Godsey, Wilson, Ray, and Goff Thursday Thunder Winners

By: Chris Nunn

Zak Blackwood and Steve Godsey made up the front row for the 25 lap ILMS Late Model feature with Blackwood leading lap one ahead of Marty O'Neal. O'Neal moved under Blackwood to challenge for the lead on lap two. O'Neal took the lead from Blackwood on lap three, as Godsey ran in third behind the lead duo. Godsey began to challege Blackwood for the runner up spot. Godsey took the second position on lap four, putting Blackwood back to third. The caution flew on lap five, as Terry Romans machine burst into a ball of flames as he pulled into the infield. On the restart, Joe Godsey went three wide with Blackwood and Edgar Godsey for the third spot. Blackwood held on, with Joe Godsey fourth, and Edgar Godsey fifth. Up front just a car length separated the top two of O'Neal and Steve Godsey as the field completed lap eight. Joe Godsey shot around both Blackwood to nab the second position just before the caution flew for Matt Patus in turn four on lap nine. Steve Godsey would resume the second position as Joe Godsey didnt get around him before the caution flew. O'Neal led the field to the lap nine restart only to see the field slowed again for a multi car accident in turn one. On the restart, O'Neal took the field to the green, with Steve and Joe Godsey battling for second behind him. Greg Johnson started 23rd on the grid, and had moved into the top five by lap 13. Up front, O'Neal held a five car advantage over Steve Godsey as Joe moved into battle him for second. Joe Godsey took second on lap 15, and he began the chase on O'Neal for the lead. The caution flew on lap 17, as Jason Shipp looped his mount in turn two. When racing resumed, Joe Godsey, Steve Godsey, and Johnson all diced it out for second, third, and fourth only to be slowed by a caution involving Patus in turn three. On the restart, O'Neal took the green, as Mark Barber took third from Steve Godsey in turn four on lap 18. Joe Godsey moved to the topside with five to go and took the lead away from O'Neal on lap 20. The caution flew again on lap 20, this time for Romans, who had spun in turn three. WIth five to go, Joe Godsey took the green with O'Neal giving chase. Greg Johnson shot to third, getting around Barber, and then took second from O'Neal with just two to go. Joe Godsey, however, went unchallenged en route to the win in the ILMS Late Model feature event ahead of Johnson, O'Neal, Barber, and Steve Godsey.

Jamey Wilson and Jason Combs made up the front row for the UMP Super Stock feature event. The initial restart was brought back for a spin involving Jamie Ruddick. The second attempt saw Wilson lead the field around to complete lap one, with Combs in second. Chris Deweese ran third. Jeremy Hines moved to the third spot, getting around Deweese on lap five. Hines then took second from Combs on lap seven. Up front, Wilson held almost a full straightaway lead over Hines as the field took the halfway signal on lap ten. Combs, Mike Cawood, and Deweese completed the top five. The top five ran single file as they completed lap 14, with Wilson enjoying a full straightaway lead over Hines. Wilson's lead evaporated on lap 16, as Combs spun his car in turn three. When racing resumed, Wilson took a three car lead over Hines to the line as they completed lap 17. Cawood then moved under Hines to take second on lap 18. Up front, Wilson began to pad his lead over Cawood and was able to pick up his first ever feature win at Brownstown ahead of Cawood, Hines, Steve Sheeks, and Tim Clark.

Josh Palmer and Wes Ray made up the front row for the Hornet main event with Ray leading the first lap over Lucas Jackson and Brad Ray. Brad Ray battled Jackson for second on lap three, with Ray on the bottom and Jackson in the middle. Ray was able to take second on lap four, as Jackson gave chase once again. Jackson took second back from Ray on lap six in turn one. Up front, Wes Ray held a half straight lead over Jackson as the caution flew for Adam Bowman on the frontstretch. When racing resumed, Wes Ray opened up his lead to about two car lengths over Brad Ray and Jackson. Jackson looked under Ray on lap nine for second. At the halfway point it was Wes Ray, Jackson, Brad Ray, Mason Covey, and Jeremy Smith completing the top five. Smith had to pull off the speedway due to dragging debris behind his car, which put Donnie Modesty into the top five. Wes Ray was able to hold his lead the rest of the way to pick up the win over Jackson, Brad Ray, Covey, and Modesty

Terry Goff took home the win in the UMRA TQ midget feature event. Jason Goff and Brandon Gray captured heat wins.


SUMMARY 07-29-2010


HEAT ONE: Zak Blackwood, Edgar Godsey, Mark Barber, Alan Magner, Chris Wilson, Jay Schlueter, Matt Patus, Terry Romans

HEAT TWO: Steve Godsey, Joe Godsey, Jason Shipp, Eric Varner, Shannon Allen, Steve Davis, Rick Robinson, Greg Johnson

HEAT THREE: Marty O'Neal, Mike Bechelli, Greg Kendall, Randy Shuman, Lindsay Wade, Jeff Mounce, James Griffith

FEATURE: Joe Godsey, Greg Johnson, Marty O'Neal, Mark Barber, Steve Godsey, Edgar Godsey, Zak Blackwood, Greg Kendall, Randy Shuman, Jay Schleuter, Mike Bechelli, Jeff Mounce, Lindsay Wade, Shannon Allen, Chris Wilson, Jason Shipp, James Griffith, Rick Robinson, Terry Romans, Matt Patus, Alan Magner, Steve Davis, Eric Varner (DNS)


HEAT ONE: Jamey Wilson, Tim Schumpe, Justin Hammond, Marty Cooper, Terrence Johnson, Todd Snyder, Duane Brown, Tim Green, Clay Ellison

HEAT TWO: Jason Combs, Jeremy Hines, Brad Ray, Tim Clark, Brad Cummings, Jeremy Wilson, Justin Davis, Jack Frye

HEAT THREE: Mike Cawood, Steve Sheeks, Gary Rahe Jr, Jamie Ruddick, Aaron Fields, Troy Clark, Trent Niflis, Chris Hillman

HEAT FOUR: Chris Deweese, Jay Deckard, Greg Owens, Tom Ault, Brian Smiley, Jeff Walters, Jamie Pardue, Larry Booher, David Brewer

CONSI ONE: Terrence Johnson, Brad Cummings, Jeremy Wilson, Duane Brown, Tim Green, Clay Ellison, Justin Davis, Todd Snyder

CONSI TWO: Aaron Fields, Trent Niflis, Chris Hillman, Troy Clark, Larry Booher, Brian Smiley, Jamie Pardue, Jeff Walters

FEATURE: Jamey Wilson, Mike Cawood, Jeremy Hines, Steve Sheeks, Tim Clark, Chris Deweese, Tim Schumpe, Gary Rahe Jr, Marty Cooper, Justin Hammond, Brad Cummings, Tom Ault, Jay Deckard, Trent Niflis, Greg Owens, Jason Combs, Brad Ray, Jamie Ruddick, Aaron Fields, Terrence Johnson (DNS)


HEAT ONE: Josh Palmer, Felisha Deweese, Tommy Fleenor, Rick Hanner, Curtis Kaiser, Bobbi Green, Ryan Bowling, Greg Murphy, Melissa Mayfield

HEAT TWO: Wes Ray, Brad Ray, Donnie Modesty, Tyler Blythe, Adam Bowman, Todd Cain, David Waggoner Jr, Colton Fleetwood, Ted Smith

HEAT THREE: Mike Fluhr, Tyler Schulze, Alex Terrell, Casey Parr, John Couch, Dustin Foster, Jameson Benton, Adam Hanner

HEAT FOUR: Lucas Jackson, Mason Covey, Logan WIlliams, Drew Montgomery, Jack Weir, Kevin Stitt, Jordan Cook, Jeremy Smith, Doug Asbury, Joe Turner

CONSI ONE: Adam Bowman, Todd Cain, Colton Fleetwood, Ryan Bowling, Curtis Kaiser, Greg Murphy, Bobbi Green, Melissa Mayfield, David Waggoner Jr, Ted Smith

CONSI TWO: Jeremy Smith, Joe Turner,

FEATURE: Wes Ray, Lucas Jackson, Brad Ray, Mason Covey, Donnie Modesty, Logan Williams, Todd Cain, Tyler Schulze, Alex Terrell, Joe Turner, Jeremy Smith, Felisha Deweese, Rick Hanner, Josh Palmer, Adam Bowman, Tyler Blythe, Tommy Fleenor, Casey Parr, Mike Flurh, Drew Montgomery (DQ)


HEAT ONE: #96 Jason Goff, #1 Terry Goff, #50 Ron Combs, #92 Zach Cougill, #35 Oogie Goff, #30 CJ Leary(R), #19 Johnny Goff(R), #87 Travis Stickels-DNF

HEAT TWO: #11 Brandon Gray, #17 Michael Koontz, #78 Robbie Roland, #10 Ron Hamm, #80 Doug Roland, #7 Jon Steed(R), #16 Scotty Orme(R), #21 Nick Speidel-DNS

FEATURE: Terry Goff, Ron Combs, Oogie Goff, Zach Cougill, Doug Roland, Michael Koontz, CJ Leary(R), Johnny Goff(R), Scotty Orme(R), Jon Steed(R)–DNF, Travis Stickels–DNF, Brandon Gray–DNF, Ron Hamm–DNF, Jason Goff–DNF, Robbie Roland–DNF, Nick Speidel-DNS