Marty O'Neal Takes Late Model Feature,
Amick, Vanosdol, Jackson, and Snell Winners

By: Chris Nunn

Marty O'Neal and Dillan White made up the front row of the Late Model main event, with O'Neal leading lap one. Jeremy Hines moved to the second spot just before the caution flew for the cars of J.P. Hume and Joe Godsey. Scoring reverted to the last scored lap, with Mark Barber in second behind O'Neal as they took the green on the restart. Hines moved in to challege Barber for the second spot on lap three, with Barber nipping him at the line on lap four. Hines was able to make the pass stick on lap five, taking second from Barber. Behind them, Chad Stapleton and Joe Janowski battled for the fifth position on lap seven, with Janowski holding an edge on Stapleton. By lap ten, O'Neal held a full straight advantage over Hines. Behind Hines, Barber and White dueled for the second position, with White on the top, and Barber on the bottom. At the halfway point, the top five was O'Neal, Hines, White, Barber, and Janowski. Up front, O'Neal had checked out on the field, putting over a full straight advantage over Hines who was running second. With five to go, White took the second spot away from Hines while running the topside of the speedway. Hines fought back, however, and used the bottom groove to his advantage. With two to go, O'Neal was on cruise control as he took the white flag well over a full straight ahead of Hines. O'Neal easily took the checkers to claim his first win of the season over Hines, White, Barber, and Joe Godsey.

The 20 Lap UMP Modified feature event saw Richie Lex and Brad Barrow make up the front row, with the original start being brought back due to a spin involving Tony McVey and Jared Bailey. On the restart, Lex led the first lap, with Amick in tow. Lex got sideways coming out of turn two on lap two, allowing Greg Amick and Barrow around him. Lex then battled with Jacoby Hines and Matt Boknecht in a three way battle for third. Hines took the position, putting Boknecht to fourth, and Lex fifth. Up front, Amick had built a half straight lead over Barrow as the field completed lap number seven. At halfway, Amick led Barrow, Hines, Boknecht, and Ryan Thomas at the line completing the top five. Thomas had passed both Matt Bex and Richie Lex for the spot just before halfway. A battle for third started to shape up on lap 13 between Boknecht and Hines, with Boknecht taking the spot. With five to go, Barrow and Amick ran side by side for the lead, with Barrow on the bottom, and Amick running the middle of the track. With three to go, Amick opened up his advantage on Barrow to three car lengths as they came around to get two to go. The caution flag flew with one lap to go, as Cary Morris spun in turn two. A green, white, checkered finish was now set up, with Amick out front. Amick was able to hold off Barrow, and a hard charging Boknecht to pick up his second career win at Brownstown.

Brian Ballard and Cody Vanosdol led the field to the green in the UMP Pure Stock feature event with Vanosdol leading lap one ahead of Ballard. The caution flew on lap three, as Nick Adams looped his mount in turn two. On the restart, Ballard worked under Vanosdol for the lead but couldnt get around him. Ballard, Mickey Hines, and Curt Bennett ran three wide for second on lap five, with Hines taking second. Hines then ran door to door with Vanosdol for the lead on lap eight, with Hines taking the point. At halfway, Hines led Vanosdol, Ballard, Hupp, and Bennett to the line. Vanosdol shot under Hines on lap 11 to grab the lead back, using the low groove in turns one and two. Behind them, Danny Hupp moved to the fourth spot, getting around Bennett. Bennett then moved back up and made it a three way battle for third with Ballard. Ballard held on to the third position, with Bennett fourth, and Hupp fifth. With two laps to go, Vanosdol and Hines moved through lapped traffic, with Hines getting bottled up behind a lapped car. That gave Vanosdol the edge he needed to take the win ahead of Hines.

Lucas Jackson and Brad Ray led the Hornet field to the green in their main event, with Jackson leading lap one ahead of Ray. Ryan Scott moved into battle for second with Ray on lap three, with Ray holding the position. Scott moved around Ray for second on lap five, and set his sights on Jackson in the lead. The caution flew on lap six, as Dustin Foster spun off the backstretch. On the restart, Jackson led the field to the green, with Scott taking the lead from him on lap six. Jackson fought back to the outside on lap seven and retook the position. The duo raced back and forth for the lead with Scott using the bottom of the track, and Jackson up high. Behind them, Donnie Modesty had moved to the third position, getting around Ray on lap ten. On lap 13, Jackson moved to the bottomside of Scott for the lead just before the caution flew for a safety issue on the Shane Spears machine. On the restart, Jackson moved to the outside of Scott to take the lead on lap 14. Scott's night ended in a hurry on lap 16 as he suffered a flat tire, putting him out of the event. This allowed Jackson to motor on to the victory over Modesty, Ray, Cody Perry, and R.J. Perry.

Roger Snell took the lead on lap four of the PTRA Pro Truck feature event, and picked up his first win at Brownstown Speedway.

SUMMARY 07-17-2010


HEAT ONE: Marty O'Neal, Steve Barnett, Shannon Reed, JP Hume, Robby Hensley, Lee Devasier, Tim Rivers, Brian Wilhite, Dusty Chapman

HEAT TWO: Dillan White, Chad Stapleton, Jeff Watson, Scott Graham, Matt Patus, Chip Stitsworth, Frankie Coomer, Chris Stilwell, Joe Deckard

HEAT THREE: Jeremy Hines, Joe Janowski, Chris Streeval, Alan Magner, Rob Starkey, Garrett Blackwell, Rob Ramey, Duke Mounce

HEAT FOUR: Mark Barber, Edgar Godsey, Jason Smith, Steve Godsey, Joe Godsey, Jim Curry, Greg Kendall, Shannon Allen

CONSI ONE: Robby Hensley, Matt Patus, Tim Rivers, Frankie Coomer, Dusty Chapman, Brian Wilhite, Chris Stilwell, Lee Devasier, Chip Stitsworth

CONSI TWO: Joe Godsey, Jim Curry, Garrett Blackwell, Greg Kendall, Rob Ramey, Rob Starkey, Shannon Allen

FEATURE: Marty O'Neal, Jeremy Hines, Dillan White, Mark Barber, Joe Godsey, Joe Janowski, Edgar Godsey, Shannon Reed, Jason Smith, Alan Magner, Chad Stapleton, Matt Patus, Jim Curry, Chris Streeval, Jeff Watson, J.P. Hume, Robby Hensley, Scott Graham, Steve Godsey, Steve Barnett


HEAT ONE: Richie Lex, Jacoby Hines, Tony McVey, Webb Lee, Jim Hume, Jason Largent, Steve Sheeks, Billy Cooper, Chris Streeval, Josh Harris

HEAT TWO: Brad Barrow, Matt Bex, Devin Gilpin, Ryan Thomas, Jared Bailey, Tim Eddelman, Jerry Davis, Cody Long, Sam Lee, JD Largent

HEAT THREE: Greg Amick, Matt Boknecht, Justin Bex, Dennis Boknecht, Cary Morris, Roger Williams, Tony Blair, Keaton Streeval, Randy Moore

CONSI: Tim Eddelman, JD Largent, Randy Moore, Jerry Davis, Sam Lee, Billy Cooper, Cody Long, Tony Blair, Roger Williams

FEATURE: Greg Amick, Brad Barrow, Matt Boknecht, Ryan Thomas, Richie Lex, Matt Bex, Jacoby Hines, Justin Bex, Jared Bailey, JD Largent, Webb Lee, Dennis Boknecht, Randy Moore, Cary Morris, Tony McVey, Sam Lee, Jerry Davis, Jim Hume, Devin Gilpin (DNS), Tim Eddelman (DNS)


HEAT ONE: Brian Ballard, Danny Hupp, Mickey Hines, Brent Howard, Danny Adams, Willie Sallee, Nick Adams, James Johnson, Bodi Henry (DQ)

HEAT TWO: Cody Vanosdol, Tim Roberts, Curt Bennett, Donnie Wilson, Brad Kemp, Daniel Schepers, Jason Cockerham, Tim Law

FEATURE: Cody Vanosdol, Mickey Hines, Brian Ballard, Danny Hupp, Brent Howard, Donnie Wilson, Curt Bennett, Willie Sallee, Danny Adams, Nick Adams, Daniel Schepers, Brad Kemp, Tim Roberts, Tim Law, James Johnson, Jason Cockerham


HEAT ONE: Lucas Jackson, Logan Williams, Adam Hanner, Cody Perry, Mike Fluhr, Nick Eldridge, Melissa Mayfield, Ryan Hehman, Jon Ortman

HEAT TWO: Brad Ray, Ryan Scott, Donnie Modesty, Dustin Foster, Jack Weir, Ted Smith, Bobbi Green, Alex Terrell, Terry Hunnicutt

HEAT THREE: Felisha Deweese, John Couch, Tyler Blythe, Andrew Roark, Adam Bowman, David Satterthwaite, Mason Covey, Shane Spears, Forrest Plumlee, RJ Perry

CONSI: Mason Covey, RJ Perry, Ted Smith, Bobbi Green, Shane Spears, Terry Hunnicutt, Alex Terrell, David Sattethwaite, Nick Eldridge, Melissa Mayfield, Ryan Hehman

FEATURE: Lucas Jackson, Donnie Modesty, Brad Ray, Cody Perry, RJ Perry, Logan Williams, Adam Bowman, Mason Covey, Andrew Roark, Ted Smith, Bobbi Green, Ryan Scott, Jonathan Couch, Adam Hanner, Shane Spears, Felisha Deweese, Mike Fluhr, Tyler Blythe, Dustin Foster, Jack Weir


HEAT: Joey Cochran, Mike Blankenbaker, Roger Snell, Matt Blankenbaker, Rodney Bugher, Bill Pack, Shawn Snell, Jeff Tweedy, Brandon Hooker, James Dean

FEATURE: Roger Snell