Bloomquist Takes 500th Career Victory at Jackson 100
Essex Inducted Into Hall of Fame

BROWNSTOWN, IN (September 25, 2010) – Hall-of-Fame driver, Scott Bloomquist of Mooresburg, TN won the 500th feature event of his illustrious career on Saturday Night in capturing the 31st Annual Jackson 100 at Brownstown (IN) Speedway. Bloomquist earned $20,000 for his third win in the annual event, which was sanctioned by the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series. Bloomquist took the lead on lap four after starting third. Seeking to become the first four-time winner of the race, Don O’Neal of Martinsville, IN finished second just ahead of Jimmy Owens of Newport, TN. Completing the top five were Matt Miller of Waterville, OH and Chris Wall of Springfield, LA.

“I have to thank so many people for getting to 500 wins, I wish Bob and Barb Miller were here to see this, they have been such an important part of my career. My wife, daughter, and my mom are here so I am glad they got to see this,” said the 46-year-old driver. “To win number 500 here at Brownstown is special, it has been one of my favorite tracks to run on in my career, somebody said we got our 200th win here in 1991. The first time I came here I don’t think I even made the race, the locals were so tough here to beat and with all the traveling guys racing it was quite a chore just to get into the field.”

Bloomquist, who started in third in the 100-lap affair, took the lead on lap four from O’Neal. Owens took over the second spot on lap six and challenged Bloomquist for the lead up until lap eleven when O’Neal passed him. O’Neal then picked the pace as the top three put on quite a show for the race lead.

Bloomquist entered heavy traffic by lap 26 until a caution on lap 40 left Bloomquist with a clear track in front of him. On the restart Bloomquist pulled away from O’Neal and Owens as he set sail. Bloomquist saw a 12-car length lead shrink down to one length with 25 laps to go as he was having trouble negotiating lapped traffic.

Bloomquist worked his way through more lapped cars, and put plenty of distance between himself and O’Neal when the checkers flew. With the win, Bloomquist stretched his lead in Lucas Oil Championship Points Standings to 260 points over Owens. Bloomquist was in his own self-designed chassis and is sponsored by Miller Brothers Construction, Hawkeye Trucking, and Sweet Mfg. A Roush-Yates Racing Engine powers his car.

O’Neal was 2nd in the Independence Lumber, Roush-Yates, MasterSbilt Chevrolet; followed closely at the stripe by Owens in the Reece Monument Company, Gantte Appraisals, Bloomquist Race Cars Ford.

Miller, the 2007 winner of the Jackson 100 came home fourth just in front of Wall, who maintains his Quarter Master “Rookie of the Year” points lead with an impressive fifth place run.

Completing the top ten were; Bart Hartman of Zanesville, OH; Jeep VanWormer of Pinconning, MI; Earl Pearson Jr. of Jacksonville, FL; Dan Schlieper of Sullivan, WI; and 14-year-old Tyler Reddick of Corning, CA.

In preliminary action on Saturday Night, Heat Race winners were Don O’Neal, Scott Bloomquist, Chris Wall, and Jimmy Owens. Zack Dohm and Donnie Moran took the B-Mains.

Series Announcer, James Essex, of Hope, IN was inducted into the Brownstown Speedway Hall of Fame during the intermission prior to the 100-lap main event. Essex began announcing for the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series in its first year, and has become the famous “Voice of the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series”. He began his career when he was 14 years old at Brownstown Speedway, and announced there for the next 21 years before taking to the highways and announcing on the national dirt late model touring circuits.


SUMMARY 09-25-2010

31st Jackson 100 Lucas Oil Dirt Late Models (52 ENTRIES)

Red Buck Cigars Fast Time: Steve Casebolt / 15.289 seconds (Overall and Group A)

Chris Wall / 15.739 seconds (Group B)

Wiles Driveshaft’s First Heat (12 Laps- Top 4 Advance): Don O’Neal, Eric Wells, Chris Brown, Steve Casebolt, Zack Dohm, Brad Neat, Scott James, Justin Rattliff, Steve Barnett, Jim Curry, Rick Aukland, Chad Stapleton, Bobby Davis

AFCO Racing Products Second Heat (12 Laps- Top 4 Advance): Scott Bloomquist, Dan Schlieper, Mark Barber, Ray Cook, Greg Johnson, Mike Jewell, Shannon Babb, Jeep VanWormer, Shannon Reed, Alan Magner, Joe Janowski, Brian Wilhite, Dustin Neat (DNS)

Allstar Performance Third Heat (12 Laps- Top 4 Advance): Chris Wall, Matt Miller, Josh McGuire, John Gill, Tim Isenberg, Rod Conley, Joe Godsey, Donnie Moran, Zak Blackwood, Chris Streeval, Greg Kendall, John Mason, Dillan White (DNS)

Superflow Fourth Heat (12 Laps- Top 4 Advance): Jimmy Owens, Dale McDowell, Tyler Reddick, Bart Hartman, John Blankenship, Tim Rivers, Steve Godsey, Jon Henry, Jason Smith, Scott Graham, Bill Lewis, Frankie Coomer, Earl Pearson, Jr.

Hawk Brake First B-Main (15 Laps- Top 3 Advance): Zack Dohm, Jeep VanWormer, Brad Neat, Scott James, Mike Jewell, Shannon Babb, Steve Barnett, Justin Rattliff, Rick Aukland, Greg Johnson, Shannon Reed, Jim Curry, Joe Janowski, Chad Stapleton, Brian Wilhite, Bobby Davis, Alan Magner (DNS), Dustin Neat (DNS)

Performance Rod and Custom (PRC) Second B-Main (15 Laps- Top 3 Advance): Donnie Moran, John Blankenship, Rod Conley, Joe Godsey, Zak Blackwood, Tim Rivers, Jon Henry, Steve Godsey, Jason Smith, Scott Graham, John Mason, Chris Streeval, Greg Kendall, Bill Lewis, Tim Isenberg, Earl Pearson, Jr., Frankie Coomer (DNS), Dillan White (DNS)

Feature Finish – 100 Laps - Scott Bloomquist, Don O'Neal, Jimmy Owens, Matt Miller, Chris Wall, Bart Hartman, Jeep VanWormer, Earl Pearson, Jr., Dan Schlieper, Tyler Reddick, Brad Neat, Josh McGuire, Donnie Moran, Chris Brown, John Blankenship, Tim Isenberg, Eric Wells, Jason Smith, Zack Dohm, Steve Casebolt, Mark Barber, Rod Conley, Ray Cook, John Gill, Dale McDowell


UMP MODIFIEDS (37 Entries)

HEAT #1: Earl Plessinger, Brad Barrow, Richie Lex, Jacoby Hines, Pete Holt, Don Kiger, Chuck Griffis, Dennis Boknecht, Matt Huddleston

HEAT #2: Josh Eads, Elliott Despain, Brian Fiscus, Webb Lee, Andrew Corbin, Billy Cooper, Wes Morrison, Randy Moore, Kyle Schornick

HEAT #3: Clint Demoss, Jared Bailey, Greg Amick, Keaton Streeval, Greg Deckard, Matt Boknecht, Tim Engelau, John Martin, John Davis

HEAT #4: Michael England, Tim Eddleman, Matt Bex, Josh Ferguson, Jeremy Hines, Justin Bex, #51 ???, Sam Lee, Cary Morris, Devin Gilpin

B-MAIN #1: Pete Holt, Kyle Schornick, Don Kiger, Matt Huddleston, Wes Morrison, Chuck Griffis, Andrew Corbin, Dennis Boknecht, Billy Cooper, Randy Moore

B-MAIN #2: Jeremy Hines, Matt Boknecht, Greg Deckard, #51 ???, John Martin, Justin Bex, Tim Engelau, Sam Lee, Cary Morris

FEATURE: Earl Plessinger, Clint Demoss, Micheal England, Tim Eddleman, Brad Barrow, Greg Amick, Matt Boknecht, Elliott Despain, Kyle Schornick, Jared Bailey, Josh Eads, Matt Bex, Pete Holt, Josh Ferguson, Richie Lex, Brian Fiscus, Jacoby Hines, Keaton Streeval, Jeremy Hines, Webb Lee



HEAT #1: Jason Hehman, Gary Rahe Jr., Jay Deckard, Steve Sheeks, Trent Niflis, Justin Hammond, Jamie Wilson, Chris Deweese

HEAT #2: Tim Clark, Tom Ault, Jeremy Hines, Brad Cummings, Mike Fields, Dewayne Brown, Jack Frye, Tony Anderson

HEAT #3: Mike Cawood, Randy Petro, Bobby Davis, Brad Ray, Tim Schumpe, Jamie Ruddick, Rick Reed

HEAT #4: Troy Clark, Jason Combs, Larry Booher, Jerry Adams, David Brewer, Jimmy Cummins, Jeremy Wilson

B-MAIN: Trent Niflis, Mike Fields, Tim Schumpe, Jimmy Cummings, Justin Hammond, David Brewer, Dewayne Brown, Jamie Ruddick, Rick Reed, Tony Anderson, Jeremy Wilson

FEATURE: Jeremy Hines, Tim Clark, Jason Hehman, Troy Clark, Jay Deckard, Jason Combs, Gary Rahe Jr., Tom Ault, Trent Niflis, Steve Sheeks, Larry Booher, Brad Ray, Tim Schumpe, Bobby Davis, Jerry Adams, Randy Petro, Mike Fields, Mike Cawood, Jimmy Cummings, Brad Cummings


UMP BOMBERS (21 Entries)

HEAT #1: Todd McDonald, Ronnie Pardue, Darren Crawhorn, Josh Hayes, Chad Plance, Randy Charles, David Robinson-DNS

HEAT #2: Aaron Fields, Keaton Streeval, Josh Turner, Kelly Lee, David Waggoner Jr., Robby Johnson, Chris McCoy

HEAT #3: Jim Pfeiffer, Nathan Baker, Levi Lokey, Bubba Woods, Dustin Petro, Wes Tipton, Greg Lyle-DNS

FEATURE: Aarom Fields, Darren Crawhorn, Bubba Woods, Levi Lokey, Jim Pfeiffer, Josh Turner, Nathan Baker, Kelly Lee, Dustin Petro, Todd McDonald, Wes Tipton, David Waggoner Jr., Josh Hayes, Robby Johnson, Chad Plance, Randy Charles, Chris McCoy, Keaton Streeval, Ronnie Pardue


UMP PURE STOCKS (16 Entries)

HEAT #1: Tim Roberts, Cody Vanosdol, Danny Hupp, Bodi Henry, Brad Kemp, Daniel Schepers, Brian Sims, Bobby Johnson

HEAT #2: Mickey Hines, Curt Bennett, Josh Phelps, Willie Sallee, Donnie Wilson, Brent Howard, Aaron Fields, Danny Adams

FEATURE: Tim Roberts, Aaron Fields, Danny Hupp, Josh Phelps, Donnie Wilson, Mickey Hines, Bobby Johnson, Willie Sallee, Brent Howard, Cody Vanosdol, Bodi Henry, Daniel Schepers, Brad Kemp, Curt Bennett