Jeremy Hines Takes ILMS Opener
Derek Groomer, Tom Ault, and CJ Leary Get Wins

By Chris Nunn

Jeremy Hines and Marty O'Neal led the field to the green in the ILMS feature event, with the caution flying before a lap was complete as Alan Magner spun in turn three. On the restart, Hines took the lead down the backchute and led lap one ahead of O'Neal and Steve Godsey. With four laps in the books, Hines had stretched his lead to a half straightaway over O'Neal before the caution flew for Mason Covey who had spun in turn two. Hines led the field to the restart, as Godsey moved around O'Neal for second. Behind them, Shannon Reed and Mark Barber dueled for the fourth position on lap seven, with Barber grabbing the spot. Hines began the lapping process on lap ten, putting the lapped car of Rick Robinson between he and Godsey. O'Neal took the second spot from Godsey on lap 11 while maneuvering through the lapped traffic. At the halfway point, it was Hines, O'Neal, Godsey, Barber, and Reed completing the top five. By lap 17, Hines held a straightaway lead over O'Neal. With five laps to go, there were two lapped cars between Hines and O'Neal. With two laps remaining, it was all Hines as he held his full straightaway advantage over O'Neal to the checkers. O'Neal, Godsey, Barber, and Reed completed the top five.

Devin Gilpin and John Demoss made up the front row for the 25 lap UMP Modified feature with Gilpin leading lap one over Earl Plessinger. Plessinger moved to the high side to challenge Gilpin for the lead on lap three, before the caution flew in turn four for Larry Booher. On the restart, Demos took second away from Plessinger and moved to the outside of Gilpin to challenge for the lead. Demoss took the lead on lap four by a half car length. Derek Groomer nabbed the second spot on lap seven, and then worked to the lowside to challenge Demoss for the lead on lap eight. Groomer took the lead by a nose on lap nine, as Clint Demoss moved around Gilpin for third. At the halfway point it was Groomer, John Demoss, Clint Demoss, Plessinger, and Gilpin completing the top five. With ten laps to go, Groomer held almost a half straight lead over John Demoss, who himself had a half straight advantage over Clint Demoss in third. As the laps clicked down, Groomer continued to hold a half straight lead over John Demoss and Clint Demoss. Nothing would be able to stop Groomer as he picked up his second win of the season at Brownstown over John Demoss, Clint Demoss, Earl Plessinger, and Matt Boknecht.

Tom Ault and Rick Gumm led the field to the green in the Super Stock feature with Ault leading lap one over Gumm and Jason Combs. Ault held a three car advantage over Gumm as the field completed lap five. Behind them, Jason Thomas and Troy Clark battled for the fourth position. Troy Clark moved past both cars and took the third spot from Combs. Clark then moved into battle Gumm for the second spot on lap ten. Clark took the second spot officially from Gumm and then set his sights on Ault in front. At the halfway point it was Ault, Clark, Gumm, Jason Hehman, and Combs completing the top ten. Hehman moved past Gumm for the third spot, bringing Combs with him to fourth. Clark closed in on Ault with seven laps to go, and moved within a car length of Ault for the lead. As the laps clicked off, Ault held steady and was able to actually pull away from Clark at the checkers. Rounding out the top five were Clark, Hehman, Combs, and Hines.

CJ Leary won the UMRA Tq feature event. Leary and Jason Goff were the heat race winners.

May 14, 2011



HEAT ONE: Jeremy Hines, Greg Kendall, Mark Barber, Eric Varner, Matt Patus, Lindsay Wade, Shannon Allen, Terry Romans

HEAT TWO: Marty O'Neal, Brad Cummings, Joe Godsey, Ben Burton, Mason Covey, Marty Cooper, Roe Dale Burton

HEAT THREE: Steve Godsey, Shannon Reed, Tyler Allen, Gary Rahe Jr, Rick Robinson, Alan Magner, Steve Davis

CONSI: Alan Magner, Marty Cooper, Shannon Allen, Roe Dale Burton, Lindsay Wade, Steve Davis

FEATURE: Jeremy Hines, Marty O'Neal, Steve Godsey, Mark Barber, Shannon Reed, Greg Kendall, Brad Cummings, Joe Godsey, Eric Varner, Tyler Allen, Alan Magner, Ben Burton, Matt Patus, Roe Dale Burton, Linsdey Wade, Gary Rahe Jr, Shannon Allen, Mason Covey, Rick Robinson, Marty Cooper


HEAT ONE: Devin Gilpin, Steve King, Greg Amick, JD Francis, Tony Blair, Dennis Boknecht, Jimmy Hayden, Brian Shaw, Nick Allen

HEAT TWO: John Demoss, Ralph Groomer, Randy Moore, Bradley Sterrett, Jacoby Hines, Sam Lee, Vernon Soeder, Cary Morris

HEAT THREE: Derek Groomer, Richie Lex, Larry Booher, Steven Brooks, Mike Bechelli, Anthony Walker, Webb Lee, John Martin, Jason Mann

HEAT FOUR: Earl Plessinger, Clint Demoss, Matt Boknecht, Ryan Thomas, Jared Bailey, Chris Johnson, Paul Ortman, David Ross

CONSI ONE: Jacoby Hines, Nick Allen, Dennis Boknecht, Tony Blair, Vernon Soeder, Jimmy Hayden, Sam Lee

CONSI TWO: Jared Bailey, Mike Bechelli, Anthony Walker, Webb Lee, John Martin, Chris Johnson, Jason Mann, Paul Ortman

FEATURE: Derek Groomer, John Demoss, Clint Demoss, Earl Plessinger, Matt Boknecht, Jacoby Hines, Ryan Thomas, Nick Allen, Steve King, Devin Gilpin, Ralph Groomer, JD Francis, Jared Bailey, Larry Booher, Steven Brooks, Bradley Sterrett, Mike Bechelli, Greg Amick, Richie Lex, Randy Moore


HEAT ONE: Tom Ault, Jason Thomas, Troy Clark, Tim Clark, Jeremy Hines, William Burton, Steve Sheeks, Joe Johnson

HEAT TWO: Rick Gumm, Justin Hammond, Dave Brewer, Duane Brown, Jeff Hehman, Josh Phelps, Tony Arthur, Josh Turner

HEAT THREE: Jason Combs, Jason Hehman, Dave Hill, Tim Schumpe, Greg Roberts, Greg Owens, Jamie Ruddick, John Trowbridge

CONSI: Willam Burton, Greg Owens, Steve Sheeks, Josh Phelps, Joe Johnson, Jamie Ruddick, Josh Turner, Tony Arthur, John Trowbridge

FEATURE: Tom Ault, Troy Clark, Jason Hehman, Jason Combs, Jeremy Hines, Tim Clark, Jason Thomas, Justin Hammond, Tim Schumpe, Rick Gumm, Dave Brewer, Dave Hill, Duane Brown, Jeff Hehman, Steve Sheeks, Greg Roberts, Greg Owens, Joe Johnson, William Burton, Josh Phelps

UMRA TQ Midgets (15 ENTRIES)

HEAT 1: CJ Leary

Heat 2: Jason Goff

FEATURE: CJ Leary, Jason Goff, Ron Combs, Terry Goff (Smoke the Field Challenge Award), Partick Wolf, Trent Henderson, Zach Cougill, Brandon Gray, Jeremy Rainwater, Jeff Bruce, Tim Lynch, Scotty Orme, Brandon Ladyman, Travis Stickles, Kris Brown (Hard Luck Award)