Jonathan Davenport Wins Jackson 100...
Joe Godsey & Tyler Cain Get Feature Wins...

BROWNSTOWN, IN (September 19, 2015) - Jonathan Davenport continued his dazzling season on Saturday night at Brownstown Speedway by winning the 36th Annual Jackson 100. Davenport took over the lead on lap 49 from Brandon Sheppard, and dashed to his first-ever win in the historic event.

Trailing Davenport to the finish line was Mike Marlar, who was also looking for his first-career win in the crown-jewel event. Devin Moran, pole-sitter Brandon Sheppard, and Don O'Neal completed the top five. "Man what a year," said the Davenport in Lucas Oil Victory Lane. "This win means a lot to me. I have never run that good here. I still can't believe I ran the whole race on the bottom. I'm used to those high-speed, running up against the wall type of tracks."

Brandon Sheppard led much of the race prior to the half-way mark, only relinquishing the lead once on lap 11 to Mike Marlar. The only caution of the 100-lap affair came on lap 75. On the restart Davenport pulled away from the field as Marlar and Sheppard battled it out for second. Moran, who started 16th, then climbed to fourth and made the move on Sheppard for third shortly after.

"I can't say enough about Kevin and Lee Roy Rumley. Lee Roy's engines are unbelievably strong. This Longhorn Chassis is incredible. We are sure going to try our best to keep it up. Scott had won five in a row, but our team never has wavered. To start beside him tonight, it seems like we've been together the entire year."

"I would like to thank TS Crane Service, Sundance Services, Sundance Flowback well testing, Bryson Motorsports, JRi Shocks, Mega Plumbing of the Carolinas, and Bryson Motorsports for their support"

Marlar had yet another impressive run in a Lucas Oil event. "I have to thank Ronnie Delk and everyone at Capital Race Cars, Marshall Green and his people build a great race car. I don't know if I could have passed him [Davenport]. I was catching up to him, but we are satisfied with a second place here with this tough of a field of drivers."

Moran was extremely pleased with his third place finish. "To get another podium finish here at Brownstown is just tremendous. My dad [Donnie] was never able to win here. We are getting closer and closer to winning here. I can't wait to come back. I want to thank my new sponsors Tommy Pope Construction and Phillips Properties for coming on board with us."

Completing the Top-10 were Scott Bloomquist, Jared Landers, Jimmy Owens, Dale McDowell, and Mason Zeigler.

In preliminary action, Mike Marlar set the overall Miller Welders Fast Time (Group A) amongst the 40 entrants, with a lap of 13.558 seconds. Jared Landers set the fastest time in Group B with a time of 13.848 seconds. Mike Marlar, Earl Pearson Jr., Brandon Sheppard, and Don O'Neal won their respective heat races. Dennis Erb Jr. and Matt Bex won their respective B-Mains.

Saturday, September 19, 2015 --- 36th Annual Jackson 100

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series

Miller Welders Fast Time Group A: Mike Marlar / 13.558 seconds

Miller Welders Fast Time Group B: Jared Landers / 13.848 seconds

Eibach Springs Heat Race #1 Finish (10 Laps, Top 4 Transfer): Mike Marlar, Jason Jameson, Mason Zeigler, Scott Bloomquist, Cody Mahoney, Jackie Boggs, Mike Jewell, Steve Barnett, Jesse Lay, Zak Blackwood-DNS

FK Rod Ends Heat Race #2 Finish (10 Laps, Top 4 Transfer): Earl Pearson, Jr., Devin Gilpin, Chris Simpson, Dale McDowell, Dennis Erb, Jr., Chad Stapleton, Wayne Chinn, Joe Janowski, Marty O'Neal, Hudson O'Neal-DNS

Simpson Performance Products Heat Race #3 Finish (10 Laps, Top 4 Transfer): Brandon Sheppard, Jared Landers, Steve Francis, Jonathan Davenport, Matt Bex, Skyller Lewis, Chris Brown, Geraid Gault, Austin Tunny, Jeffrey Shackelford

QA1 Heat Race #4 Finish (10 Laps, Top 4 Transfer): Don O'Neal, Jimmy Owens, Greg Johnson, Devin Moran, Eddie Carrier, Jr., Kent Robinson, Alan Magner, Steve Godsey, Kerry King, Sr., Tyler Neal

Fast Shafts B-Main #1 Finish (12 Laps, Top 3 Transfer): Dennis Erb, Jr., Cody Mahoney, Jackie Boggs, Mike Jewell, Joe Janowski, Steve Barnett, Wayne Chinn, Marty O'Neal, Jesse Lay, Zak Blackwood, Chad Stapleton, Hudson O'Neal-DNS

Keyser MFG B-Main #2 Finish (12 Laps, Top 3 Transfer): Matt Bex, Kent Robinson, Chris Brown, Skyller Lewis, Kerry King, Sr., Alan Magner, Steve Godsey, Geraid Gault, Tyler Neal, Austin Tunny, Jeffrey Shackelford, Eddie Carrier, Jr.

Feature Finish (100 Laps):
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown
1 14 6 Jonathan Davenport Mount Airy, NC
2 1 157 Mike Marlar Winfield, TN
3 16 99m Devin Moran Dresden, OH
4 2 B5 Brandon Sheppard New Berlin, IL
5 4 5 Don O'Neal Martinsville, IN
6 13 0 Scott Bloomquist Mooresburg, TN
7 6 777 Jared Landers Batesville, AR
8 8 20 Jimmy Owens Newport, TN
9 15 17m Dale McDowell Chickamauga, GA
10 9 25Z Mason Zeigler Chalk Hill, PA
11 10 15 Steve Francis Ashland, KY
12 3 1 Earl Pearson, Jr. Jacksonville, FL
13 22 21B Chris Brown Spring, TX
14 17 28e Dennis Erb, Jr. Carpentersville, IL
15 23 28 Eddie Carrier, Jr. Salt Rock, WV
16 7 1G Devin Gilpin Columbus, IN
17 25 89 Steve Barnett Franklin, IN
18 18 80 Matt Bex Avoca, IN
19 5 12J Jason Jameson Lawrenceburg, IN
20 11 32 Chris Simpson Oxford, IA
21 21 4b Jackie Boggs Grayson, KY
22 19 4 Cody Mahoney Hanover, IN
23 20 7R Kent Robinson Bloomington, IN
24 12 17J Greg Johnson Bedford, IN
25 24 32s Chad Stapleton Edinburgh, IN

Race Statistics
Entrants: 40
Lap Leaders: Brandon Sheppard (Laps 1 - 10); Mike Marlar (Lap 11); Jonathan Davenport (Laps 49 - 100)
Cautions: Chris Simpson (Lap 75)
Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Provisionals: Eddie Carrier Jr.
Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Emergency Provisionals: n/a
Miller Welders Fast Time Provisionals: Chad Stapleton
Brownstown Speedway Track Provisional: Steve Barnett
Wrisco Feature Winner: Jonathan Davenport
Optima Batteries Hard Charger of the Race: Jonathan Davenport (Started: 14th; Finished: 1st; Advanced 13 Positions)
Midwest Sheet Metal Spoiler Challenge Point Leader: Jonathan Davenport
Allstar Performer of the Race: Brandon Sheppard
Sunoco Race for Gas Highest Finisher: Jonathan Davenport
Rookie of the Race: Brandon Sheppard
COMP Cams Engine Builder of the Race: Cornett Racing Engines
Ohlins Shocks Chassis Builder of the Race: Longhorn Chassis
Outerwears Crew Chief of the Race: Aaron Faugust (Brandon Sheppard)
CV Products Fastest Lap of the Race: Brandon Sheppard (Lap #1 - 14.5186 seconds)
Hot Rod Processing Most Laps Led: Jonathan Davenport (52 Laps)
PFC Brakes Tough Break Award: Chris Simpson
Time of Race: 30 minutes 43 seconds

"Fast Max" UMP Modifieds (34 Entries)

HEAT ONE: Clint Demoss, Joe Godsey, John Demoss, Troy Clark, Dennis Roberson, Cullen Goodman, Jerry Davis, Earl Plessinger, Casey Davis

HEAT TWO: Brian Shaw, Jason Sims, Jeremy Owens, Jared Bailey, Dennis Boknecht, Brad Thompson, Anthony Davis, Jarod Fleetwood, Lauren Fleetwood-DNS

HEAT THREE: Devin Gilpin, Richie Lex, Rick Gumm, Peyton Harlow, Jason Thomas, John Trowbrige, Dave Popielarz, Webb Lee

HEAT FOUR: Tyler Nicely, Jacoby Hines, Derek Groomer, Jeff Deckard, Billy Cooper, Ernie Gingerich, Robbie Gullion, Jordan Wever

B-MAIN 1: Dennis Roberson, Earl Plessinger, Dave Popielarz, Cullen Goodman, Webb Lee, Jerry Davis, John Trowbrige, Casey Davis, Jason Thomas-DNS

B-MAIN 2: Ernie Gingerich, Dennis Boknecht, Brad Thompson, Jarod Fleetwood, Billy Cooper, Anthony Davis, Robbie Gullion, Lauren Fleetwood, Jordan Wever-DNS

Finish Start Car Driver Hometown
1 5 14 Joe Godsey Edinburgh , In
2 3 1G Devin Gilpin Columbus , In
3 4 25 Tyler Nicely Owensboro , Ky
4 10 00 Jeremy Owens North Vernon, In
5 1 9H Clint Demoss Bloomington , In
6 9 79D John Demoss Bloomington , In
7 8 115 Jacoby Hines Nineveh , In
8 12 48D Derek Groomer Bloomington , In
9 2 1SH Brian Shaw Robinson , Il
10 14 24 Jared Bailey Bedford , In
11 20 22D Dennis Boknecht Seymour , In
12 7 7LEX Richie Lex Morgantown , In
13 19 39 Earl Plessinger Lexington , In
14 17 25R Dennis Roberson Paris , Ky
15 16 28 Jeff Deckard Ellettsville , In
16 15 15 Peyton Harlow Glasgow , Ky
17 18 9G Ernie Gingerich Bunker Hill, In
18 13 12C Troy Clark North Vernon, In
19 6 15J Jason Sims Gosport , In
20 11 113 Rick Gumm Tampico , In

"Woolston Automotive" Super Stocks (33 Entries)

HEAT ONE: Tyler Cain, Matt Boknecht, Kevin Jones, Mike Fields, Lindsay Wade, Levi Lokey, Danny Hupp, Branden Carr, Matt Terry

HEAT TWO: David Brewer, Josh Boller, Jason Hehman, Jack Frye, Jt Huffman, Jim Pfeiffer, Jamie Ruddick, Butch Isaacs

HEAT THREE: Tim Eddelman, Tim Schumpe, Tom Ault, Josh Turner, Jamey Wilson, Sam Lee, Justin Jeffries, Jerry Adams

HEAT FOUR: Dave Shelton, Gary Rahe Jr., Steve Peeden, Steve Hollars, Roger Reichenbacker, Terrance Johnson, Mike Ham, Aubrey Eagin

B-MAIN 1: Jamey Wilson, Jerry Adams, Sam Lee, Matt Terry, Lindsay Wade, Justin Jeffries, Danny Hupp, Levi Lokey, Branden Carr-DNS

B-MAIN 2: Jim Pfeiffer, Jt Huffman, Mike Ham, Jamie Ruddick, Aubrey Eagin, Terrance Johnson, Roger Reichenbacker, Butch Isaacs-DNS

Finish Start Car Driver Hometown
1 1 5C Tyler Cain Seymour , In
2 5 22 Matt Boknecht Seymour , In
3 13 5F Mike Fields Scottsburg , In
4 10 37 Jason Hehman Brownstown , In
5 3 14E Tim Eddelman Taylorsville , In
6 6 05B Josh Boller Greencastle , In
7 9 16 Kevin Jones Seymour , In
8 7 32 Tim Schumpe Vallonia , In
9 4 9 Dave Shelton Brownstown , In
10 17 45 Jamey Wilson Seymour , In
11 14 2 Jack Frye Bloomington , In
12 11 15 Tom Ault Freetown , In
13 8 95 Gary Rahe Jr Cincinattti , Oh
14 12 P3 Steve Peeden Paragon , In
15 15 7 Josh Turner Edinburgh , In
16 18 5 Jim Pfeiffer Vallonia , In
17 19 96 Jerry Adams Elizabethtown , In
18 20 95H Jt Huffman Salem , In
19 16 18 Steve Hollars Bloomington , In
20 2 31 David Brewer Seymour , In