Janowski Gets First Late Model Win of 2013...
Gilpin, Gumm, Crawhorn, and Antonelli Winners...

Saturday, March 16, 2013 - By Chris Nunn

Kent Robinson and Shelby Miles made up the front row for the 25 lap Late Model feature with Andrew Reaume moving from third to second on the first lap. Reaume and Robinson battled for the lead on lap three. The caution flew for the first time on lap three as Chad Stapleton got sideways coming out of turn four, and collected Tim Prince and Tim Rivers in the process. On the restart Reaume plowed one of the inside tires coming out of turn two, and looped his mount, taking him out of the race with front end damage. Robinson took the field to the green on the lap two green flag restart with Jim Beeman and Chad Stapleton battling for second. The caution flew before a lap could be completed, as Beeman broke coming out of turn two. Britain Godsey also spun his car up in turn three. Stapleton and Robinson battled for the lead briefly before Joe Janowski moved by both of them to take the lead on lap five. Behind them, Jason Jameson worked his way up from ninth to fourth in just five laps. Tim Rivers shot around Miles for the fifth spot on lap 11 to put himself into the top five for the first time. At the halfway point it was Janowski, Robinson, Stapleton, Jameson, and Rivers completing the top five. Jameson made an amazing move on Stapleton to take third on lap 16, diving off the highside and splitting a lapped car and Stapleton. With just six to go, a lapped car slowed in front of Janowski, and he had to go through the infield. Robinson moved to the lead briefly before Janowski got back around him for the lead on lap 21. Rivers was able to move around Jameson for the third spot on lap 22 after starting 11th. Up front, Robinson was able to close on Janowski in lapped traffic, but couldn’t make the winning pass. Janowski picked up the win over Robinson, Rivers, Jameson, and Miles. Rivers was the Hard Charger, coming from 11th to 3rd.

The 20 lap UMP Modified feature saw Devin Gilpin and Nick Allen make up the front row with Gilpin leading lap one. Dave McWilliams spun coming out of turn two to bring out the caution for the first time. On the restart, an eight car incident in turn one would bring out the red flag due to a track blockage. Gilpin took the field to the restart, with Matt Boknecht, Allen, and Ryan Thomas battling three wide for second behind him. Thomas was able to get the spot coming to the line. The caution flew for the third time on lap two, as Matt Freeman spun in turn three. Gilpin opened up a five car length lead over Thomas and Allen as they clicked off lap number five. At the halfway point it was Gilpin, Thomas, Allen, Broc Burton, and Chad Combs completing the top five. Tyler Nicely spun coming out of turn two on lap 11, bringing out the fourth caution of the race. Allen would take second from Thomas on the restart, but Thomas was able to get the spot back on lap 12. With five laps to go, Gilpin held over a half straightaway advantage over Thomas. Combs got around Allen for third coming out of turn four on lap 16. Up front, nobody would have anything for Gilpin, who cruised to the checkers for his 18th career win at Brownstown over Thomas, Combs, Allen, and Burton. Combs was the Hard Charger, coming from 15th to 3rd.

Rick Gumm and Tim Schumpe made up the front row for the 20 lap Super Stock main event with Gumm leading lap one. Schumpe, Tyler Cain, and Roy Bruce Jr battled three wide for second on lap three, with Bruce taking the spot, and Cain to third. A battle for fifth took shape on lap five, as Tim Clark moved around Jamey Wilson for the spot. Clark worked under Schumpe to take over fourth on lap eight. The top five at halfway was Gumm, Bruce, Cain, Clark, and Schumpe. Cain and Bruce battled for second as the field clicked off lap number 12. Cain worked the top as Bruce stayed married to the bottom. Bruce bobbled coming out of turn two on lap 14, allowing Cain to slip by for second. Disaster struck the leader on lap 15, as AJ Clark got sideways coming out of turn four and Gumm slamming into the side of him. Gumm kept going, but that allowed Cain to close in with just two to go. Gumm would be able to hold on to take his first victory at Brownstown since June 16th, 2007 in the Super Stock division. Rounding out the top five were Cain, Clark, Bruce, and Schumpe. The Hard Chargers were Danny Hupp and Levi Lokey as they both advanced five spots from their original starting positions.

Darren Crawhorn led the first lap of the Bomber main event, with Jim Pfeiffer and Chris McCoy trailing him on lap one. Pfeiffer moved to the top side to battle with Crawhorn for the lead. The caution flew on lap four, as emergency personnel needed to be called to the pits for a fire involving Chris Workman’s car. Crawhorn led the field to the green on the restart, and started to pull away from Pfeiffer on lap six. Ronnie Pardue made a move past Ryan Scott and McCoy to take the third spot on lap seven coming out of turn two. The caution flew once again on lap eight, as Pardue sat facing the opposite direction in turn three. Pardue would get his spot back as he was deemed to have been taken out by McCoy. On the restart, Scott looped his car around in turn two, bringing out the yellow flag. When racing resumed, Crawhorn once again began to pull away from Pfeiffer. At the halfway point it was Crawhorn, Pfeiffer, Pardue, McCoy, and Roger Absher rounding out the top five. Scott started to make his way back to the front after starting on the tail on the restart. He worked his way into third by lap 14. As laps clicked away, Crawhorn started to lengthen his advantage over Pfeiffer to a full straightaway by lap 18. Crawhorn was able to stay clean and take the checkers over Pfeiffer, Pardue, Scott, and Absher. Curt Bennett was the hard charger starting 15th and finishing 9th.

Daniel Morgan and Skylar Antonelli made up the front row for the 15 lap Hornet main event with Antonelli leading lap one over Morgan. Jeff Patterson moved around Todd Cain to take third on lap two. The caution flew on lap four, as Austin Burton flew off of the turn four banking, and was able to safely keep his car from slamming the wall. When racing resumed, Antonelli opened up a six car length advantage over Morgan. At the halfway point it was Antonelli, Morgan, Patterson, Cain, and Buddy Gedling completing the top five. The caution would fly on lap nine, as Burton spun his car on the backstretch. With five laps to go, Antonelli continued to lead Morgan, and now Cain who had gotten around Patterson for the third spot. Cain then moved around Morgan, as Morgan slowed down the backstretch with three to go for second. Antonelli was able to keep his advantage and take his first ever win at Brownstown over Cain, Morgan, Patterson, and Jacob Owens. Owens was the Hard Charger moving from 17th to 5th.



HEAT ONE: Kent Robinson, Jim Beeman, Jason Jameson, Devin Gilpin, Chris Streeval, Todd Gilpin

HEAT TWO: Shelby Miles, Joe Janowski, Greg Kendall, Marty O’Neal, Steve Barnett, Matt Patus

HEAT THREE: Andrew Reaume, Tim Prince, Tim Rivers, Alan Magner, Tom Ault, Tyler Allen

HEAT FOUR: Chad Stapleton, Joe Godsey, Keaton Streeval, Steve Thorsten, Shannon Allen, Britain Godsey

CONSI: Chris Streeval, Steve Barnett, Tyler Allen, Britan Godsey, Todd Gilpin, Shannon Allen, Tom Ault, Matt Patus

FEATURE: Joe Janowski, Kent Robinson, Tim Rivers, Jason Jameson, Shelby Miles, Chad Stapleton, Joe Godsey, Tim Prince, Devin Gilpin, Marty O’Neal, Steve Thorsten, Chris Streeval, Keaton Streeval, Alan Magner, Tyler Allen, Steve Barnett, Britan Godsey, Greg Kendall, Jim Beeman, Andrew Reaume

UMP MODIFIEDS (31 Entries)

HEAT ONE: Devin Gilpin, Clayton Perry, Paul Miles, Derek Groomer, Jared Bailey, Jacoby Hines, Bryce Jewell, Jeremy Owens

HEAT TWO: Nick Allen, Ryan Thomas, Richie Dawson, Kyle Schornick, Brad Johnson, Chris Moscrip, Eli Johnson, David Daughtery

HEAT THREE: Broc Burton, Tyler Nicely, David McWilliams, Chad Combs, Elliott Despain, Mike Bechelli, Bryson Clark, Jarod Fleetwood

HEAT FOUR: Matt Boknecht, Dennis Boknecht, Steve Peeden, Matt Freeman, Josh Hesson, Josh Klein, Eric Varner

CONSI: Jared Bailey, Bryce Jewell, Jacoby Hines, Elliott Despain, Jeremy Owens, Josh Klein, Chris Moscrip, Bryson Clark, Brad Johnson, Eric Varner, Josh Hesson, Mike Bechelli, Jarod Fleetwood, David Daughtery, Eli Johnson

FEATURE: Devin Gilpin, Ryan Thomas, Chad Combs, Nick Allen, Broc Burton, Derek Groomer, Matt Boknecht, Steve Peeden, Clayton Perry, Elliott Despain, Jacoby Hines, Bryce Jewell, Kyle Schornick, Richie Dawson, Dennis Boknecht, Matt Freeman, Tyler Nicely, Paul Miles, Jared Bailey, David McWilliams

SUPER STOCKS (23 Entries)

HEAT ONE: Rick Gumm, Troy Clark, Marty Cooper, Chris Hillman, Paul Ortman, Kenny Carmichael

HEAT TWO: Tim Schumpe, Aaron Fields, Jason Hehman, Dalton Fleenor, AJ Clark, Tyler Loughmiller

HEAT THREE: Roy Bruce Jr, Tim Clark, Jason Combs, Bubba Woods, Josh McDaniel, Danny Hupp

HEAT FOUR: Tyler Cain, Jamey Wilson, Larry Booher, Josh Turner, Levi Lokey

CONSI: AJ Clark, Paul Ortman, Levi Lokey, Danny Hupp, Josh McDaniel, Tyler Loughmiller, Kenny Carmichael

FEATURE: Rick Gumm, Tyler Cain, Tim Clark, Roy Bruce Jr, Tim Schumpe, Jamey Wilson, Jason Hehman, Larry Booher, Marty Cooper, Jason Combs, Chris Hillman, Aaron Fields, Bubba Woods, Levi Lokey, Danny Hupp, Josh Turner, AJ Clark, Troy Clark, Paul Ortman, Dalton Fleenor

BOMBERS (14 Entries)

HEAT ONE: Darren Crawhorn, Chris McCoy, Ronnie Pardue, Jason Basham, Jason Combs, Troy Cook, Mickey Hines

HEAT TWO: Josh Hayes, Ryan Scott, Jim Pfeiffer, Roger Absher, Rick Zimmerman, Chris Workman, Curt Bennett

FEATURE: Darren Crawhorn, Jim Pfeiffer, Ronnie Pardue, Ryan Scott, Roger Absher, Chris McCoy, Jason Combs, Jason Basham, Curt Bennett, Chris Workman, Josh Hayes, Rick Zimmerman, Troy Cook, Mickey Hines

HORNETS (31 Entries)

HEAT ONE: Daniel Morgan, Chanler Fleetwood, Carrie Gilley, Jerry Gibson, Joshua Wright, Andrew Roark, Jeramie England, Parker Michael

HEAT TWO: Skylar Antonelli, Bubby Gedling, Dalton Roark, Felisha Deweese, Derek Colson, Whitney Baldwin, Austin Burton, John Dent

HEAT THREE: Todd Cain, Joseph Dellinger, Tyler Blythe, Ryan Seay, Jacob Owens, Daniel Stout, Breezy Pardue, Justin Fielder

HEAT FOUR: Jeff Patterson, Alex Terrell, Larry Pigram, Brian Mitchell, Tyler Bennett, Josh Hallett, Tyler Benson

CONSI: Jacob Owens, Tyler Bennett, Whitney Baldwin, Austin Burton, Parker Michael, Daniel Stout, Jeramie England, Josh Hallett, Derek Colson, Joshua Wright, Andrew Roark, Breezy Pardue, Tyler Benson, John Dent, Justin Fielder

FEATURE: Skylar Antonelli, Todd Cain, Daniel Morgan, Jeff Patterson, Jacob Owens, Bubby Gedling, Chanler Fleetwood, Carrie Gilley, Joseph Dellinger, Alex Terrell, Felisha Deweese, Tyler Bennett, Ryan Seay, Brian Mitchell, Dalton Roark, Jerry Gibson, Larry Pigram, Whitney Baldwin, Austin Burton, Tyler Blythe