknecht as they completed lap nine. Behind them, Richie Lex worked under Gilpin to battle for third, getting the spot on lap 11. Gilpin then lost fourth to Earl Plessinger. At the halfway point it was Demoss, Boknecht, Lex, Plessinger, and Gilpin rounding out the top five. Demoss held a full straight advantage over Boknecht with less than eight laps to go and started putting lapped cars between he and Boknecht. Demoss easily clicked off the remaining laps and took his third win of the season at Brownstown ahead of Boknecht, Lex, Plessinger, and Jared Bailey



HEAT ONE: Steve Barnett, Tim Rivers, Scott Graham, Shannon Reed, Marty O'Neal, Devin Gilpin, Chris Streeval, Glenn Thompson, Jim Price

HEAT TWO: Joe Godsey, Mark Barber, Jeremy Hines, Alan Magner, Jim Beeman, Jim Curry, Jason Smith, Marty Cooper

HEAT THREE: Mike Jewell, Steve Godsey, Brian Wilhite, John Hollifield, Troy Clark, Joe Deckard, Matt Patus, Chad Stapleton, Chris Streeval

HEAT FOUR: Joe Janowski, Jason Jameson, Tim Prince, Dillan White, Chip Stitsworth, Dusty Chapman, Greg Kendall, Rob Starkey, Adam Dixon

CONSI ONE: Marty O'Neal, Jim Beeman, Jim Curry, Devin Gilpin, Chris Stilwell, Glenn Thompson, Jason Smith, Jim Price, Marty Cooper

CONSI TWO: Chris Streeval, Chip Stitsworth, Rob Starkey, Troy Clark, Greg Kendall, Joe Deckard, Adam Dixon, Chad Stapleton, Dusty Chapman, Matt Patus

FEATURE: Mike Jewell, Jason Jameson, Joe Janowski, Dillan White, Mark Barber, Jeremy Hines, Steve Barnett, Shannon Reed, Scott Graham, Steve Godsey, Marty O'Neal, Tim Rivers, Chris Streeval, Chip Stitsworth, Joe Godsey, Brian Wilhite, Tim Prince, Alan Magner, John Hollifield, Jim Beeman


HEAT ONE: Aaron Fields, Steven Watson, Jim Pfeiffer, Brent Lee, Darren Crawhorn, Levi Lokey, Nathan Baker, Josh Hayes, Todd McDonald

HEAT TWO: Keaton Streeval, Bubba Woods, Kelly Lee, Ronnie Pardue, David Waggoner Jr, Ryan Goss, Josh Turner, Chad Plance

FEATURE: Aaron Fields, Bubba Woods, Steven Watson, Darren Crawhorn, Jim Pfeiffer, Ronnie Pardue, Brent Lee, Josh Hayes, Ryan Goss, Keaton Streeval, Nathan Baker, David Waggoner Jr, Kelly Lee, Todd McDonald, Chad Plance


HEAT ONE: Brad Ray, Wes Ray, Mason Covey, Brandon Norman, Adam Hanner, Curtis Kaiser, Breezy Pardue, Jeremy Smith

HEAT TWO: Mike Fluhr, Josh Turner, Logan Williams, Bobbi Green, Jason Sellers, John Ortman, Tyler Blythe

HEAT THREE: Ryan Scott, Felicia Deweese, Cody Perry, Doug Asbury, Ted Smith, Alex Terrell, Jack Weir

HEAT FOUR: Lucas Jackson, Jonathan Couch, Quinton Strope, Dustin Williams, Melissa Mayfield, Andrea Vance, Ryan Hehman

CONSI: Adam Hanner, Breezy Pardue, John Ortman, Tyler Blythe, Jason Sellers, Melissa Mayfield, Jack Weir, Alex Terrell, Andrea Vance, Ryan Hehman, Curtis Kaiser

FEATURE: Lucas Jackson, Wes Ray, Brad Ray, Mason Covey, Josh Turner, Jonathan Couch, Logan Williams, Breezy Pardue, Mike Fluhr, John Ortman, Dustin Williams, Bobbi Green, Ryan Scott, Felisha Deweese, Quintin Strope, Tyler Blythe, Adam Hanner, Cody Perry


HEAT ONE: Clint Demoss, Matt Boknecht, Richie Lex, Dennis Boknecht, Brian Fiscus, John Martin, Jared Bailey, Webb Lee, Cary Morris, Butch Shay

HEAT TWO: Devin Gilpin, Greg Amick, Earl Plessinger, Chris Streeval, Justin Bex, Brian Yeatman, Randy Moore, Billy Cooper, Rob Burdette

FEATURE: Clint Demoss, Matt Boknecht, Richie Lex, Earl Plessinger, Jared Bailey, Devin Gilpin, Greg Amick, Matt Bex, Dennis Boknecht, Webb Lee, Cary Morris, Butch Shay, Brian Yeatman, Rob Burdette, Randy Moore, John Martin, Billy Cooper, Brian Fiscus