White, Thomas, Clark, and Hehman Score Opening Night Victories

By: Chris Nunn

Dillan White and Tim Rivers led the field to the green in the Late Model main event, with White leading lap one over Rivers. Chad Stapleton took second from Rivers, bringing Jason Smith with him to third on lap two just as the caution flew for Duane Chamberlain who had looped his mount in turn two. On the restart, White led Rivers and Stapleton to the green. Rivers then stepped to the outside of White in an attempt to take the lead on lap four. Michael Chilton then took third away from Stapleton on lap four as well, putting him back to fourth. Stapleton then pulled to a stop on the frontstretch on lap seven, bringing out the caution. White led the field to the restart, only to have it brought back for a multi-car pileup in turn one. White once again led the field to the restart, only to see it brought back once again, this time for Keaton Steeval in turn three. When racing resumed, Chilton moved around RIvers for the second spot on lap nine. Behind them, Derek Fisher moved into the top five, getting around Brandon Thirlby. At the halfway point it was White, Chilton, Rivers, Janowski, and Fisher rounding out the top five. WIth nine laps to go, Smith held a five car length advantage over Chilton in second, who had his hands full with Rivers hounding him for the spot. With five to go, Rivers stepped to the outside of Chilton to battle for second. Chilton was able to hold him off as they took the two to go signal. Up front, however, it was all White, all the time as he held everyone off to pick up the opening night victory.

Ryan Thomas and Bryce Jewell led the UMP Modified field to the green flag, only to see the start brought back for the spun car of Will Krup on the backstretch. Thomas was able to lead the first lap on the restart, with Jewell behind him in second. The caution flew once again for a multicar accident in turn four, causing another complete restart. The fourth attempt at a restart was successful with Thomas leading Jewell and Matt Boknecht to the line. Boknecht took the second spot away from Jewell on lap three, as Rob Fuqua and McKay Wenger battled for fourth. By lap five, Thomas held almost a full straightaway lead over Boknecht. Behind them, Fuqua and Jewell ran side by side for the third spot, with Fuqua taking over on lap seven. Wenger then took fourth from Jewell, bringing Nick Allen with him to fifth. At halfway it was Thomas, Boknecht, Fuqua, Wenger, and Jewell rounding out the top five. Things got shaken up in the top five as the caution flew for Jeff Bland Jr on lap ten. As that happened, Boknecht slowed with a flat right rear tire while running second. This put Fuqua into the second spot as the field took the green on the lap 10 restart. Thomas immediately jumped out to a three car length lead over Fuqua , as Nick Allen moved to the topside of Wenger for third. The caution flew once again on lap 11, as Andy Sprague spun in turn three. Thomas led the field to the restart once again, as Allen moved around Wenger for third. The caution flew again on lap 11, for Krup in turn three. When racing resumed, Allen got around Fuqua for the second spot and set his sights on Thomas for the lead. Thomas was able to keep his advantage over Allen and pick up the victory.

The UMP Super Stock feature saw Jay Deckard and Tim Clark bring the field to the green flag, with Deckard leading lap one over Clark. Troy Clark was able to get around Tom Ault for the third spot on lap two, as Chris Hillman, Ault, and Jeremy Hines battled for fourth. Up front, Deckard, Tim Clark ,and Troy Clark ran nose to tail as they clicked off lap number six. Tim Clark nosed under Deckard to try to take the lead on lap eight, but was not able to make the pass stick. The caution flew on lap eight, as Brian Smiley looped his mount in turn three. On the restart, Troy Clark moved around Tim Clark for the second spot coming out of turn two. The caution negated the pass, as a three car incident occurred in turn three. The restart was brought back once again as Rob Wilson spun in turn three. A three way battle for the lead ensued on the restart between Clark, Clark, and Deckard, with Tim Clark taking the lead on lap 11. Hillman took the third spot away from Deckard on lap 15, then lost it back to Deckard a lap later. Clark ran the bottom to perfection as always, and cruised to the win in the Super Stock feature event.

David Crawhorn and Michael Fluhr made up the front row of the Hornet main event. Wes Ray took the lead early on in the event, only to drop out while leading around midway, right as Ray dropped out, Andrew Roark flipped his machine in turn three bringing out the red flag. A wild three way battle for the lead ensued between Ryan Hehman, Donnie Modesty, and Justin Patterson before they went three wide, with Patterson going airborne and landing on the Hehman machine. The red flag would fly once again for the incident. The race was halted and given the checkered flag with Hehman being scored the winner.

March 19, 2011



HEAT ONE: Dillan White, Chad Stapleton, Jason Smith, Derek Fisher, Marty O'Neal, Mike Cawood, Arnie Fields, Matt Patus, Roe Dale Burton, Greg Kendall

HEAT TWO: Tim Rivers, Duane Chamberlain, Eric Varner, Brandon Thirlby, Steve Godsey, Jay Morris, Steve Thorsten, Joe Deckard, Bob Robinson, Johnny Lee

HEAT THREE: Greg Johnson, Joe Janowski, Michael Chilton, Richie Hedrick, Chris Streeval, Alan Magner, Kerry Mathew, Jim Price, Keaton Streeval, Jim Beeman

CONSI: Jay Morris, Alan Magner, Jim Beeman, Arnie Fields, Keaton Streeval, Jim Price, Steve Thorsten, Mike Cawood, Joe Deckard, Roe Dale Burton, James Griffith, Johnny Lee, Matt Patus, Kerry Mathew, Greg Kendall, Bob Robinson

FEATURE: Dillan White, Michael Chilton, Tim Rivers, Joe Janowski, Derek Fisher, Steve Godsey, Brandon Thirlby, Jason Smith, Eric Varner, Arnie Fields, Keaton Streeval, Alan Magner, Jay Morris, Chris Streeval, Richie Hedrick, Marty O'Neal, Jim Beeman, Chad Stapleton, Duane Chamberlain, Greg Johnson


HEAT ONE: Ryan Thomas, Devin Gilpin, Mike Bechelli, Jerry Davis, Wes Leigh, Larry Lambert, Tom Miller, Kelby Simmonds

HEAT TWO: Bryce Jewell, Jay Ledford, Corey Partin, Josh Harris, Andy Sprague, Adam Williams, Derek Groomer, Steve Sheeks, Bob Simmons

HEAT THREE: Matt Boknecht, Nick Allen, Will Krup, Billy Cooper, Kyle Decker, Tom Pasek, Lynn Johns, Corey Bevard

HEAT FOUR: Rob Fuqua, Jamie Lomax, Jacoby Hines, Elliott Despain, Larry Anderson, Steven Brooks, Mike Sullivan, Kenny Carmichael

HEAT FIVE: McKay Wenger, Jeff Bland Jr, Tim Eddelman, Jeff Curl, Jeremy Owens, Mark Grosvenor, Tony Blair, Junior Payton

CONSI ONE: Larry Anderson, Jerry Davis, Jeff Curl, Steven Brooks, Jeremy Owens, Wes Leigh, Tom Pasek, Lynn Johns, Derek Groomer, Josh Harris, Lawrence Sprague

CONSI TWO: Elliott Despain, Billy Cooper, Andy Sprague, Kenny Carmichael, Adam Williams, Larry Lambert, Bob Simmons, Corey Bevard, Mike Sullivan, Kyle Decker, Mark Grosvenor, Tom Miller

FEATURE: Ryan Thomas, Nick Allen, McKay Wenger, Jeff Curl, Rob Fuqua, Larry Anderson, Elliott Despain, Billy Cooper, Bryce Jewell, Jay Ledford, Andy Sprague, Will Krup, Mike Bechelli, Tim Eddelman, Jacoby Hines, Matt Boknecht, Jeff Bland Jr, Jerry Davis, Jamie Lomax, Corey Partin


HEAT ONE: Jay Deckard, Tom Ault, Rob Wilson, Jeremy Wilson, Dave Hill, Lee Hobbs, Bobby Gardner, John Trowbridge, Rick Gumm

HEAT TWO: Tim Clark, Tim Schumpe, Chris Hillman, Brad Ray, David Brewer, Josh Phelps, Tyler Cain, Justin Hammond

HEAT THREE: Jeremy Hines, Troy Clark, Kenny Carmichael, Duane Brown, Brian Smiley, Jason Hehman, Jason Combs, Cullen Goodman

CONSI: Josh Phelps, Rick Gumm, Lee Hobbs, Jason Combs, Tyler Cain, John Trowbridge, Bobby Gardner

FEATURE: Tim Clark, Jeremy Hines, Troy Clark, Jay Deckard, Chris Hillman, Jamie Wilson, Jason Combs, Tom Ault, Brad Ray, David Brewer, Josh Phelps, Kenny Carmichael Jr, Duane Brown, Lee Hobbs, Tim Schumpe, Dave Hill, Brian Smiley, Rick Gumm, Rob Wilson


HEAT ONE: David Crawhorn, Andrew Roark, Adam Bowman, Chris Broy, Wesley Napier, Daniel Stout, Dennis Smith, Melissa Mayfield, Dustin Foster, David Barron, RJ Perry

HEAT TWO: Michael Fluhr, Donnie Modesty, Lucas Jackson, Alex Terrell, Chris Helton, Doug Asbury, Carrie Gilley, Chris Corbin, Josh Durbin, Tyler Blythe

HEAT THREE: Wes Ray, Mike Fluhr, Ryan Hehman, Cody Perry, Justin Patterson, Larry Perry, Tim Phelps, Brandin Caudill, Logan Williams, Tyler Bennett

CONSI: Chris Corbin, Carrie Gilley, Logan Williams, Dillan Caudill, Josh Durbin, Tim Phelps, David Barron, Tyler Bennett, Daniel Stout, Melissa Mayfield, Doug Asbury, RJ Perry

FEATURE: Ryan Hehman, Lucas Jackson, Cody Perry, Wesley Napier, Alex Terrell, Carrie Gilley, Logan Williams, Adam Bowman, Brandon Caudill, Justin Patterson, Wes Ray, Mike Fluhr, Chris Broy, Andrew Roark, Chris Helton, Chris Corbin, David Crawhorn, Michael Fluhr, Donnie Modesty