Matt Boknecht
Matt Boknecht - Scott Patman Memorial - "Wolston Automotive" Super Stock Winner

SS Drivers
"Wolston Automotive" Super Stock Drivers prior to the Scott Patman Memorial

Tom Ault
Tom Ault - Scott Patman Memorial "Slim Fast Award" for Hard Charger and TSI bonus winner with Kyle Ault(TSI) and Tom Patman

Travis Todd
Travis Todd receives $100 award from Curtis Kaiser of Pewter Hall Banquet Facility
for the "Almost Made It" award for 3rd place in the Super Stock B-main

Devin Gilpin
Devin Gilpin - P3 Graphix Super Late Model Winner

Devin Gilpin
Devin Gilpin - "Fast Max" Modified Winner

Jason Combs
Jason Combs - "Tony Ogle Expedited Express" Pure Stock Winner

Brian Mitchell
Brian Mitchell - "Drainmaster Drain & Sewer Service" Hornet Winner